Airline passenger says she's hurt after her reclined seat repeatedly 'punched'

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Airline passenger says she's hurt after her reclined seat repeatedly 'punched'

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Airline passenger says she's hurt after her reclined seat repeatedly 'punched'

A passenger said she's hurt after her reclined seat was repeatedly 'punched.' She asked for help, but said a flight attendant threatened her

said she was "scared to death" by how a flight attendant handled her painful ordeal. Wendi Williams, who said she's a teacher in Virginia Beach, tweeted footage of a man repeatedly hitting the back of her reclined seat with his fist during an American Airlines flight in January. But what viewers saw in the video wasn't even the worst of it, Williams told CNN's "New Day." Before she started shooting, the man behind her "started punching me in the back, hard," Williams said Tuesday. "I tried to get the flight attendants' attention. They were not paying attention, so I started videoing him. That was the only thing that I could think of to get him to stop." Earlier in the flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, Williams said the man behind her asked "with an attitude" to return her seat to the upright position so he could eat from the tray table, she said. She obliged and moved her seat back up. But when the man was done eating, Williams said she reclined her seat once again. That's when he started "hammering away," she said. "He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times - HARD," Williams tweeted. She also tweeted that she was injured, and that the incident caused pain. "I have 1 cervical disk left that isn't fused," she wrote. "I've lost time at work, had to visit a doctor, got X-rays, and have has [sic] horrible headaches for a week." After she started filming the man, "he did stop punching as hard," she told CNN. "So it did work to a certain degree." But Williams said she was stunned by what happened when she tried to get a flight attendant to help. She said she tried to alert a flight attendant as soon as the punching started. But the employee "rolled her eyes" at Williams and offered the man she accused of hitting her seat some complimentary rum, Williams tweeted. After that, the flight attendant handed her a stern form letter, titled "Passenger Disturbance Notice." "Notice: YOUR BEHAVIOR MAY BE IN VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW," the letter reads. "You should immediately cease if you wish to avoid prosecution and your removal from this aircraft at the next point of arrival." "It was shocking," Williams told CNN. "I think the more calm I remained, (the flight attendant) got angrier and more aggravated. So she said, 'I'm not talking to you anymore. I'm done with you,' or 'I'm done with this,' something to that effect, and then handed me this passenger disturbance notice." After that, the flight attendant told her, "'I will have you escorted off the plane if you say anything else. Delete the video,'" Williams said. "And I was scared to death." She said she's looking into possible legal action. In a statement to CNN, American Airlines said it was aware of the January 31 "customer dispute" aboard American Eagle flight 4392, operated by Republic Airways. "The safety and comfort of our customers and team members is our top priority, and our team is looking into the issue," American said. Airline passengers are entitled to "fly rights," outlined by the US Department of Transportation, when they buy a plane ticket. Those ensure airlines will do things like provide passengers with water when delayed on the tarmac or, if overbooked, ask passengers for volunteers before others are bumped off involuntarily. But comfort and personal space are not among those rights. Air travel dos and don'ts are wildly divisive and regularly broken. Everything from who has ownership over the armrest (etiquette experts told CNN in 2014 the passenger in the middle seat gets both) to which animals qualify as "emotional support" creatures (a new federal proposal would ban ESAs like peacocks, potbelly pigs and iguanas from flights) have ignited fierce debate. Still, there's an expectation that when you fly, you'll respect other passengers and make the best of your cramped surroundings. Punching the back of a passenger's seat is impolite, according to many of the people who responded on Williams' Twitter feed. But was Williams in the wrong, too, for encroaching on the man's already limited personal space? Lilit Marcus, CNN Travel's Hong Kong-based editor, wrote in November that reclining should be reserved for "special occasions." "Reclining is a way of asserting that your travel needs, and only yours, matter," she wrote. "People are fine with doing it, but no one likes it when it happens to them." CNN readers largely agreed . Several of them told CNN in December that reclining is rude, particularly for passengers seated in economy class who already have restricted leg room. One reader said that because of her body type, if the passenger in front of her reclines their seat, she loses the ability to use the tray table to work while flying. Even Delta Air Lines' CEO has weighed in. In April 2019, Delta retrofitted many of its jets to reduce how far the coach and first-class seats could recline. A spokeswoman told CNN it was part of the airline's "continued efforts to make the in-flight experience more enjoyable." "It's all about protecting customers' personal space and minimizing disruptions to multitasking in-flight," the spokesperson said at the time. In an appearance on CNBC , company CEO Ed Bastian said while he doesn't recline his seat in the sky, people should have the right to -- as long as they ask permission. "If you're going to recline into somebody, you ask if it's OK first," Bastian said. "I never recline, because I don't think it's something as CEO I should be doing, and I never say anything if someone reclines into me." Related Stories Read more: CTV News

They both failed at being adults about a simple situation....🙄 His actions were juvenile & she should be embarrassed; hers were equally so. I doubt she’s injured. Had she been, she would have moved her seat upright and stopped it. It’s stupid. How hard is it to sit upright for a few hours? It’s not like you actually get to lay down.

