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Nato Summit, Canada-Us Relations

ANALYSIS: Trump will remember Trudeau’s NATO snickers — so may Canadian voters

The NATO snickering may not harm Canada-U.S. relations immediately but if it does, Trudeau may pay a price with Canadian voters.


'There will not be an explicit price for Canada to pay now. But...Trump has a long memory for slights and I expect there will be consequences down the line,” one expert said.

The NATO snickering may not harm Canada-U.S. relations immediately but if it does, Trudeau may pay a price with Canadian voters.

“Trump needs NAFTA more than anyone else does,” said Kim Richard Nossal, a professor of political studies at Queen’s University and a longtime student of Canada-U.S. relations. “Trump’s got nothing to show for his three years. Everything he’s touched in global affairs has turned to dust.”

Singh comments on Trudeau ‘mocking’ Trump at NATO reception, says other things to criticize about

Indeed, during the just-concluded election campaign, it was easy to find Liberal partisans at Trudeau rallies who, though they certainly planned to vote for him again, thought his conduct on the foreign affairs file in his first mandate was disappointing, mostly because of that ill-fated trip to India.

And though it may be two or three years before voters are asked to render their second verdict on Trudeau’s time as prime minister, they, like Trump, may have long memories for slights.

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What would the world do without TV News 'experts'? The trust fund baby is fuxxed. Now Canadians are becoming known as a flip flop country given the fact that ' trudeau'angel of death for Canada' ' is voted again prime minister of flip flop country(Canada). Any board of directors would have fired Trudeau and Freeland and after their childish superior snubs to the US President. Why don't we the people fire these brats before they do more damage?

TwoFacedTrudeau DissolveUN ReformNeeded Lol! 😂 Trudeau doesn’t understand this. Highly doubtful anything will happen. But it’s always nice to see Trump getting a taste of his own medicine. Seems like trumps strategy is working, everybody is worried about his “feelings “ Does that “expert” not realize he’s going to be impeached

Which is exactly why he is unfit. His personal feelings and goals cloud his ability to lead a nation.

NATO chief says Canadian missions in Latvia, Iraq helping strengthen alliance NATO 's secretary-general has come out swinging in defence of the military alliance, and says Canada is playing a key role in the helping strengthen the 70-year-old organization thanks in part to its contributions to different missions.

What ever it takes to get this PM out is okay with me. The guy is so high on himself that he is blinded from what it takes to lead. The damage he has brought to this country surpasses all other leaders. I doubt he could even lead Quebec, his favourite. As the old farmer said to the recalcitrant mule: 'That's two.'

Anyone who thinks Trump is not going to be around for long is deluded. He will not be impeached by Senate. After the Dems get more egg on their faces there will be 2020. Then the humiliation will be catastrophic. Can’t wait for CDN Trump. It’s ok little brother...we all eat too many wheaties Trump has a small pp mine is huge

Oh FFS, Global. Stop being wusses. The only thing wrong with Trudeau's response is that Trump is right: he was two-faced, & he should have told Trump off to his stupid corrupt mug. Trudeau basically voiced what Canadians with half a brain or more think. Get over it. Well be fine. rexglacer Sigh. Opinion pieces called analyst... 🙄 y'all need to stop confusing Americans with your bs

to let me explain this to you in terms even you can understand..if that childish orange shit known as tRump retaliates Canadians will stand solidly behind our Prime Minister we don't support asswipes like trump Trudeau did what any of us would have done, he marveled at the rudeness and vulgarity of Trump whilst amongst a group of similarly bemused world leaders. Personally I say HoorayForTrudeau and I like him the best I ever have since his election.

Video: Trump says Canada ‘slightly delinquent’ on NATO contributionsPresident Donald Trump criticized Canada’s financial contributions to NATO , saying they are “slightly delinquent.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by saying Canada has historically contributed to NATO by also providing military support. really? it's almost hard to believe anyone can be this stupid ...thus slights an obese, corrupt man to our “fresh water” sisters & brothers of America... Ah, our Trump exhaustion is ongoing! Trump is just a delinquent. He has no moral ground to stand on.

