'A trip from hell:' Canadians on Swoop flight to Hamilton 'stranded' in Mexico | CBC News

Some passengers have been stuck in Cancun since Jan. 14. | @CBCHamilton


Some passengers have been stuck in Cancun since Jan. 14. | CBCHamilton

After delaying the flight back to Hamilton all afternoon, passengers say the airline 'ignored' them and offered to pay for a two-night stay in a hostel, and 'dingy' motels in 'unsafe' areas of Cancun.

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Hamilton Really... “hell” is being stuck in Cancun? It’s -42 in Calgary with wind chill. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE LOL! Hamilton You Are Stuck In Mexico with a discount Airline complaining about service. Please Hamilton Lots of Swoop airline stories! Doesn’t seem like they are that reliable! Hamilton That’s what happens when you fly a budget airline. Seat sales for $100 to fly across the continent? I’ll pay regular price for the risk . Not like it doesn’t happen to other airlines. But seems more of these cheap airlines have more problems.

Hamilton With current weather conditions here please let me be stuck in Czncun! Hamilton Canadian air travel be killin it in 2020 Hamilton Initial reaction after reading just the headline: I'm sure the rest of Canada joins me this winter in sarcastically saying 'oh no, I'm so sorry for you!' Hamilton These things happen. People need to have travel/cancellation insurance.

Hamilton Has anyone done an investigation into why it always seems to be return trips that go into the abyss? Hamilton Hamilton Sounds like an extended vacation to me!

Syrian behind Peace By Chocolate becomes Canadian citizen | CBC NewsCheers erupted today at Halifax's Pier 21 as the founder of a growing Antigonish, N.S., chocolate company, who came to Canada as a refugee from Syria, became a Canadian citizen. | CBCNS NS 👏👏👏👏 TareqHadhad NS Congratulations on becoming a Canadian! Love your chocolate too!!!! NS What a wonderful story makes me proud to be a Canadian!


Canadian government may offer interim compensation to families of Flight 752 victimsThe Globe and Mail's political coverage. Breaking news and in-depth political coverage of Canada's government and the Trudeau government. globepolitics so they will pay instead of Iranian government globepolitics Why in the world should Canadian taxpayers be compensating these families? globepolitics NO WAY Iran must use Iran Deal cash to pay compensation. But that might be hard to get since the Canadian media and Justin blame Trump Could it be more obvious that Iran Deal shenanigans might be exposed? That's why Justin is blaming Trump, and our media calls it a 'plane crash'

Bombardier Shares Plunge 30% As Company Warns Of Tougher Times AheadThe bad news just keeps flowing for this heavyweight of Canadian industry No more bail outs.

Five ETFs to help Canadian investors move beyond ‘home bias’ in their portfoliosCanadian investors overwhelmingly make investment decisions based on home-country bias, with Canadian equities making up 60 per cent of domestic equity portfolios globeinvestor So Canadians telling Canadians not to invest in Canada. What? If Canada could only figure out how to lower their taxes, get off the dope, and stop spending on social programs, they would be a great investment. Revenue Canada is far too aggressive on businesses.

Canadian Denis Shapovalov falls to Humbert in ASB Classic quarterfinals - Sportsnet.caCanadian 🇨🇦 Denis Shapovalov is out at the ASB_Classic. The second-seeded Shapovalov was ousted 7-5, 6-4 in the quarterfinals on Thursday by Ugo Humbert of France.

Denis Shapovalov falls in ASB Classic quarterfinals to France’s Ugo HumbertDenis Shapovalov falls in ASB Classic quarterfinals to France’s Ugo Humbert Globe_Sports

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