A group of young adults held a coronavirus party to defy orders to socially distance, now one of them has coronavirus

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At least one person in Kentucky is infected after taking part at a 'coronavirus party' with a group of young adults.

Coronavirus Party, Covid Party


A group of young adults held a coronavirus party to defy orders to socially distance, now one of them has coronavirus

At least one person in Kentucky is infected after taking part at a ' coronavirus party ' with a group of young adults.

Theresa Waldrop and Stephanie Gallman CNN Published Wednesday, March 25, 2020 8:32AM EDT Last Updated Wednesday, March 25, 2020 9:43AM EDT SHARE At least one person in Kentucky is infected after taking part at a "coronavirus party" with a group of young adults, Gov. Andy Beshear said Tuesday. The partygoers intentionally got together "thinking they were invincible" and purposely defying state guidance to practice social distancing, Bashear said. "This is one that makes me mad," the governor said. "We have to be much better than that." Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox While COVID-19 has been more deadly and severe for people older than 60 and those with underlying health issues in data from China, health officials and leaders around the country have been imploring millennials and other young people to practice social distancing, because even people who are infected but without symptoms can transmit it to other people. In fact, recent modeling based on Chinese data shows that asymptomatic carriers of the virus may have been responsible for its initial rapid spread there. And the virus seems to be affecting young people in the United States more than it has in China. A report released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that up to 20 per cent of people hospitalized with coronavirus in the United States are between the ages of 20 and 44. "So far the demography definitely seems to be very different in the United States versus in other countries that saw this hit earlier," U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said on NBC's "Today" on Monday. In New York state, more than half of coronavirus cases -- 53% -- have been among young people between the ages of 18 and 49, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday. California on Tuesday reported the first death in the United States of a COVID-19 patient younger than 18, and the family of a 12-year-old in Georgia said Sunday she was on a ventilator and fighting for her life in an Atlanta hospital. There also have been "concerning reports from France and Italy" about young people becoming seriously ill, "and very seriously ill in the ICUs," said Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House's coronavirus reponse coordinator, last week. There are now more than 52,000 cases of the virus in the United States. At least 680 people had died as of Tuesday afternoon. RELATED IMAGES Read more: CTV News

If they say 🎶'Why, Why?' 🎶 karma is a bitch! Natural selection....hoping they didn't infect any smart people with their stupidity Darwin Award winners all - Less dumb people the better. That's good news, deserving Hey, I like the virus in this way. From Virus, If you ignore me, you will get me! Stupid human!

Get what you deserve FewCanRuinItForAll Stupidity has become the new YoungPeople mentality.enditnow sickening nomorals YoungPeople have made their own bed now they can lie in it.EnoughIsEnough more deserving people to get medical help!GoTakeYourVitamins EndOfTheLine They should have no access to health care Why waste it on the stupid

To much of this crap, To the point of All yo ung adults will be refused medical care.Medical care is for people who are sick and are not running around haVing parties and gatherings and spouting If I get it I get it. And I take my vitamins I'll be fine. So basically LastInLine Put some kind of law for social-distancing. Put a big fine if you catch anyone more than 3/4 people. Put a restriction make a case fine them.

Social distancing is crucial, but Canada also needs more coronavirus testing: experts“You can’t win a football game by defending, you have to attack as well,” said WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing I'm going to question the logic behind spending resources on excessive testing. Treat mild flu symptoms as COVID19 and isolate for the required time. If as I've heard 20-30% of cases will require medical attention focus resources on them & use their numbers as a predictor Expand testing. With knowing how severe the situation is, people will be more responsible to keep social distancing.

Arrest them all Great lesson. COVID19 might leave a permanent damage to your lungs. Let him enjoy it for the rest of his life Morons How smart! WHERE WERE THEIR PARENTS? I know young adults but jesus some parent had to have known about this? And whose medical assistance are they taking away from others to deal with their stupidity?