What her pride is hurt! I'm a tall person and if someone tried to recline their seat back I would ask them not to because from my experience it crushes my legs! I was waiting for that......... She could have moved the seat forward.... oh please no she wasn't she's just trying to cha ching if it bothered her so much put the dam set up

This guy has issues. It sucks to get the back seat against the wall but you can’t stop people from using the chair as it’s intended to be used. Hey here's a solution, stop jamming people in like Sardines. And stop blaming the people 'airline companies' when the solution is solely in you hands. I do not think well of anybody who would shove their seat back in my face at any time, I feel that it is rude, inconsiderate, and a nuisance, especially if I was enjoying a meal, reading a book, or working on my laptop. Over reaction maybe but I can commiserate. Stew is right!

If some intentionally wanted to get under me skin by hitting the back of my seat on a plane. For a sec I thought the guy had his head stuck in a butt. Maybe it's a new type of skull massage

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The only times I feel someone should recline is during 'snack time' or long flight 'dinner times'. Aside from those times, it's your seat. Recline back and relax. I usually look back to see what the person is doing (tray down w/laptop or eating) and don't recline. If they are just sitting, I let them know that i will recline. But in the end I find that extra 4 degrees does nothing to my comfort lol

Omg!! Who’s she going to sue? That will make it all better. The man has a beard...self-entitled hipster with no regard whatsoever...enough said!! Lol. Ok. That loser police officer charging Masai and this woman are shameful. Can we say opportunistic With seats so tightly squeezed together in airplanes they should get rid of reclining seats. It is very annoying having some strangers head almost in your lap and makes trays awkward to use. No excuse for the guys behaviour but I get it.

I think airlines are to blame...people are not getting smaller...a lot of young men are well over 6’ tall...the average weight has risen. The airlines are not accommodating their guests appropriately. Flying has become a “bus ride in the sky” and no longer pleasurable. jackasses

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Airlines need to take ownership of this issue. Not appropriate to leave passengers to “fight” it out. I call bull. She is now looking to sue. Our sympathies may end up siding with rude puncher. People like her are reasons insurance rates are going up. False claims Fly Allegiant the seats don’t recline. Problem solved? No debate.

Again. Common sense is a thing of the past. Ask permission, problem solved! I don’t condone the man’s behaviour at all, however, she should have asked permission and leave it at that. She’s a teacher ffs. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Yeah right. Sue everybody. If the seat is equipped to recline then she should be able to enjoy this feature. He could have reclined his as well to make more room. Punching the seat is never an option. Perhaps the airlines could design planes that actually fit people comfortably.

Escort them to the Exit & let them FLY on their own!!! Such a drama queen Lol butt hurt

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They call her Karen. Bullshit. She is just saying that for some easy money. How far will she milk it. The more the payout, the more embarassed she should be! sure, someone wants money Hahaha haha I hate people He’s being annoying but claiming injury?! Come on I think the airline should pay for her treatment for making the space too small. It should be illegal to transport humans that way. hrw UN_Women globeandmail USATODAY guardiannews PDChina XHNews RT_com TheAtlantic NewYorker nytimes

She’s not looking at lawyers there is no case here. She wants free vacations for the rest of her life. No lawyer would touch this one. She knows the bad airline press will be enough to bribe her to stop posting. her golden ticket is us responding all the currency she needs SeatsTooTightOnAirplanes Oh my heart bleeds for her *finds a tiny violin* She's now claiming she was assaulted and planning to sue. Idiot. Makes a mockery of those who have ACTUALLY been assaulted in life.

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Get her own seat Costco NOW grow up and move on! This is a waste of everyone’s time hashing this over. On this I grew up being told two wrongs don’t make a right, She was wrong in putting the seat back that far and even though she knew why he was upset she had to think she was better. Adversely I am sure he could talk and could have asked her to move it forward.

Same characters that pull a fit when they're forced to drink Coke Zero instead of Diet Coke shaddup This story just won’t go away, it’s totally going to turn into a movie!! 🍿 Guy is a jerk. I don’t care what the other passenger did. He was in the wrong. Prolonged and continuous attack. He should be charged.