If this didn’t happen, Trump would’ve just invented a reason anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️ Trudeau is a deviant, just like his daddy. PPC Still trying to figure out which one's the bigger ass at the moment. Once more Canadians will pay for this man's ineptitude. When will it be enough 905? You're practically an island now,

Well duh. Anybody can see that. Except for Trudope apparently. Trump doesn’t have a long memory. Where did that one come from? lol Who cares It is unfortunate that he and the others chose to have their quiet conversation in such a public place. I am curious as to who the person video-recording is. My second curiosity was if that person was put up to it by Trump. Seems like something he would pull.

there are a lot more canadians that snicker over trump and leaders of other countries ‘Expert’ said? 😏

Trudeau to hold first post-election meeting with Trump on NATO sidelinesWhen asked by U.S. President Trump about how much Canada spends on defence, Prime Minister Trudeau didn’t have a specific dollar amount: 'The number we talk about is 70 per cent increase.' Read more here: Trudeau: 'I'll take I have no clue for $500 Alex' Trudeau held accountable.

Pure drivel. And for every one ‘expert’ ( singular) you cite there are 15 with a different view of this. With any luck, Donald will be in jail soon anyway. Yup. Particularly after this: inky_mark Heres a thought. What if the price is American intervention in our elections? Its possible under Donald Trump. Very possible especially if the thin skinned President decides to help covertly bring Trudeau down.

All those people congratulating Trudeau and saying it ain’t nothing....pffft those who think small will never let anything go and Trump is a Master at this, can't wait to see what this idiot does to Justine?!!! 'Expert' FakeNews Michell82410861 Imagine the slights Trudeau and Canada will face for being so friendly to returning ISIS recruits? Or for sucking up to the UN? He should prob just go surfing

Downtown476 Trudeau is looking particularly goofy here ... & possibly drunk. 😠 Michell82410861 Justintwoface

Trump calls Macron’s ‘brain death’ NATO comment ‘very nasty’The French leader previously lamented the 'brain death'' of the organization was due in large part to a lack of U.S. leadership. President Trump is not a puppet like most politicians. No!! American dollars , that is Macron's issue. The irony here is so strong that it just smacks you in the face so hard it breaks your nose.

Well he won't be in office much longer. Impeach the bastard! For god sake. People need to grow a pair and stop worrying about Trumps reaction to everything. He’s a moron who knows nothing and has no business being in Government. Trump was correct about two faced Trudeau. It’s time for the world to laugh Donald Trump right out of office. Or impeach him. Whatevs.

Who really gives a sh1t. Really? I mean, really? letsfocus realissues The wrting is on the wall.... Regardless of your personal opinion of Trump. Trudeau was unprofessional and childish to do what he did. Trump is the prez of our biggest trade partner. Shameful behaviour. trump has no class fake prez.

Macron rebukes Trump to his face on live television at NATO summitThe conversation became pointed after Trump invited Macron to take back Islamic State captives held by U.S.-allied forces in Syria Boxing match In related news, the pentagon draws up plans to fake an attack on France to distract Trump. Other way around actually....

Elect a clown expect a circus Trump is going down. More world leaders need to step up. PM Trudeau complains openly that President Trump talks to long to the media. He is the most open an scrutinized President ever. Mr Trudeau avoids questions and bans media he despises and is for censorship of social media. With all the taxes he collects he should listen more.

What we’re seeing are autocractic authoritarians playing tag-team-take-down with a first-world social democracy. Good to know who supports their efforts. cdnpoli Nice picture of the 2 biggest hypocrits and liars at the Nato conference. don't pay attention to this. ever heard of the appeasement of Hitler

What an embarrassment!!🤡🤡🤡 Doesn't matter. He'll be gone soon Karma is a bitch. So is payback. Remember when Trump called him a liar. After the G 7 in Quebec?

Video captures Trudeau seemingly speak candidly about Trump at NATO summitThe footage, which was shot by the British host's pool camera, has since spread across the internet, with observers suggesting Trudeau and the other leaders were mocking Trump and wondering how the mercurial U.S. president will react. Who in the fck voted this pre school moron in This guy cant tie his own shoes and yet he's mocking the best president the U.S has ever had. We can thank eastern Canada for voting this clown in... JustinTrudeau the disgrace of Canada... Trudeau is show his true age. See what happen to the west of Canada under his watch twofaced clown TrudeauMustGo Canada First honest thing he's said. Too bad those steel and aluminum tariffs mysteriously went up though. TwoFacedTrudeau

That'll be a neat trick by Trump. He'll be in jail or worse. cdnpoli Look at that rediculous behavior of a Canadian prime minister robdoel Charlevoix - steel and aluminum tariffs. Wallace and Gromet: A Matter of Loaf and Death Thankfully, he won’t be in office a year from now. As we are suppose to forget all the insults Trump has said in the last 3 years against JT and other ally countries around the world?! F off! He loves dictators only

Or we could grow a pair ? Trump will be gone next election. No worries! Fake news Who cares? The real story is lack of action on climate change.

