Abandoning study on systemic racism in policing would be 'gross neglect of parliamentary duties': MP

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Former members of the House committee studying systemic racism in policing in Canada say they are 'disappointed' the proroguing of Parliament has, until further notice, halted their work at a time when it’s needed most.

OTTAWA -- Former members of the House committee studying systemic racism in policing in Canada say they are "disappointed" the proroguing of Parliament has, until further notice, halted their work at a time when it’s needed most.

It’s one of the many studies that have been abandoned since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the dissolving of Parliament until Sept. 23, the point at which a new throne speech will be delivered outlining the Liberals’ plan of action for the foreseeable future. Harris said he fears the committee may lose its motivation to study the issue again in late September.

Harris said that Trudeau’s decision to prorogue Parliament – which critics argued was done to avoid the scrutiny of the WE Charity scandal – is another example of the prime minister’s "failure" to follow through with substance.


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I will ask again...can someone please give me one, just one, example of systemic racism in policing in Canada?

Face it. The liberals played “identity politics” again and latched onto a social justice buzz term that has no clear definition or context to frame it. It was a nothing burger from the start.

Proroguing government to avoid the WE scandal is fine though.

How about the country being ran into the ground? Is that not a 'gross neglect of parliamentary duties?... remove head from ass....

Yep! Spend more taxpayers money on USELESS STUDIES!!!!!

Gross neglect of parliamentary duties? Ffs....they have been doing nothing for the past 6months and now they prorogued which is officially nothing to evade answering questions about massive misappropriation of 🇨🇦s money....but yeah racisim, THATS the issue!?

MPs are on 5 month vacation then Trudeau prorogued it for several weeks. They do no work but still get paid

Are they issuing studies on any other fairy tales?

Proroguing parliament in the middle of an investigation on government corruption is a huge neglect of parliamentary duties

You people are clowns, the NBA is striking for oppression haha good one. Nike and addicts both have been busted this year for using forced labour you foolish phoney clowns.


Could someone please give me an example of systemic racism in policing?

If they know it exists, why “study” it? That’s a waste of time, money, and energy.

Abandoning the costs of this study would be gross neglect

So would not denouncing radical domestic terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa.

Maybe we should look at how certain parties systematically cover up for criminals and sex pests. Right marwantabbaramp?

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