Alberta bans mask mandates in schools, guarantees in-person learning option for students

2022-11-25 6:23:00 AM

Alberta bans mask mandates in schools, guarantees in-person learning option for students

Alberta bans mask mandates in schools, guarantees in-person learning option for students

The government also said students from early childhood programs to Grade 12 can\u0027t be denied in\u002Dperson education whether they wear a mask or not

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Advertisement 3The move follows rising concerns about high student absenteeism rates with this year’s fall respiratory virus season hitting particularly hard. In the first winter season without public-health protections since 2020, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza and COVID-19 are all circulating.

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denisrancourt stability and clarity Yea very seriously considering relocating to Aberta or Saskatchewan. Some where that has some common sense. Based on the evidence, this makes perfect sense. Wait a dam second your infringing on our Freedoms! Where are the truckers Captaincoby00 Wearing masks prevent other people from getting sick more so than the mask wearer.

This is child abuse and Danielle Smith is going to rurn around when people get sick and tell them to pay for their own health care! Love it Smith's Freedoms for Albertans VoteNDPIn23 SICKENING. AdrianaLaGrange is a disgrace. If she claims to be educated then she should be knowing her evidence well and not tippy toeing around ABDanielleSmith to please. But to stand up for the kids. The kids with & without chronic illnesses.

Finally common sense and true leadership. Yes Canada, she is EXACTLY as smart as she looks.

B.C. teacher reprimanded for Grade 2 exercise on segregation that left child in tears - Terrace StandardCommisioner For Teacher Regulation says teacher failed to treat students with “dignity and respect”

This is what Good LeadersDO. 👍❤️ The science at work prove it wrong Good!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you ABDanielleSmith !!! Wait what? BANS masks? Option? Where is this? God, bless this beautiful woman. 💗✨️💞💫💜🕊💖 Nuts. We should study school absenteeism - kids who mask vs kids who don’t + their parents views. make sure the teachers confirm bc parents could say their kid wears one when in reality he might be taking it off when he leaves the house 🤷‍♀️

Alberta residential schools digitally preserved in University of Calgary projectThree Alberta residential school sites have been recreated in 3D for a digital preservation project through the University of Calgary. Posting photos of buildings where children were tortured is incredibly triggering and traumatic for people. Post a warning, so vulnerable people can scroll past. Be better, CTV.

RIP Alberta So no mandates but do students still have the choice of wearing them if they want? Think this would be only fair!! I thought an education minister would know how masks work. NeverVoteConservative Makes us want to move to a free Alberta This is what real progressiveism looks like Good we live in a free country! Nothing should be forced on anyone, the government has have given choices for everyone, that is the way it should be.

At least some part of Canada is standing up for freedom! She didn’t say kids couldn’t wear one, she said they are not forcing people to wear one Why do people see NO mask mandates as if someone is saying they can’t wear one if they want to? Shows you intelligence is relative. Lol

Alberta justice minister urges federal government to fire RCMP boss Brenda LuckiAs Alberta debates own police force, the justice minister says they have lost confidence in RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. While she certainly ought to be fired for doing a terrible job, embarrassing the service, and failing to remain neutral, it’ll be interesting to see what Justin and Co do. He likes having a controllable puppet leading our national police service Brenda Lucki is a 'yes' woman. The only type of woman Trudeau wants working for him. She won't be fired. Shock. Most Canadians want Brenda fired.

So what happened to 'free choice'? That's it I'm moving to Alberta awesome That a horrible then to do to a child you don't understand why may happen because your listening to Dr.fauci We have to get back to kids building up their immune systems again. Unfortunately the jabs will continue to harm kids as they grow into adults. Stop the injections. Stop blaming the injection free. We are fighters.

As an Albertan, am so embarrassed by this clown of an interim premier & the feckless UCPCaucus. ABDanielleSmith says she’s all about freedom while taking them away. What a joke we’ve become. NeverVoteConservative They're effectively banning distance learning & at-home learning, & actively ensuring that nothing is allowed to be done about the spread of illness in schools to allow them into classrooms. This is like banning schools from disallowing peanuts so kids are 'free to eat peanuts'

Alberta, the American province.

