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All four major federal parties apply for federal wage subsidy

All four major federal parties apply for federal wage subsidy

2020-05-23 4:45:00 AM

All four major federal parties apply for federal wage subsidy

The Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic and Green parties are all leaning on the 75 per cent federal wage subsidy program to keep staff on amid the COVID-19 crisis, CTV News has confirmed.

Liberal Party spokesperson Braeden Caley said that “in recent weeks” the party was approved for, and received the federal aid after halting all in-person fundraising events as of early March. Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox

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“As a party, our main focus ever since has been to communicate the key information and announcements that Canadians need to get through this difficult time together,” Caley said, adding that the party is still receiving donations from supporters. The party has not laid off any staff. 

Conservative Party spokesperson Cory Hann told CTV News that the federal party—which is in the middle of a leadership race—is also accessing the program to help supplement the wages of its staff, which between full-time and part-time include around 60 people.

“Like many Canadians, organizations, and not-for-profits, COVID-19 measures are having an impact on our team, party, and operations, and we’re doing our best to adjust to this new reality. This has meant incurring unexpected expenses that ensures our staff have the ability and technology to work remotely for an extended period,” Hann said. 

He said that the party is looking to avoid layoffs and maintain regular operations but with many Canadians not having extra money to give at this time, they aren’t relying on donations. Similarly, the NDP—which has 17 full-time unionized staff and more than a dozen other employees who work on a part-time basis—has seen donations drop over March and April, and the party is expecting the same to be the case for May.

“It has dropped significantly,” NDP National Director Anne McGrath said, adding that it was a “pretty straightforward” decision to make.McGrath said that the party is still fundraising and monthly donors have for the most part kept up with their contributions, but all in-person fundraising efforts have been cancelled through to the end of the summer, and phone and online efforts have been “diminished.”

“The program is designed to prevent layoffs and to keep people working and like almost every other organization in the country, we've experienced a drop in revenue as a result of the pandemic … We want to keep our people employed and we want to keep the organization strong.” 

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In an interview on CTV’s Power Play, McGrath said she anticipates the NDP application will be accepted, given the Liberals and Conservatives have been approved. “I didn’t know that they had applied,” she said.The Green Party of Canada has also applied for the wage subsidy but has yet to receive any funding.

“We have had a drop in donations, and we are a non-profit and take seriously our responsibilities to protect the jobs of our staff members," said Green Party of Canada Executive Director Prateek Awasthi in a statement.The Bloc Quebecois, however, have not applied and do not plan on applying, they say. The party is critical of the other major political parties for accessing the aid program.

"The emergency wage subsidy was put in place to help employees and businesses get through the crisis. It is unacceptable that political parties, especially the Liberals and the Conservatives, use public funds to pay partisan salaries and thus preserve their electoral pool when they do not need money,” said Bloc Quebecois House Leader Alain Therrien in a statement. 

“They want taxpayers to contribute to subsidize the salaries of people whose job it is to raise funds, all while these parties have full coffers and even oppose public funding of political parties,” he said.  The subsidy—implemented to incentivize companies and non-profits to keep staff on the payroll or bring back those who were laid off—is on the first $58,700 of an employee’s salary, providing up to $847 a week per employee. 

To date the federal government has received and approved 215,661 applications for the subsidy, and hasthrough the program.  Last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the government would be extending the massive federal assistance program

through to the end of August. All parties have pushed for expansions or adjustments to this and other federal aid programs, including calling for the wage subsidy to be increased to 75 per cent, after the government first proposed to help cover 10 per cent of eligible employees’ wages.

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From the perspective of the NDP, McGrath said the fact that the party is set to receive funding doesn’t hinder the caucus’ ability to continue to push for expanded federal aid programs.“On the contrary. I think that the party has been pushing for stronger and better programs to make sure that everyone gets the support that they need during this pandemic, and that includes our workers,” she said. 

More broadly speaking, the COVID-19 crisis has forced political parties to adapt their strategies and that is set to continue with no end in sight to some public health measures that will limit greatly the ability to hold political rallies or conduct other campaign-style events until a vaccine is developed. 

the Conservatives raised $30.8 million, the Liberals raised $21 million, the NDP raised $8 million, and the Green Party received $6.5 million in donations.  Read more: CTV News »

🤮 Just wondering why Jagmeet Singh’s name is written very large, and his party the NDP is so tiny? The sign prominently advertises him and not the party he’s with. The others show their party name as being the main focal point and the leader second. But not NDP? Pigs at the trough... 'the party is looking to avoid layoffs and maintain regular operations but with many Canadians not having extra money to give at this time, they aren’t relying on donations.' But regular operations AREN'T taking place. Trudeau has all but suspended parliament...

