Adele stirs up controversy with photo featuring new Jamaican-inspired look

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\u0027Dear white people, please just be yourselves\u0027 said one of the singer\u0027s followers

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Another commented: “Black women are discriminated against for wearing cultural hairstyles like bantu knots and locs but white people are not, that’s not fair and that’s why people are p**sed off.”

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... because she CANNOT wear clothes she wanted to wear and (maybe) support (for her OWN PERSONAL REASONS) is BAD now? REALLY? 🤨🤨🤨

Can you imagine if we called out all appropriation like basketball, kilts, “Amazing Grace”, or the poem “Invictus” for example? We can’t and we shouldn’t because we are all better off sharing.

Look at the buthurt people...

Oooopppsssee. Is that cultural appropriation? Naughty woman.

Bomboclaat She looks good

How about saying.. “wow you look great Adele”

That's Adele?

Who cares?

Is Katy Perry pregnant again?

Who cares

And nobody cares! Celebrities need to learn that most of us don’t care

Are all those white kids hanging around the downtowns, smoking reefer, listening to reggae, supporting every leftie cause (up to and including anarchy) and just hangin' with their mates similarly guilty of cultural appropriation?

Used to be a time when celebrating other cultures was considered worldly. Apparently not so with the panty waist liberal cancel culture crowd. 😠

Whatever!!!! She looks great - Jesus

This is really news? We have other shit to deal with who cares

maybe she wants a date with our blackface corrupt PM

Why are you giving press to a incredibly small group of 'offended' people on social media? Oh, wait, you're a dying outlet, desperate for clicks. That's why. 😅

Oh, so sorry frail folks! I will bow to your weak wishes and throw out my Caribbean shirts I like to wear in the summer, which remind me of the wonderful time I spent there! Didn't realize that I am not allowed to like the culture and place.

Give it a rest people!! I’m pretty sure Adele is not trying to offend anyone! Pretty sure she has better things to do then that!!!

This criticism is a slippery slope. What’s next? Accusing Jamaicans straightenng their hair of cultural appropriation?

For those who dye their hair green, I’m sure the Martians are upset!

Well she has lost her mind, too bad was a great talent but let fame get to her

Nikki Minaj seems to think there's nothing wrong with 'appropriation':

This is news? Back in the 70's Bo Derek had braids that originated in Jamaica and no one cared.

It’s so confusing these days. When exactly does celebrating diversity and cultures become cultural appropriation? Is it cultural appropriation when a person of Asian descent wears a red plaid lumber jacket and a toque? If there is no mocking of the culture what’s the problem?

If Whitey can't wear Jamaican colours then someone is going to have to tell the dreadlock wearers that they're only for Vikings. And yes it checks out.


Look racest

One of the most recognizable personalities in the world, celebrates Jamaican culture proudly at the Notting Hill Carnival, and white people have a problem with that?

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