Furkan Şahin

Civil Judgment Raises Doubts About Trump’s Future as Republican Frontrunner

A recent civil judgment against Donald Trump is raising questions about his longevity as the Republican frontrunner and his party’s chances of controlling Congress. The judgment, one of two civil proceedings, could financially cripple Trump and potentially derail his ambitions to retake the White House. Since becoming the first-ever former U.S. president to face criminal…

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Joyce’s Fury: Turnbull’s Downfall

Barnaby Joyce expresses his anger towards the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, leading to their political partnership’s downfall. Barnaby Joyce watched the prime minister’s press conference on TV with molten fury, his weathervane face deepening in colour from scarlet to crimson.”I didn’t see him as a prime minister. I just saw him as an idiot.” By…

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