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Astrazeneca, Covıd-19

Alberta reports first death linked to AstraZeneca vaccine, second in Canada

BREAKING: Alberta reports first death from AstraZeneca vaccine, second in Canada

4 hours ago

BREAKING: Alberta reports first death from AstraZeneca vaccine, second in Canada

A woman in her 50s has died from rare complications linked to receiving a COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.

A 54-year-old woman in Quebec died from VITT on April 27.Dr. Deena Hinshaw reported the death in a tweet Tuesday evening. Out of respect for patient confidentiality no further case information will be provided, she said.According to Hinshaw, 253,000 doses of AstraZeneca or CoviShield have been administered in the province to date.

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“My apologies for sharing this sad news so late, but we’d promised to alert Albertans as soon as possible in such confirmed instances,” she said. Read more: CTV News »

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Stop publishing this shit like it’s news. It’s a known risk. You are contributing to vaccine hesitancy... which will hurt way more people than certain vaccines may harm. CMA_Docs EZMSA2 JenLeeCBC LeylaDAsadi VaccinesWork Yes a vaccine is less dangerous than covid19. But when we have other vaccines with safer profiles, perhaps we need to consider using the safer vaccine. It will take longer to vaccinate the country, and it will require continued public health efforts, but it seems worth it.

Now tweet every COVID death and every other adverse drug event This is exactly why ppl are being picky about which vaccine they take Yeiks ☹