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Advice on masks is changing as coronavirus knowledge evolves

Advice on masks is changing as coronavirus knowledge evolves

2020-04-07 3:06:00 AM

Advice on masks is changing as coronavirus knowledge evolves

Canadian public-health officials are now saying that wearing a mask in public is a good idea to help prevent the spread of coronavirus – or at least not a bad idea

If there is a possibility, however remote, that you could infect others and wearing a mask in public could reduce that risk, even a bit, then why not?The reason officials are still so reluctant to say “wear a mask” in as many words is that there are many nuances and a real fear of unintended consequences.

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One of the dangers of promoting mask-wearing is that the public will see it as a substitute rather than a complement to other measures such as isolation, physical distancing and handwashing.“It doesn’t mean you can back off of physical distancing or hand hygiene,” Dr. Tam said.

Story continues below advertisementThe other fear is that people will purchase (or steal) surgical masks, which are already in desperately short supply in hospitals and other high-risk settings.That is why Dr. Tam stressed that the public should wear “non-medical” masks. Again, that advice could have been much more explicit.

Many “masks for all” advocates use the rhetorical argument: “If doctors wear face masks, why shouldn’t I?”The answer is that doctors (and nurses and other health-care workers) are at much greater risk. They are in direct contact with sick people. They get coughed and sneezed on and a mask protects them against droplet-borne diseases.

In the real world, such as at the supermarket, the risks of coronavirus are a lot less pronounced than in hospitals and so are the benefits of wearing a mask.In addition to telling people not to wear surgical masks, we should be telling them to make their own and teaching them how to wear them properly.

Story continues below advertisementThe public needs to understand as well that mask-wearing can prevent them from infecting others more than it can protect the wearer from infection.The inconvenient truth is that improper mask-wearing (covering your mouth and not your nose, or not having a snug enough fit), and lack of attention to donning and doffing technique, can actually increase instead of decrease the risk of infection.

There is some evidence that people wearing masks touch their faces more, and some that it discourages face-touching.The evidence for mask-wearing as a means of infectious disease prevention remains mixed at best.Increasingly, however, making and wearing a mask in public is becoming a demonstration of civic-mindedness, a public acknowledgment of the risks coronavirus poses, and a fitting symbol for the new normal.

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Christopher Mio and Meghan Hoople found themselves jobless and wanting to help in the wake of COVID-19 isolation in Toronto. After flyering their neighbourhood with a free-of-charge offer, they received an outpouring of support and requests from people in need.

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Two months ago, they could have said ‘Yes, masks can reduce the spread but due to shortages let’s save surgical masks for frontline workers. General public can make their own and here’s how to make and how to wear it properly. But, hand washing is still the most effective way.’ The knowledge itself hasn’t changed. The position of these officials have because this is getting out of hand now. Too bad that they are two months late. Now with social distancing, we shouldn’t need a mask too often. I just hope frontline workers will get what they need.

You missed 'This just in from liberal_party HQ' The rest of the world outside of the Liberal bubble and their media lapdogs has known this for a while. Just like telfordk would gave written it..

Tam offers new advice: wear a non-medical mask when shopping or using public transitThe country’s Chief Public Health Officer said this measure is now being advised to help cut down on transmission where people are infected by the virus but are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic Sign the petition for CPHO_Canada to resign as chief health minister for gross incompetence drtamresign PlankTheCurve cdnpoli standonguard covid19Canada JustinTrudeau Wow! This is so annoying. I was actually happy that Canada was taking this another way but turns out we were wrong all along. So with all the people losing their jobs, why does she have hers still? Is she sure?

Evening Update: British PM Boris Johnson moved to ICU; new advice for Canadians to wear non-medical masksAlso: Emergency benefit to be expanded to cover more part-time workers, Trudeau says We wish him a full and speedy recovery, and are prayers are with him and his family Will this do? He was moved there as a precaution not because his condition had deteriorated.

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