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A fire at a Florida airport destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars

A fire at a Florida airport destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars

2020-04-06 4:42:00 PM

A fire at a Florida airport destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars

A fire that spread through a grassy area of Southwest Florida International Airport has destroyed thousands of rental cars, fire department officials said.

But by the time it was extinguished, the flames had destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars, a Lee County Port Authorityspokesperson told CNN affiliate WINK.Melinda Avni, Mitigation Specialist for Florida Forestry Service of Caloosahatchee, said authorities were called to put out the fire around 5 p.m. Friday, when there were about 20 vehicles involved.

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"By the time we had units on the scene, we had 100 cars (on fire). We lost count after the hundreds," she said.Black clouds of smoke could be seen for miles around Fort Myers, acity of about 82,000 people in southwest Florida. Ground and aerial support was provided by Florida Forestry Service and multiple fire departments, Avni said.

At least 80 airdrops were made by the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office's aviation unit, it said in a Facebook post.The forestry service deemed the blaze contained by 10:30 a.m. Saturday, nearly 18 hours after it began, Avni said.The brush surrounding the overflow area caught fire and help its quick spread, but no structures at the airport were affected, Avni said. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation, she said.

In a Facebook post, the airport thanked all the agencies who responded to the blaze. Read more: CTV News »

Thousands of cars damaged in and out of control fire at a place that is designed to be able to put out fires 4 plane crashes yet this one rages out of control. Just a tiny little suspicious Fire sale?🤔 Uh huh. Someone needed cash for bailout imo arson insurance Half of them will be for sale on Auto Trader in a couple weeks. Discounted of course for having been smoked in.

Convenient disposal of excess inventory in quarantine times. I bet insurance will pay out pretty well That is a huge $100 million insurance claim. insurance reinsurance Insurance🤔 It was Carole 'Fucking' Baskin! Suspicious time me say! Insurance companies don’t like these days. Hummmm.. your main business income is just sitting in a field? Set it on fire and get your money back. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a bunch of bars and restaurants catch fire.

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