Norway, Mysterious Dog Deaths, Unexplained Disease Killing Dogs, Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Norway, Mysterious Dog Deaths

5 new cases of mysterious disease found in dogs in Norway

5 new cases of mysterious disease found in dogs in Norway


5 new cases of mysterious disease found in dogs in Norway

Norwegian authorities says five more cases have appeared of an unexplained disease that has affected dozens of dogs and killed at least 26 animals across the country.

It also has recommended that dogs are held on a leash, should avoid close contact with other animals and not be allowed to sniff areas or eat material where other dogs might have been.

There are an estimated 500,000-600,000 dogs in Norway.

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Alabama investigates 5 cases of lung disease tied to vapingThe Alabama Department of Public Health says it's investigating five reports of potentially severe lung disease associated with electronic cigarettes or vaping.

Vancouver family warns about app after dog-sitter loses beloved family petA Vancouver family is speaking out after a dog sitter they found through the app, Rover, apparently lost their dog, then cut off contact.

New searches fail to find any trace of B.C. family missing since 1989Police say the latest probe on the Saik’uz First Nation near Vanderhoof wrapped up at the end of August with no evidence found of Ronnie and Doreen Jack or their nine- and four-year-old sons, Russell and Ryan

‘It is time to stop vaping’: Kansas reports sixth U.S. death linked to mysterious respiratory illnessU.S. public health officials are investigating 450 cases of vaping-related lung illness across 33 states and one U.S. territory People... people... do we really have to ingest whatever into our lungs..except fresh air Stop vaping Black Market THC Oil and/or Vit E oil. Approved vap liquid is still 100x safer than tobacco.... Media and Gov are responsible for black market shit. Gov with High taxes and Media with this kind of click bait title. Say the real things... It is so fucking lame in the first place people.

Norway's highest court: child-like sex dolls violate the law Norway 's highest court says it is 'beyond doubt' that child-like sex dolls represent the sexualization of children and are a violation of Norwegian law. Just waiting for the liberal pro pedophile crowd to protest this law. child-like sex dolls don't protect children from anything. Nor 'violent' video games are the cause for the mass slaughter in the USA. I understand that you want to protect children, but it is not a doll that encourage peoples from raping kids. There was rape long before dolls. Are there no 'real WOMEN' there, that men have to go after children?

Trudeau has narrow lead nationally but enjoys big advantage in Ontario: pollThe Liberals have a narrow three-and-a-half point lead over the Conservatives nationally but have opened up a sizeable advantage in Ontario, a new poll has found. CP24 FAKE News Network Once again CP24 reporting BULL 🐂 💩 SHIT Polls as the only poll that matters is on Election Day October 21/19 Then we can all watch the Liberal Media CRY US A RIVER over Trudeau’s Liberal Socialists LOSS ! I thought CP24 stood for City Pulse. It's clear has no clue what's really going on in this Province. I guess that what you get with bias paid propaganda media. unfollow “Trudeau has narrow lead ... Hillary Clinton has strong lead over Donald Trump in polls” 😆👍

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