This is just wrong ! The least essential service in the nation. No. No. No. No. The only “major” about the Greens is Liz May’s drinking problem And Firejessallen What’s the fourth? The picture shows a fringe party. they all know Canada is fucked ,they are grabbing what they can If liberals get subsidy then cameras should be inside tredeau cottage untill he comes out if hiding. This way we can see where our taxes are going. 5mins on CBC doesn't cut it

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We have 4 major parties? Oh yes there’s the bloc(heads), but they’re not a national party. BTW, 3 seats doesn’t make a major anything This is fine - the idea of the subsidy is to save Canadian jobs and these particular jobs are important for the functioning of our democracy. Stop spending our money on yourselves, you are all creeps. Go get a real job and pay your own way.

Sad. Where's the Bloc Québécois? They have more sits than Green and NDP. Taxation is theft This is perfect. What the Fuk Wrong GeorgeSaarinen No way, this is out of hand Fucken hosers I think they should pack up their circus act and travel to Honk Kong to be spokespersons for the free Hong Kong movement. and if they get arrested In Honk Kong during the protests they wont need no salary in Jail, wink wink say no more

Really ?!?! All three, thanks. Fake News. The greens have never and will never be a major party and shouldn’t be included in debates or stories like this Just wrong. And us lowly citizens are told to save 6 months salary to prepare for an emergency. How is it that corps and political parties can't even save enough to cover 2 months.

Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curious that theJagmeetSingh’s name is above his party while all the others are their logos only. Someone might be a little full of himself. I hold the current government responsible. They allowed this. No, no and no! You are not a business. Pay cuts first Because they don't make enough?

Maybe all the parties should survive on ODSP or OW wages and see how well they survive! Can’t vote for any of them now. Why dont they just end the lockdown, and return to work? No comment all crooks Shame on you AndrewScheer and JustinTrudeau for looking after yourself before others. People can't afford to pay rent. Business are finding hard to make ends meet and your reply for government handouts for your party. Shame.CBCAlerts

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They should all be ashamed of themselves. Passing the legislation that allows this is a conflict of intredt. Ethics Commussioner needs to examine this. How will giving political parties more taxpayer funding kick start the economy? Well (with tongue in cheek) any financial adviser will tell you to pay yourself first. OMG

Why is wrong? Maybe political parties in Canada as a whole should be abolished? Kinda like what they did in Cheran, Mexico. They shouldn't be eligible. rent ppl gets fuck all the time. what about the BQ Party. Pigs meet trough So these cork soakers will not go without. This is the worst example of unauthorized taxation ever. Half of Canadians are screwed but if you work for the government or a political party— all’s good.

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And yet many still can't pay their rent. For shame! 😠😠😠😠 Of course they did Shame !!!

NDP applies for federal wage subsidy, says COVID-19 caused drop in donations NDP applies for federal wage subsidy , says COVID-19 caused drop in donations GlobePolitics globepolitics 😂😂😂😂 globepolitics Haha. globepolitics Not a good look theJagmeetSingh

4 federal parties say they’ve applied for emergency wage subsidyBREAKING: The Liberals, NDP , Green Party and Conservatives have applied for federal funding to pay their employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for reporting this story in an unbiased manner

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NDP Apply For Wage Subsidy After Liberals, Conservatives Get Emergency Funds NDP apply for wage subsidy after Liberals, Conservatives get emergency funds cdnpoli But disabled aren’t entitled to anything! ODSP recipients get CERB deducted if they can get it and CPP Disabled people get nothing, only $750-950 mth! VassyKapelos PnPCBC EvanLSolomon CTV_PowerPlay macleans OttawaCitizen theJagmeetSingh AndrewScheer JustinTrudeau

Conservatives disqualify Karahalios from leadership race a second timeJim Karahalios won't be allowed to run for the federal Conservative party's leadership, despite a court ruling that reopened the door to his candidacy. LOL good. The CPC is accusing Trudeau of trampling over democracy during COVID19 but they are trampling over grassroots democracy right now. Seems a little hypocritical. I know nothing about Karahalios. But our current leader is silently supporting hijab/turban bans in Quebec, has a decade(s) long history of blackface and is the global face of cultural appropriation. - Does this Karahalios guy really have a racist history worse than that?

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