I like him to try this on me. It would not be a good day for him. I wonder if some of the commenters who is against this woman are from the airline. They make no sense. She was just a bitch! I had a guy in front of me on a transatlantic flight that put the seat completely back after I had asked him not to.... poor guy, I accidentally spilt coke on him.... I don’t drink coke😉

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Ed Bastian has zero common sense. If your seats can recline, people should be able to recline. If you disagree, disable the physical mechanism Delta I would have traded seats with him and did the same thing to him....idiot Weak arguement from her. How about asking hi to stop, if not by her, then from the airline

you know darn well a seat will be way to freaking close to your face when you buy the damn ticket! Upgrade if you want more space🤯 They’re both assholes. Let’s move on Why is this in the news? Is there seriously nothing better to report on? The man asked her...rude as it may have put her seat back. He was uncomfortable with the seat reclined in his space. What he did wasn't ok, but her lack of consideration wasn't either

Oh sure she does $$$ insert lawyer Imagine if a child or someone with a disability had been in that seat and he was repeatedly punching it? Imagine if it was a woman repeatedly punching a seat a man was reclined in? There is no situation in which it is okay to repeatedly punch someone else’s seat. Period.

So.instead.of asking the lady to put her seat back up, the man retaliates by punching the seat? A tad immature to say the least.

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Their both children in this, just kick them both off. 😁 A week late on the story as usual! She claims both he and the flight attendant were in the wrong? She should stop blaming everyone around her and consider that maybe her own actions and attitude created a problem. mentally hurt not physically Must have broken her ribs. Lol the guy is a douche tho

Two wrongs don't make a right. For domestic flights, seats should not be able to recline. The airlines need to take responsibility for this continued aggravation on flights. The average person is uncomfortable in those seats. Yes, she had every right to recline her seat. But if it was also causing her discomfort, because of the “punching”, then she should have unreclined it. What a litigious society we live in. She put up with the discomfort so she could sue. I’ve changed teams.

Bad enough your head gets rocked from the air pressure change , let alone having some bully punch your head rest the whole time . Nobody should be punching the back of seats period on an airplane. The man should have talked this over with the lady. Perhaps she would have reclined it up alittle. Must have run into a lawyer somewhere!

Ok. Really! Who doesn’t recline their seat! Do people really want to give that idea to airlines (to take away the option all together) because we are all squabbling about it. I do not! it’s cramped enough as it! Be careful what you wish for! Ps. The guy was a jerk regardless! At the end of the day, both people in this story are assholes. Congratulations.

And this is exactly why you should be able to punch someone in the face. Bunch of babies. They were both at fault. He threw a tantrum and she was just plain stubborn! DAVESTEELER you again Perhaps the airlines could remove a row of seats and space the other seats out just a few more inches each. But oh that would hurt their bottom line. Remember it’s cash over comfort. Always!

Seriously- why is this even still getting attention? Sue his White Arse!! 🤣 TuesdayThoughts Bahaha. Never saw that coming...

Stand off of 2 inconsiderate persons. Both equally rude and awful. They deserve each other. People acting like theres only two parties when theres a third: the airline. People dont want to be reclined in to, and if my seat reclines and I'm on a long flight I'm damn well going to use it since I paid for it. The onus us on the airline. Take out the reclining seat or stop

$$$$$$$$ Talk about first world problems 😂🤣😂🤣😂. That aside. This is the fault of Airlines constantly cramming people in these tin cans to increase profits. I'm very tall and I don't recline and I don't act like it's the end of the world if someone does recline in front of me they are both at fault IMO but the woman absolutely bleeding it for all its worth is pretty sad

Well the flight attendant was definitely not the best and I could understand the need for legal action. The passenger specified they needed the seat that way and was not the main trouble-maker. She is hurt oh common she seen the attention and is milking it Give it a fucking break already She's just a boo-hoorer. Pity party for one. Just turn around and ask if he minds the seat reclined that far. I believe they adjust.

Give me a break I was initially on her side but now she’s claiming injury and thinking about a lawsuit? She’s taken it to a whole other level. She should have quit while she was ahead.... Seats recline for a reason. Don't like them? Don't fly. LAWSUIT! What an fn joke Fire the employee 2. Why give us the option of reclining if we’re not suppose to 3. I paid for a ticket I’ll decline if I want the person behind me can do the same 4. Like WTF A 8-10 hour flight and they expect us to sit upright FIRE THE EMPLOYEE DELTA Delta

After seeing this I was wondering how a plane seat reclined so far Imagine if both people acted like mature adults and actually communicated with each other instead of resorting to petulant and passive aggressive behaviour I think if someone reclines their seat in front of you you should be able to tap the back of it... just so that you are both annoyed and uncomfortable.

