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Covıd-19, Alberta Chief Medical Officer

Alberta officials expand list of countries for coronavirus testing protocols

Alberta officials expand list of countries for coronavirus testing protocols


Alberta officials expand list of countries for coronavirus testing protocols

Alberta health officials are ramping up their testing protocols for the coronavirus, adding six more countries to their list of places where travellers need to be mindful of virus symptoms.

“[We’ve] been looking at the respirator supply and making sure they’re making plans to enhance that, should it be needed,” Hinshaw said.

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New case of COVID-19 confirmed in TorontoHealth officials in Ontario have confirmed new case of the novel coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) in Toronto. We're fuc?ed !!! CTV News haven't got the guts to tell you it's not a case of control anymore, it's a case of when you catch the Coronavirus. WHO can't even say pandemic, when it is! China, WHO and media have been lying to the public. Of course they will call this fearmongering rather than truth.

South Korea to test 200,000 members of church at centre of coronavirus outbreakAbout 60 per cent of South Korea’s cases linked to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus I knew Shincheonji had 1000s of members, but who knew they have 200000 members? Is this cult really that influential that they can even have educated members who believe their leader is immortal? It seems, at least in Toronto, people who are showing symptoms are not being tested, even with x-rays that show anomalies in their lungs. Is there a move not to undertake these tests? It would seem absurd after what SARS did to TO.

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Coronavirus outbreak: China says death toll in country has passed 2,700China's National Health Commission reported on Wednesday that the death toll on the mainland had surpassed 2,700, with a total of 2,715 people killed from CO... kuku27 Horrible, no one knows, which way the wind blows. it is also carried by winds. A fact no one is talking about

Gwyneth Paltrow's Quip About 'Contagion' Was Not HelpfulRepeat after me: face masks are not an effective tool in the fight against coronavirus. Nothing she does is helpful, especially all this goop garbage Or a domestic terrorist. Not the sharpest tool, is she?

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