You won't find penguins on Australia's other Phillip Island

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Perched 1,600km east of Brisbane, a tiny rock in the Pacific that falls under the jurisdiction of NSW hosts a landscape resembling a desert scene from the NT.

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Had it not been trampled by feral animals, Phillip Island's landscape would resemble the national park areas of Norfolk Island.

"There, it is deep forest with a canopy up to 60 feet tall. There is lots of top soil and lots of mulch on the ground. It's completely the opposite of what you see right now," Mr Christian said.With the days of baiting, shooting and trapping ferals behind them, the team of rangers at Norfolk Island National Park can now focus on re-establishing plants on the island.

Mr Christian has spent the past decade nursing the island back to good health. He's part of a small, dedicated team of park rangers who carry out strategic planting, weeding and soil erosion control activities.The rangers must brave rough seas to reach the island, and once there they have to lug their own building supplies, chemicals, generator fuel and food on their backs.

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My sports team at school on Norfolk Island was Philip island Red; Nepean island was Green and from memory Norfolk was blue 🙌 👍

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