Apocalypse survival school in Alberta teaches 'worst-case scenario' skills

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The Apocalypse Preparedness and Survival School in the Edmonton area teaches skills that will come in handy during a worst-case scenario, its founder says

Now, he’s using his skills, along with a few friends with military and wilderness-survival backgrounds, to help prepare others for just about anything, up to and including the end of the world as we know it.

“It would be a situation where people turn against each other,” Gorecki told CTV News. “Where a situation is so dire and so desperate that the government or local services aren’t able to deal with everything.”Just a few years ago, the idea of a global pandemic nearly bringing Canada’s health-care system to a halt, or the thought of a modern full-blown war in Europe, might also have sounded like fiction. Now, those things are reality.

So far, the school has held two rounds of courses. It’s a two-day weekend commitment, with an in-class portion in Edmonton and a field portion in the Cooking Lake area. The skills taught at Gorecki’s school won’t only come in handy at the end of days. Many of the lessons include valuable knowledge for hikers and campers.Watts is an avid camper. He says the skills he learned in the course will come in handy in the wild, but he also wants to be prepared for any major disaster.


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This would be funny if it weren't for the political atmosphere propaganda.

With Kenny at the helm this training is absolutely necessary for all Albertans …

You call those people racist and white supremacists a few weeks ago....?

Lmao. These people were lined up outside Costco filling their trucks with paper so they didn't have to use water to clean their ass. These are jokes. Not survival skills

The last thing people are going to do when the banks shut down and the grocery stores are bare is run to the woods and build a shelter. They are going to ravage from those around them. This is pure fantasy world stuff.

I was making bear traps when I was a teenager!

This must be in response to the school teachers who have indoctrinated kids with to much feeling and emotions.

Time for the class war to restart as a two sided affair rather than as a one sided sabotage Living wages pegged to productivity, dignity at work and social mobility Mass mobilization, general strikes and direct action ftw Kick them in the capitalism until they beg for mercy

IMO: They best add a political scenario: Should jkenney survive the Alberta_UCP leadership review RachelNotley

Like how to survive a UCP government?

The longer we leave the left in charge the more likely you'll need these skills.

If the apocalypse happens the only way you'll survive is day by day in radiation not by survive skills.

What does a pandemic have to do with a survival course?

Wonder what worst case scenario that peculiar tripod thing is meant to help with.

Great idea. Excel will be pretty useless then.

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Alberta is back!

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