Lmao too funny. All about the $$

Sorry someone sneezed in the store now i have a cold. If the seat reclines then she can recline it. Punching the seat is violent and he should have been removed for being threatening to others safety. The attendant sounds like they were wrong and couldn’t be bothered to manage the violent passenger. Not impressed.

she was way too kind as I would have stood up and told him where he could go. I would ask the person behind if they don't mind, but honestly i've never put my seat back and i've travelled 14 hours from China. And now she expects money from I’m assuming both the guy behind her and the airline. Go away you rude and inconsiderate person.

Just wondering if she could've asked him to switch seats? So she is not reclining into him. 🤷‍♀️ Seats should not recline. There is so little space as it is nowadays. Of course she is....looking for a payday 2020 and this is the best we got to read about, some dumb bitches feeings got hurt because the guy behind her got pissed at reclining her seat, how did we ever make it this far, year 2005 she woulda turned around and punched that guy in the face,

when someone reclines.. the person behind has their tray digging into their stomach. Fucking Americans

the seats recline too far back.. really in the rear passengers tiny space. there should only be one setting.. the same for everyone. After two minutes of that he would get such a backhander OH 🐂💩 'I'll be 'suing' you....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' Air steward ask people to straighten their seats when they serve food because table down with reclined seat get too close to the body of person. If he folded the table & held cell in his hand to play video game, better for his neck she could have reclined without any issue

Airlines make seats to recline. Therefore it gets used. People are not going to ask the person behind them. That is stupidity. If airlines do not want seats to recline stop making them to recline AmericanAir If he punched my chair, I would have asked him politely to stop & explain my need to recline(sometimes people have a need too).If he didn’t stop, I would inform cabin crew. If he didn’t stop, I would tell him the next hit will be considered assault & I would have stopped his hit.

The solution is to have no reclining seats... What an absolute jackass. Every passenger is well within rights to recline their seat. All it takes is a simple excuse me miss can u put your seat up a bit pls mine doesn't recline and I'm a little tight for room .thx if that doesn't work then u ask The flight attendant to help you by asking for you . It's not that hard

the only one at fault is the airline for not stoping this before it got to this point. He should have asked her if she could put it back up. She and everyone in the plane has the right to put their seat back.

Good Old USA where lawsuits are the social justice! She deserves 10-20 Million atleast, must have been traumatic.... This woman also spilled his drink and acted like a massive tool, incase you cant already figure that out by being 'punched' and injured from the light chair rocking. Lol 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Be quiet. A time will come when seats will no longer recline. Join us in 2020 and be polite. Why do you want to completely inconvenience the person behind you and ruin his or her flight? Flying is a cramped enough experience already. Get over it This is the story that never ends. Though it goes on and on my friend Some person reported it weeks ago...

Must have gotten a call from an ambulance chasing lawyer after seeing the video, probably the same legal team representing the cop against Masai Ujiri If she were to put the chair in the upright position there wouldn't have been a problem. Now she's got an owie...HAHAHA pure bullshit

last roll has less leg space than other seats..worse seats on a plane, and that woman is just nasty, and now she cries victim more. Correct me if I'm wrong. And I am sure some will. I don't think he's so much 'punching' as he is 'tapping' on the back of her seat. Wow she really is a piece of work Ooo what's his name😎

Lol. I used to be against people reclining their seat onto me. But if you think about it, it is a feature made available to the passengers by the airline, and they are well within their rights to use it. They are both ridiculous in this situation...good grief.😂 She's self-entitled and discourteous with zero regard for others around her. I can't blame anyone who is in that seat being crowded by the person in front of them getting upset, but there were better ways to handle this situation on both sides.

That’s ridiculous! new furnace and a/c from 5500$ Weird how the guy who was punching it has yet to be named and shamed.

Dude was definitely acting childish and should have just asked for her to recline her seat back up, but unless she’s got bones as weak as a birds the “punches” which were more like mild shaking shouldn’t have injured her. Communication and repct = Problem Solved Both of them are guilty of, and charged with, failure to be an adult and sentenced to purchase my next set of plane tickets for having too watch their lame airline drama unfold online.

Hurt 🤦‍♂️. Pathetic Any sympathy for her just evaporated into pure 'Karen' disgust. He should have been arrested when they landed. Sue him. Oh wait, she’s already doing that! 🤦🏻‍♂️ The only thing you could think of to get him to stop was to video him? Putting your seat up never crossed your mind? Ok I know who’s team I’m taking now...

here we go again He wasn’t punching 🤗 Maybe she should have put her seat up?!?!

grown ass woman

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