Tuesday to mark Danielle Smith's first Alberta legislature session as premierThe new premier\u0027s first priority will be to introduce the long\u002Dawaited Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act.

Amazing, long live freedom! Wear mask if you want but stop forcing other people to be restricted by your irrational fear. Imagine getting this upset that people are allowed to decide for themselves if masking is right for them… No one is stopping you from wearing a mask. Hell wear 3 if it makes you feel better!

Wow, Nat Post sure has lots of fake accounts commenting against masks. So because of individual freedom and choice the government of Alberta has mandated that people can't choose to ask their school to ask the kids to put on a mask? Because of freedom of choice you have to listen to the government gatekeepers. Did I get that right?

Stop the clot shot BillTufts Ahhh the armpit of Canada surprise surprise🙄 what a positive for everyone involved 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Premier Danielle Smith’s first Alberta legislature session slated for TuesdayThe new premier\u0027s first priority will be to introduce the long\u002Dawaited Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act.

Did anyone in her family die from Covid19? Shouldn’t she understand she is just catering to the mob? Awesome!! Alberta - Where science goes to die. 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Re masks, sorry that's not constitutional. Health departments have over riding powers when it comes to the publics safety. Next is going to be Alberta has secession on it's mind?

Said Lagrange, ironically, while wearing a thick layer of Claires quality cosmetics to mask her own face. Awesome! 👏

Police, RCMP help corral loose ostriches in southern Alberta | Globalnews.caIn a post on Facebook, the Taber Police Service said the birds made their way out of town and 'created traffic hazards.'

You would also be required to attend parties thrown by respiratory viruses where there would be taxpayer supported cheerleaders cheering them on. So, will they now allow individual choice when it comes to wearing helmets on motorcycles, wearing seatbelts in automobiles, having smoke detectors in your home, having safety inspections? The list goes on.... A most dangerous short-sited definition of freedom.

When is the next election. LaGrange looks like she needs to lay off the sauce before press conferences. Finally some common sense. Now for reparations for ever masking them in the first place. Looks like Canada’s mullet is driving hard at the hoop of Darwinism. Awesome 👏🏻 Excellent ! Thank you Alberta My asd 12 year old,who worked months at wearing a mask all day so he could stay safe, who hasn't gotten sick, who's done everything right, was forced to stay home yesterday as there was no support staff for him at school. He matters too. ableg

Good stuff Alberta. Don't let those paralyzed by fear lead.

Justin Trudeau the Prime Hitler of Canada Hell yeah!!! Come sand drywall with me for a day and tell me how much those masks work for you. They don’t. If it was about health they would mandate respirators. Real fucked up province you got there Awesome. 👏 RIP Good. Masks dont even fkn work! This is great. The Government of Alberta is taking the measures necessary to ensure the success of the future of this country. Thank you Premier Smith.

20,000 kids out sick but no masks, now conservatives hate kids What about the “freedom” of the people/students/staff that don’t want to get sick. freedomtostaywell. This seems so unbelievably hypocritical!

The Luddites want the planet back. The UCP are completely incompetent. Drop the writ. DanielleSmithIsLyingToYou This is the way God bless Alberta. Fantastic news Teachers will be furious, they will have to actually have to do their jobs at school for an entire year. I feel sorry for the citizens of Alberta. Fools run the province now. 🤡

Children should NEVER be used as politics pawns. SHAME on you Alberta!🤨 Right on. Wow student breathing oxygen and not their own exhaust! How many brain cells will be saved thanks to this. Daniel smith is the greatest.