David Akin was the joker who told Trudeau, during a press conference, to resign in the middle of an election campaign. Yeah, no bias there. Yep Mr. Trudeau is in big dodo Now!! Unfortunately he will 🙄... he's that petty. Our best hope is he doesn't get re elected 🙏 TrudeauTwoFaced That’s if he gets elected again. And with the Democrats gunning for impeachment and an over 50% disapproval rating trumps not getting another term

Trudeau. Once again an embarrassment on the world scene! 👎🏼🇨🇦 If Trump had been secretly taped during a private conversation, the GOP would be in convulsions and frothing at the mouth. Right about this time I am not happy with Trudeau,but I lmao, at this. Who cares Trump is a MORON

Trump is a narcissistic,egomaniac and you bet your last dollar on the fact that this will cost us dearly. R14ScoRae He insulted Xi in China and that worked out okay. You ever wonder why Trudeau always flounders at highly publicized events? It isn’t a long running bad luck streak of ill timed stupidity. It’s because that’s what he is, 24/7 365. Nobody’s team has their jaws hit the floor more than his. He holds that record hands down.

This will hurt me & you peoplekind for generations. It simply cannot be downplayed. I hope he focuses on Quebec Leave it to ignorant Canadians to believe their amateur media “Orange Man Bad” drivel — the CBC clowns and Global goofs keep dishing it, and you keep swallowing it. Poor trump, he’s such a baby!

Unfortunately Canadians have to suffer because of the man child in Canada Just like Obama making fun of trump during the correspondents dinner years ago, Trump doesnt forget. I'm sure that's what Akin is wishing for. I doubt he'll get that wish tho. First: not sure there will be a 'down the line' for Trump. Second: we've heard this story before (last G7) and yet here we are - they're still 'friends' b/c Trump is transactional & Cda matters to the US.

Considering Trump's impeachment problems, I wouldn't worry about Trump long memory for slights.. Who cares. Trudeau and other leaders have to start standing up to this moron. That orange dementia ridden pig has about 2 months left, so he better get on it! Trump has bigger worries... Wow. CDN Media is bloody awful The orange dick is a criminal in every sense of the word Canada is feeling the consequences of a lack of media integrity. Sigh....

Who cares besides the CPC_HQ and the biased news orgs like ? realDonaldTrump is nothing but a crybaby and wont be around for much longer. Well If there is justice in the world, trump will be paying his price by that point. The world shouldn’t cave to one man. Trump is not going to be around much longer lol

For Trump For guy that love back stab and talk bad mouth about people back . Sure have thin skin . You think 🤔 Seriously Glabal Unless you are brain dead no one in Canada cares. Orange man needs to hear this more often. Plus most people laugh at jokes and he is one of the biggest 😎

The whole world is snickering, every day! Is he going to take his revenge on everyone? More than he already has with his buffoonery? OMG, why would Canadians care about a perceived Trudeau slight to Trump. Seriously flawed thinking here.Trump will probably be in jail by then anyhow or fighting desperately to stay out. 😂

Sorry but how many crimes has trump and his campaign reps committed? Hopefully down the line he will no longer be on the line! WhatsUp_Canada No shit really ? Canadians didn’t pay the price the first time or anything ? Slow news day.... trump has a limited shelf life. Slow news day? 🙄🙄 So what ? Trump is getting impeached.

Lakhbir40842445 Trudeau will BE CELEBRATED by Canadian voters ! Trump NEEDS pushback ! He's a LUNATIC!

The media should have held on to this but that's the way it is. It's a story. It's just so hard not to make fun of Trump. Trump is lucky he didn’t say what the world really thinks of him ...and who is “two-faced? Trump aid he’d make his tax report public? Did he? No! Did he sexually assault many women? They said yes! Evidence points to “yes!” Trump says “No!” Did he pay off his sexual assault victims? “Yes.” Did he take tuitions from his failed university? Yes.