Good. Play stupid games win stupid prizes 🤷🏼‍♀️ just sayin lol.

Ben Kuzma: Coronavirus concerns keep NHL governors in holding patternBen Kuzma: Coronavirus concerns keep NHL governors in holding pattern

stupidity “adults”. ? Karma I hope they all left the gathering with fines and charges laid. The longer they defy orders, the longer this goes on. Their health and my health is not a right. If not protected we lose it! It might be someone’s grandmother who doesn’t make it. I don’t wish that for anyone. 🤦‍♀️

It worked! There own stupidity smh Darwinism at its best 😳🥺 I'm almost sure on top of that they are Trump supporters too... Probably deulling banjos was playing in the background at that party.

Never underestimate the resilience of a cityThe coronavirus pandemic has shown urban areas to be vulnerable, but history has proved them resilient Sure.

Ironic Lesson learned? You can’t fix stupid Looks like the party worked Serves them right! Only the smart survive. Good Fine them! $$$ is the only way ppl with this mentality understand!

Ontario Orders Shutdown Of All Non-Essential BusinessesThe coronavirus pandemic is no time for half-measures, Premier Doug Ford said. What’s ridiculous is that Bombardier (with large of employees in the Toronto location) are still working and not following social isolation. Heard they had a confirmed case in Toronto and Montreal, yet majority of manufacturing staff are working. sorrynotanessentialservice .Don't like this at all. This is an exaggerated response putting limits on our freedoms and livelihoods. 80% of new Ontario cases are travelers. 20% community cases likely due to the above not self-isolating. Why introduce Marshall law when its the travelers? Ridiculous action! People are losing their jobs! Companies are closing not just for now but for good! Who are going to pay the economical and social price for that?

Make them pay every or any Hospital bill. There are 2 ways to learn. Easy & hard. Folks choose the latter due to unwillingness/inability to accept something untill it actually touches them. Add to this the mistaken belief of young people that they are invulnerable. Some don't trust authority. All this is normal☠️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇨🇦

If you can’t hear, you will feel Well where there is one there is more. I would suggest they pay for their own medical costs. What the actual eff?! I pray they have no aspirations of joining the medical field. So are we supposed to feel sorry for that knucklehead for being infected? Idiots

'Stop Holding Open Houses,' Real Estate Boards Tell AgentsIn the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, agents are being asked to 'do their part.' THAT’S STILL HAPPENING? We put our house up on the market one week before it all changed (who would’ve known 🤷‍♀️) While this will affect us and sales where we are (Hamilton), I have a feeling that stopping open houses won’t curb the crazy market in Toronto where we were hoping to move lol 🙃

😂😂😂😂 Good. Only one? The party was successful then. 😂 DemanderComman1 F$$king coackroaches !! Beleafer73 *young children Fake news Considering most of us have already been exposed. But since no one has been tested. You please carry on

Canada’s Top Doc Warns Against Unproven COVID-19 Treatment Touted By TrumpDr. Theresa Tam cautioned against unproven coronavirus treatments like chloroquine. You take the word of someone who called us all racist a few weeks ago and said China China good. She is dangerous please tell Danielle Smith Thank you Dr. Tam! 👍

Congrats ya little meathead! 👌🏻 It's because COVIDIDIOT like this dude thinks it just a bit more serious that a flu. And that person will be just fine. What the hell is wrong with people Idiots. Might be time for vigilante actions. What these mormons do now affects everyone. Happened in Kentucky USA. Are we really surprised?

BirdmanDodd Let the natural selection eliminate covidiots. Don’t waste our healthcare resources on them.