Yeah 'No matter how ill-advised it is to have your kids crammed into classrooms and coughing into each other's unmasked face during a legitimately bad season of covid/RSV/flu, we won't bend to the woke/Trudeau BS threatening our way of lives!!!.......My cult leader says we can't.' So she's mandating no mask mandates. She could benefit from getting really sick herself or watching family drop off. It would give her that much needed perspective.

let's have our children get sick and put more stress on our health care. What would you expect from a looney tune premier. With so many students and teachers sick, how does one guarantee in person learning while doing NOTHING to assist. Magical/wishful thinking isn't going to cut it. UCP govt is inept (and cruel).

🥰🥰🥰 goalberta finally some sense!! MasksDontWork endmandates Good no mask

When will she pass the 2nd Amendment? And make a demand that Trudeau strengthen the border with Mexico? If my kid wants to be smart and wear a mask, she's going to do it. ABDanielleSmith - HOW can you ban a mask mandate? Sounds like a Charter of Rights shit show to me... NeverVoteConservative MaskUp Children

Common sense... It’s a start. Now how about home-schooling as a guaranteed option, and the funding thereof? 🤷🏽 Very happy I live in Ontario That’s what happens when really horrible people get into govt. They refuse to be caring or rational. FireTheUCP If your child wants to wear a mask they can? It’s their choice . No one is saying you can’t …

AlwaysTrump5859 This is Huge and hopeful there still are some Sane, Based, Good People left in the world holding political jobs. Alberta looking like the best province in Canada right now. RealAndyLeeShow Thank goodness for that. Wear them if u like, but no more mandates.

Always forward thinking. Protect rights by taking away rights. Sorry there’s not enough staff to safely remain open, but we’re going to force them open anyway. 🤨 Sorry we can’t guarantee their safety, but instead we “guarantee” access. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Way to go Alberta!!! To bad not all of Canada’s provinces care about the health and well being of their kids like you!! 💗

Alberta is the only province in this knight of malta cesspool that has it's shite together! No, they gave people the choice! Words matter! Normalizing wearing masks allow criminals to win.. you should never hide your identity in public it's unsafe AB teachers should strike. RealAndyLeeShow francoislegault C'est pour quand le grand réveil? T'es vraiment dû ... Déjà que tu scores le pire PM en ce qui concerne les finances...

🤡🤡🤡 4 years masking and now its not even about covid anymore, but the lack of medication on the shelves. Just another covid narrative from the socially terrified embarrassinginCanada

Like Florida did summer of 2020 and Sweden did from the start. Well done. fordnation should take notes Good PremierScottMoe are you gonna man up and do the same or will Sask fall in the shithole like BC? Wow how forward thinking. Does this mean we aren’t in an emergency any more? No!! The emergency must never end!

Freedom? Thank god the gimp perverts failed to maks our kids. I heard that next up for Smith is banning bandaids in schools for kid’s cuts and bruises. Do u feel the same about seat belts? What about stop signs? this is the way

Not gate keepers. Or are they? Let’s ask woody Good. They literally have to ENFORCE freedom of choice. Time for teachers to strike in alberta. Take that and your in person guarantees. Excellent. This foolishness has gone on far too long. Alberta really is the Texas (or Florida) of Canada. Where else in Canada would you ban a safety device that is scientificly proven to significantly reduce risk and save lives of children? What's next? Seatbelts? Helmets? Chlorinated water?

lol, having a unelected antivsxxer for Premier is awesome! Take your kids out. This is Russian roulette with your kids lives. Whites did not invent slavery. White people were the most successful race, at trying to end slavery in human history. Many died fighting the Queen and her people to end slavery.