JustinTrudeau is a total embarrassment to Canadians. If he cared about CANADA he would RESIGN! And global will defend that moron to the end thejourneyer133 lolol look at this picture. Trudeau has a serious crush on our President. You cannot tell me this dope was not cheated back into office NO WAY they voted this mental midget back in

Does the 'expert' have actual evidence for the claim 'Trump has a long memory for slights' or just a biased assumption based on projection? Does MSM realize most of its claims about Trump are simply a product of their imgination based personal bias & resistance to facts? Whatever. Thin skinned Trump is despised around the world and will be impeached. Nobody wants to associated with that loser. Well aside from Republicans and easily mid-lead Canadians (typically white, male and from the west).

Treasonous that Canada's Public Broadcaster used an article from Putin's media arm RT to smear our Prime Minister, this has gone too far and we need to reign CBC in now and fire all the executives including the no spine President of CBC BOD, we deserve better Trudeau is an immature dummy

So what fcuk trump I guess I'm voting liberal next time. Good job! Big bully got laughed at by leaders of different countries, he should try & Be Best😂😂😂 That's why he's working hand in glove with 99% of 2016 GOP candidates from a particularly nasty & vitriolic primary. But keep projecting the biased opinions the TDS crowd has been clinging to for 3 yrs without any rational basis. Petty, malicious, vindictive = LIBERAL PARTY

Who cares! Everyone talking about Bad Santa Trump, he is reaping what he sows. Good on Trudeau and other leaders calling him out when he undermines Democracy I preferred it when Canada’s PM and the village idiot were two separate people. That pic... lol Trump has disparaged World Leaders insulted political rivals given hurtful nicknames to his perceived foes! Well Mr President it hurts doesn’t it? What these guys did was wrong but Trump has earned it. But don’t hide guys-They should say this to his face

They both need to go So when Trudeau lies about contributions to NATO and fucks around in the future with deals already made, it'll be Trumps fault because Chewdope is a gossipy goof. Got it.

TheRealDonaldTrump is like a fat kid in the candy store being told no you can’t have it all and refuses to share like a bully! JustinTrudeau has more class in his baby finger that Trump has ever had! Trudeau needs to learn to keep his mouth shut or stay home instead of causing diplomatic tensions with world leaders especially with new NAFTA agreement at stake. Freeland can’t do her work with US while Trudeau is insulting Trump.

'Down the line'? Down the line - Trump will be history (a year from now), and Trudeau will still be P.M. I hope so That's why my first thought on this whole debacle was 'oh chit' TwoFacedTrudeau Much bigger fish to fry than Canada. Trump has internal issues with Democrats, thatwill take all his attention in the coming weeks and months

tRump will be impeached or will Resign or republicans will use 25thAmendmentNow so did you pull that out of your arse, or did it come willingly? I rather doubt it

Trudeau smile while he has A KNIFE in President Trumps Back Trudeau TwoFaced Bast””d JT is like the person knowing they are leaving their job so you get “mouthy and critical “ believe me JTs hoping trump is done. Nothing to apologize for here. Trump is a trashy old bumbling fool and to fear his ire is to capitulate to his mob mentality. Trudeau did us a solid and unwittingly created a fist pump from millions of Canadians as we heard the news.

Trump will be gone within the year. The Liberal’s fool is at it again. lambert_pp There will be a huge price but Canada has elected him so watch how it brings on the recession , my only hope is stupid people don’t say how could this happen .He is a horrible leader and Canada voted for him. Gong show part two

Yup 2face can't stay out of trouble Best just keep him here, send someone in his place next time 🙈🙈🙈😅😅😅😅🐍🐍🐍🐍👎👎👎 I did not vote for Trudeau, but he does not need to kiss Trump a__. Trump is a big fat bully, lier and cheat and needs to be stoped! Also he was not the only one making fun of Trump! The whole world does!

Trudeau has had fights with the US, India, Saudi Arabia, China. Putting Canada back on the map eh

Canadian taxpayers depend on a leader who doesn't put his own personal interest ahead of theirs. He risks untold economic damage to the country by his gossipy attitude towards Trump. Trump is a jacka$$, well known fact. He loudly and proudly mocks women (when he is not raping or grabbing them by the pu$$y), the disabled and anyone else who calls him out on his bad behaviour or disagrees with him.

Yup I believe that. What was dumb Trudeau thinking 🤦🏻‍♀️ Days since trudeau made a fool of himself: 0

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