Arrests made at Hong Kong protest a year after police clash

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Police in Hong Kong used pepper spray and made several arrests as dozens of protesters gathered Monday at a subway station to mark the anniversary of a violent clash last year that stirred accusations of police brutality during anti-government rallies.

Some protesters came to Prince Edward subway station in Kowloon with white flowers, while others chanted pro-democracy slogans and called for Hong Kong's independence a year after video showed police using batons to beat people on a train.

The semi-autonomous Chinese city experienced months of protests last year after the government announced plans to pass an extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial. Anger over the bill, seen as an infringement on the former British colony's freedoms, sparked huge demonstrations that at times descended into violence, and rallies continued even after the bill was shelved.

Among those detained was a 17-year-old boy who claimed to be a reporter, according to a statement posted on Facebook by Hong Kong police.


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White flowers are threats to HongKongPoliceTerrorists because it reminds them of the brutal violent acts they have done HongKongPoliceState 831PrinceEdwardAttack

HKPoliceBrutality still continues and even worsen a year after 831PrinceEdwardTerroristAttack. Even a pregnant woman is attacked unreasonably by HKPolice. HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceState HongKongProtests StandWithHongKong

please help! Get sharing! save12hkyouth

Hk fighting

One year before, they became the terroists, beat innocents who were taking the subway.

831PrinceEdwardTerroristAttack PrinceEdward HongKong HongKongPoliceTerrorists AllLivesMattter SOSHK PoliceBrutal PoliceState DefendingHongKong

What is the problem of mourning for 831PrinceEdwardAttack? It posed a threat the HK police again No matter what, we shall never forget and never forgive. HKPoliceBruality

That’s why we hate the HongKongPolice a lot.

The truth of 831PrinceEdwardAttack is still buried deep.

It is really disgusting to see Hong Kong police manipulating the narrative about 831PrinceEdwardTerroristAttack ever so unashamedly. We must keep the truth! Their acts of intimidation will not diminish Hong Kongers’ desire for freedom, democracy & autonomy. StandWithHongKong

HKPoliceTerrorists whitewashed the truth about 721YuenLongAttack and arrested plaintiffs. While for 831PrinceEdwardAttack, no HKPF are held accountable for their HKPoliceBrutality and they brutally raided a pregnant woman and arrested her husband on 1 year anniversary SOSHK

It has been 1 year since 831PrinceEdwardAttack, but PoliceBrutality still happens. HKPF interferes every pro democracy assembly and uses excessive forces on protesters regardless of their ages, gender. HK is already a police state.

831PrinceEdwardAttack marked CCP took the front stage and broke the sino British declaration and is now occupying HongKong illegally. Please standby with UK to restore autonomy of Hong Kong. HKIndependence

Thank you for speaking up for Hong Kong. All free world countries should stand together. StandwithHK

It has been 1 year since 831PrinceEdwardAttack, but PoliceBrutality still happens. HKPF interferes every pro democracy assembly and uses exclusively forces on protesters regardless of their ages, gender. HK is already a police state.

Last year, 831PrinceEdwardAttack happened. However, after a year, the problem of HKPoliceBrutality still exists and Hong Kong citizens are harshly treated.

Ppl were just mourning the injuries and suspected deaths in 831PrinceEdwardAttack, and asking for the truth. Then they got pepper-sprayed and arreated. When demanding justice becomes a crime, we HongKonger will never surrednder.

Many of them were arrested for bringing bouquets of flowers in memorial of the victims in 831PrinceEdwardAttack Hong Kong has turned into a police state

The more the police crack us down, the more 831PrinceEdwardAttack will be remembered and commemorated.

Yes, just because HongKong civilians demanded justice for the victims of the bloody 831PrinceEdwardAttack launched by HKPolice. And the arrests're made by CCP backed HKPF with intent to 'retaliate' on HongKongers.

on 31 Aug 2019, HK police indiscriminately attacked passengers at Prince Edward Station, they even stopped first-aiders and journalists from entering the station to rescue the wounded and report the truth. 831PrinceEdwardAttack HKPoliceBrutality

What happened a year ago always happens now... HKPoliceTerrorists StandWithHongKong

One year before, the HKPoliceTerrorists raid the MTR station and beat the citizens up like terrorists, even some citizens were believed be killed by them. And last day, they did the same things! I can dare say those terrorists are urge to calling sanctions. Never forgive.

Hong Kongers are not give up after a year of protest. standwithhk

HongKongers never give up

last year, full gear police rushed in mtr station and bit citizens freely. they claimed they can judge who had joined protests, but also said they can't judge who is journalists

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