Your menstrual tracking app could be revealing when you last had sex

Your best friend may not know when you last had sex, but it's possible that Facebook does. -- via @DailyLifeAu


Your best friend may not know when you last had sex, but it's possible that Facebook does. -- via DailyLifeAu

Self-recorded details on Apps, including when the user last had sex, the type of contraception used and whether they were ovulating, could be being shared.

At least two menstruation-tracking apps, Maya and MIA Fem, were sharing intimate details of users' sexual health with Facebook and other entities, according to a new report from Britain-based privacy watchdog Privacy International. In some cases, those details, which are self-recorded by users in the app, included when the user last had sex, the type of contraception used, their moods and whether they were ovulating.

That has raised privacy concerns as some of the apps have come under scrutiny as powerful monitoring tools for employers and health insurers, which have aggressively pushed to gather more data about their workers' lives than ever before under the banner of corporate wellness. Plus, it appears the data could be shared more broadly than many users recognize, as flagged by the Privacy International study.

Facebook, the world's largest social media platform, with 1.2 billion daily users, is asking users to trust it with more and more sensitive information than at any time in the past. Last week, the company launched Facebook Dating in the US, a matchmaking service that suggests potential love interests to users based on preferences, interests and Facebook activity.

Plackal Tech, which developed Maya, said in its statement to Privacy International that it would remove the Facebook Software Development Kit from a new version of its service. There was no published response from Mobapp Development Limited, the company behind MIA, and the company did not have immediate comment.

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