That's a shame Beat they were also YouTube Tide Pod challenge stars too.. ⭐️ Nature = survival of the fittest;) Too bad for that individual. They knew the risks. I have no sympathy. Can’t cure stupidity. A successful party Karma... Force them pay cash for treatment. That’s why this world is $&8$$$ Dumb and dumber.

cshell_eh Darwin Covidiots. Every. Single. One. No reply necessary I reckon. Good finally some good news. Thinning is the natural selection herd. Every name should be taken down and THEN treatment denied!! idiots NaturalSelection If they really were defiant they would refuse medical treatment. COVIDIDIOTS

They should be charged with terrorism damn COVIDIOTS Ok millenial Time to invoke Emergencies Act, make this illegal and arrest & detain these imbeciles in a dungeon somewhere just south of the Arctic Circle! So fed up with fools & imbeciles endangering thousands of lives by irresponsible behaviour.

Darwin award ceremony Hahahahaha Karma’s a bitch! Got what they deserve. Good! Y’a can’t fix stupid! I don't care about him or his or her friends, I worry about how ever they came in contact with Just stupid Can anyone imagine stupidity at this level. Karma Baby...

😂😂😂😂 Kentucky! Surprise! 🤣 I like it how they said “young adults” good clarification👍🏻 Well at least they are young adults. They will survive. Take care and allow tests TO ALL SENIORS & IMMUNE COMPROMISED WITH SYMPTOMS!!!! No questions asked. I will not tire of bringing up this point. Kentucky Well if it’s only one person that’s infected they probably didn’t get it at the party.

Following their leader 🤷‍♀️ People just don’t understand the importance of this invisible treat that can wipe out civilization, if we don’t take PhysicalDistancing seriously StayHomeCanada Stop gathering in public! Wow! Idiots!! Who does this! It isn't chicken pox! In less than 24 hours, 3,000 people died across the world. Take care!!!

Ha ha ha ha! We had a pandemic party.......uh......what do you mean I am infected? nextlevelstupid Sounds like fake news. Covidiots Let's hope that no one has to be taken off a ventilator to save one of these young adults The story comes from CNN and snowbirds break the rules in Brockville Who I feel bad for are the innocent people that crossed their paths that are potentially infected. They should be held accountable for their absolute stupidity

Kentucky. I guess they didn't get the prime ministers message to go home now there all scared

Can’t fix stoopid...... Dumb is as dumb does. Darwinism in a herd environment. That's what happens when you do it wrong. Too bad. At least give them 7 days to acquire it! COVIDIDIOTS Karma Opps In the early stages spend 1 hr in the hottest sunna you can find & hope the heat kills the virus.

Karma There’s no way only ONE of them has it..I can only imagine the number of people these idiots are going to infect...should face jail time at the very least JAIL, or better yet make them help clean the ICU Then they shouldn't get help. Joke's on them now Karma! Jail Ban them all from the hospital When people will listen!! This is getting out of hand with young generation and being always ignorant and thinking they are invincible!

Karma That is what they wanted for Party for Corona🤣 Ahhhhhh Good times! I think that was their plan...to get the virus They should be forcefully isolated on an island somewhere. COVIDIOTS Sometimes I just effing hate people. 🤬 I’m proud to have raised young adults who are smarter than this.

JustinTrudeau GovCanHealth fordnation JohnTory these are the kind of people who are putting us all at risks. They are suicidal brats! If only we have option, we want to stay home. But because almost everything is Essential we are forced to go to work 😔 Wasn't that the point? There isn't and never will be a cure for stupidity!

Parents must be so proud Stupidity in action. They partied because its easier on them and thet thaught nothing of their elders that it will kill. We should send them in Brasil, they have nice favelas and a big carnival. What in the name of God were they thinking? I hope that the idiot who has now contracted the virus has learned his-her-their lesson! Those others who defied the authorities should be ashamed of themselves!

World exposing the stupid 8 million people get the flu every year. Sick for a week and then better.

Ah the irony Hmm. Edgar Allen Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” comes to mind. COVIDIDIOTS The irony... COVIDIOTS sure sounds stupid, but there are a lot of lies and scare tactics (for good reason) going around. Doesn’t mean I should just beleive the lies 😂 A great example, morons. Idiots

All of them will have it soon. Absolutely stupid and should be criminal!

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