Make Alberta as Florida 🙏

So there are some sane people in Canada? 🤔. Thanks God! Was beginning to wonder if only truck drivers gave a damn up there. Excellent! Tomorrow Alberta will ban all items (food, clothing, houseplants, etc.) not made directly from oil-sands. Incredibly, not all but many Albertans don’t see it as an insult when the rest of Canada refer to them as the Texas / Florida of Canada

Welcome to 'berta'. For those sane & caring Albertans (and I know there are MANY), my deepest condolences. Not good!!! Hallelujah! Now we just have to do this everywhere. Fuck. Yes. 👍🏻 😶

Given the current respiratory virus attacking kids and young people, the ban is profoundly misguided. Pandemic or not we’ll be damned! Good, it’s about time someone recognized that a children’s societal surroundings are as much a health issue as a cold virus. All you cucks against this, whine all you want…but your underwear on your face does nothing. If it’s not p100, the filter does nothing to a lipid virus 😂

fordnation you're up next? Alberta is the new Florida, every politician should copy. Excellent! Based. Mandates need to be done away with altogether, if people feel safer with a mask go, all the power to them, they don't need govt or 'Medical Experts' say or approval to do so just like people who don't want to wear one should be fine as well.

Finally. A politician with a spine.

She must not read, go to schools or visit any hospitals...or have or know of anyone with children...or maybe she just sprinkled magical pixie dust over the whole of AB to protect them? How could she be so callous & uncaring? Kids can't learn if they're sick at home or dead...this is ridiculous...what is she going to do if a teacher or principal required students to be masked, as they wanted them in class & healthy...& showed they cared? AB is some magical land

Some politicians actually have a spine. Honk your horns for Jesus. Good. inky_mark Excellent, keep them filthy disease ridden, degrading face diapers off our children . It's like when they label corn 'gluten free' I like this Premier. Can you ban Trudeau from entering the province too. Alberta is saving Canada?

Way to go alberta

Good day for children, good day for education, good day for health, good day for freedom, good day for many things. Wear a mask if you want. Bans are stupid and counterproductive. Thank you! We do have someone who will stand up for the kids, yay! Trudeau just crapped his panties. Careful Alberta, you’re leaning really close to ‘freedom’ there. That’s illegal in Canada.

We canadians love this This puts kids with existing medical reasons who want to wear a mask at risk. Someone needs to get this to court. Kids who want to wear or need to wear a mask at school aren't hurting or affecting anything by doing it. This is against their rights. I love Alberta. Freedom has a home in Canada.

Good Everything she’s doing is resonating with the Albertan populous. She’s making stride where Kenney left us feeling shuttered

I would think the Premier would let school boards follow the science and make that decision Bravo Woohoo!! FREEDOM!!! Great news! Now a school board full of muppets can’t decide or mandate mask on our kids. 🙌🙌🙌 Good. If families believe masks work the. Send their kids wearing them. If not the. Keep your kids home and homeschool them. Don’t forget to teach them the unit about immune systems and how you’re responsible for killing theirs.

alberta knows what’s good, great decision - The Greatest indoctrination of government imposed Dystopian Psychosis Brainwashing of Children in Human History - - Trained to fear each other & the very air they breath - - There will be a Reckoning - Use your brains people.

Not all hero’s wear capes! If someone wants to wear one, they are still allowed, right? Why did everyone take the experimental jab if you clowns want masks forever? Did everyone forget that getting sick is actually normal. Seasonal colds are normal, it helps your immune system stay strong. Are we supposed to just try to avoid the unavoidable now ? Why are people in this thread so upset, let kids grow up like we did . Free and optimistic

Bravo!!! Freedom first!! I’m buying you a pizza!! Good. You want to wear a mask.....wear it. Leave my kids alone. How about you bring back the Tylenol so that people can bring down fevers instead of running to the hospital. If flu it is every year and has been for hundreds of years. The same people clamouring for “freedom”

awesome! kids out of school sick every two weeks doesn’t contribute to learning loss? I can’t move on to new units because my classes are missing 1/3 of the kids. My own kids are sick constantly. Ffs can we have some grown up solutions instead of this nonsense?

