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Younger people living in aged care fear coronavirus spread

Younger people living in aged care fear coronavirus spread

2/08/2020 11:40:00 PM

Younger people living in aged care fear coronavirus spread

There are about 1,500 young people with disabilities living in aged care in Victoria. With coronavirus spreading through the sector, many now fear for their safety.

while also having a compromised immune system."I am considered a high risk with anything like that and I am quite concerned because there is no restriction of people moving around this facility," she said."I sometimes have residents walk into my room, they suffer from dementia, don't know where they are or what they are doing, and they walk in.

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"If we do get the virus here it is going to be a struggle to keep it to certain people."It is a fear being felt across aged care in Victoria,which has also accounted for many of the state's deaths.Residents say aged care should have done more, earlier

Susie is another younger person with a disability living in another aged care home in Melbourne.The former martial arts expert was diagnosed with a neurological condition in her early 40s.She suffers from extreme pain, has lost the ability to walk and requires a high level of personal care.

She is living in a home that has had three positive cases, including two staff members and one resident."I'm anxious, annoyed and angry," she said.Susie said more should have been done to prevent the spread of the virus.There are more than 1,000 active cases of coronavirus linked to aged care in Victoria.

(ABC News: Margaret Burin)"Prior to the [latest] COVID outbreak we had the residents still sitting in the general area eating, not being a metre-and-a-half away," she said.Susie said her home had a deep clean after the positive cases were detected but it wasn't done well.

"It was piss poor, they weren't spraying the entire area of my room, they missed parts of the floor, they didn't spray under the bed," she said.Susie said her facility was also struggling with residents with dementia wandering between rooms and carers were going from resident to resident in the same gowns and personal protective equipment.

"If they go in my room they come in wearing the same gown that they have gone into another person's room," she said.Susie has also requested a move out of aged care.She said as a woman in her 40s she should never have been housed in aged care in the first place.

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"I hate being here, it is not a life and now I am susceptible to contracting an illness that could possibly kill me," she said.Advocates want young people out of aged care homesThe Young People In Nursing Homes National Alliance's Bronwyn Morkham said young people ended up in aged care because the support and services they required had not been available in the community.

"The situation with the virus, the COVID virus, has exacerbated the situation for these young people who feel very worried and frightened about the risks they face catching the virus in aged care," she said.She said the Federal Government had a target to have no younger people entering aged care by 2022.

Her organisation has been helping about 10 people try to move out of aged care during this second wave of the pandemic.Bronwyn Morkham says younger people living in aged care in Melbourne are stressed about the coronavirus risk.(Supplied: Bronwyn Morkham

)"Many of these young people have complex health conditions themselves and they want to be out of the aged care service where they can feel a bit safer in the community," she said.The National Disability Insurance Agency said it had been speaking with participants in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire to make sure they were still getting the support services they need.

"The NDIA will work on an individual basis to find a suitable and safe alternative for participants who have a goal to move from an aged care setting," a spokesperson said.The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) said it was working with the Commonwealth to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus in residential aged care facilities.

"The Commonwealth also provides assistance to enable residents in aged care who meet the National Disability Insurance Scheme eligibility criteria to find appropriate alternative accommodation," a DHHS spokesperson said."Decisions to move residents of any age to an alternative site, such as a hospital, are made on a case-by-case basis."

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The department said relocation to an unfamiliar setting could have negative impacts on some residents' wellbeing.The ABC has also contacted the federal Department of Health for a response. Read more: ABC News »

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When I’ve been in aged care homes in the past doing line dancing demos with friends I have been very sad to see younger people living there. Why is it that young disabled people living in supported living under NDIS never get a mention. The high turnover over agency carers is staggering and a disaster waiting to happen

This is sad. The aged care home situation is absolutely unacceptable. Are they always from the White European community of Australians as shown?

'Dehydrated and malnourished' St Basil's aged care residents evacuated from facility | Sky News AustraliaResidents living in a virus-affected aged care home have been found dehydrated and malnourished with potentially just hours to live. \n\nA report revealed the conditions St Basil's aged care residents were exposed to before their emergency medical evacuation last night.\n\nAt least 30 people have been transferred from the facility to private hospitals for specialist care. \n\nAt least 10 aged care homes - including St Basil's - are now being investigated over concerns workers have been also put at risk while attempting to deal with coronavirus outbreak s. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Yeah because they stopped their families from visiting to make sure they're being looked after! SCAMDEMIC! it's almost like an industry that was heavily privatised and 'regulated' by the fed government is... shit? Failures everywhere - caused by the greed of the people cashing in on this privatisation while neglecting the care of the elderly... and fed government did 🦗🦗🦗 auspol Run by a church wtaf?

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Queensland coronavirus case was infectious on domestic flight, say health officialsA consular staff member has tested positive to coronavirus in Queensland after returning from overseas. Is he from US? Just say it. Why did AnnastaciaMP play this down so quickly. Lots of people now put at risk because a contagious diplomat was able to travel domestically putting all passengers (and all of the people they are now staying with on the Sunshine Coast) and crew at risk. you got what you deserved..don't be stupid and fool yourself..all new cases come from abroad..ban international an ultimatum to Australian to get back in a weeks time and close the borders.

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