Good florida and alberta should be the same Good. Alberta strives to become a shining example of what NOT to do if you want to appear competent National Post, you may wish to edit this headline. Misleading. Intern in charge? Best news ever. God bless our Premier for following science Bravo alberta 👏👏👏👏

Alberta has really been in the news lately! Great news! Good. If you want to wear a mask then do so but don’t force it on everyone. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

oldschoolnotold For anyone still delusional about mask “efficacy”, please listen to this excellent podcast with WoodReporting. Thank God for some political sanity ❤️ !!!!!! Freedumb has won! Unlike poltron prime minister of Canada who is a WEF servant, Alberta has wise leadership and is not buying Trudeau's failed agenda

Wow like a free f*cking country! Hahaha Wexit !! Alberta been the heart for too long. We are NOT missing Kenney: We ❤️ this right direction that ABDanielleSmith and Co. are taking Common Alberta W So, how are things going in Albertastan? Oh... never mind...

Good About time we had a leader again. If you don't want to go to school then stay home if you want to wear a diaper on your face then go ahead but allow the rest to learn Good! 👏👏👏👏sanity MasksDontWork against airborne respiratory viruses Wow. Imagine a province in Canada where people actually have common sense. It's amazing. I love Albert's new premier.

Nothing is banned. You can wear a mask if you want to. Nobody said you could not. Excellent move! As it always should have been. Alberta is awesome these days. Good. All sane Canadians sympathize with poor children of Albertan and can't wait for Alberta's elections.

Does in person mean a teacher will be heading to hospitals and homes to teach the thousands of sick? Based. Good job Alberta 👍 Great! Finally listening to science! Alberta mandates COVID. a government that thinks of the importance of childhood education is awesome Teachers are disposable! Bans? From the party, pounding the table, and whining about freedom?

Excellent Good, sick stay home. Wanna wear mask wear a mask, don’t need to be mandated.

Freedom to choose, without force. Bans? WTF. Nazi rule begins. RealAndyLeeShow Yes!! Mask your child if you’re worried 👌🏻 ✨nobody is stopping you✨ Let the other children breath if they want to ✌🏼 Awesome! RealAndyLeeShow Bravo Alberta!!! Let’s go Canada, all provinces should follow! The Alberta election cannot come soon enough.

Ban? Hmmm at least proof read your headline RealAndyLeeShow Good cause as an Albertan I refuse to mask my children. Masking children is proven to stunt speech growth & also cause anxiety & depression. These mandates cause nothing but mental problems. prime example is all the people screaming at people to wear them. It's a mental problem.

RealAndyLeeShow Thank God, there is still some sanity left in this world! Misleading,,, anybody can wear a mask if they so choose. RealAndyLeeShow Good A return to normal? Getting there! Insanity abpoli TakeBackAlberta No mention of support for teachers that need to teach online and in class at the same time. Typical UCP agenda pushing clowns. I beginning to think Notely throwing money at everything is better than UCP circus.

Better send this message directly to Alberta’s Notley and the NDP, they have reading comprehension problem This is Sparta!!! Culling the weak and sickly children. Alberta_UCP banned keeping children safe & healthy, by ‘mandating’ schools don’t have the right to protect staff & students thru simple public health mitigation tools. Absolute insanity from the unelected premier who has also stated ‘cancer is your fault’ & let’s all pay for HC

That word, “Guaranteed” can be a killer, because nothing can be totally guaranteed.

Communist action at work in Alberta Good Right wing crazies. Great job Premier Smith, 👍 You got it wrong ,bans mandatory mask wearing. It’s up to individual for there own choice,you turn Every thing to slandering. Shame on you. Amen Legislation to ban protective healthcare measures. This is Alberta. Are we surprised the freedumb convoy came from this Province?

Alberta just behaving like most first world countries This is great. For everyone. The past few years have been brutal on kids and parents, glad its over in Alberta.

AWESOME! And I thought that the Vax would prevent you from getting severely sick or death lol The 🇺🇸 controlled NP loves when ProFa premier's shitty policies kill Canadians. Time to ban foreign ownership of 🇨🇦 media. Good Lots of parents will be home from work caring for sick kids, if they can't manage the Dr's and nurses will take over. No preventative measures needed. Right?

Alberta is the greatest country in the world. Good, loss of education results in reduced quality of life and lifespan. Alberta hates kids, basically. Though in fairness so does BC. Awesome🤗

The UCP does Not Care about the Deaths of Children. 6 kids died Today, the Same day they made This choice! Alberta is being lead by Murders! Slaves in fear will be upset. The cloth mask has 2% efficacy. The cloth mask has 100% delusional servitude. Can a premier of one province be the premier of multiple provinces?!? 🤭🤭

Good hotroddergirl Science! Good The left going to glory holes and groom to get her back Logic. The hypochondriacs are going to further lose their minds!

Back to video Changes announced Thursday mean school authorities can shift Grade 1 through Grade 12 classes online only if they also maintain an in-person option for parents who want to keep sending their kids to school.News A Campbell River elementary school teacher has been suspended for one day, after a misguided lesson on segregation went awry.The aim of the project is to keep a digital, spatially correct record of the school grounds and accurately depict daily life for students who lived there amid periods of prolonged abuse.Back to video Justice Minister Tyler Shandro is urging Marco Mendicino, the federal minister of public safety, to immediately dismiss RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, saying Alberta has lost confidence in her.

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| 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4 | 416-383-2300 Thanks for signing up! A welcome email is on its way. Lontayao instructed one student to use pylons in order to corner off a small area of the gym and instructed “all the brown kids, you go into that corner.. If you don't see it, please check your junk folder. The next issue of NP Posted will soon be in your inbox. The other students were instructed to do the same. We encountered an issue signing you up. Please try again Article content The government also stated that students from early childhood programs to Grade 12 can’t be denied in-person education “due to their personal decision to wear or not wear a mask. During the exercise, according to the agreement, students from the two groups “could neither play nor talk with one another. Please try again Article content Shandro says Lucki has failed to do her job on multiple files, including the convoy protests and blockades earlier this year.

” Recommended from Editorial Edmonton Public Schools requests data on health protocols after spike in student illnesses Mask mandates have not been in effect in Alberta schools since February. The new regulations come into effect immediately. She then instructed the students in the majority group go first, while the students cornered off would have to wait. Specific educational programming being provided in a hospital or correctional facility, for example, will be exempt from the in-person learning requirement. Advertisement 3 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Student A left the classroom with the Educational Assistant,” the agreement says. Article content The move follows rising concerns about high student absenteeism rates with this year’s fall respiratory virus season hitting particularly hard. “There will be obviously a discussion with the commissioner as her current defined term comes to its natural conclusion.

In the first winter season without public-health protections since 2020, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza and COVID-19 are all circulating.” When Student A came back, the teacher apologized and brought the exercise to a conclusion. Hospitals are also facing a surge of sick kids . The Stollery Children’s Hospital medical director confirmed last week that the children’s hospital is full, but staff are prepared to create surge spaces. She was directed to complete the course titled Learning About Racism, a program is offered through the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF). In a letter to parents earlier this month, Edmonton Catholic Schools chief superintendent Robert Martin said while in-person learning is the priority, “it may be necessary to shift individual classes or grades to online learning as required due to operational challenges.” An Edmonton Catholic Schools spokesperson later said this would be considered only “after all other options to maintain in-person learning have been explored. Lontayao served her one-day suspension on Nov. “(There are) use of force issues (and) countless examples of lack of investigation into violence against women.

” Last week, the board of trustees at Edmonton Public Schools requested specific thresholds to guide when mandatory isolation and masking should be put in place in schools. Advertisement 4 This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Edward Hitchins. Article content I have heard from parents and students that they would like stability and from school boards that they would like clarity. Today, Alberta’s government is ensuring all students continue to have access to in-person learning and family choice. Attached is my letter to parents. Opposition NDP Leader Rachel Notley dismissed Shandro’s comments as “a political tactic to try and build support for what I would argue is their bogus desire to bring in a provincial police force — a provincial police that is desperately unpopular.