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Jacinda Ardern, Four-Day Working Week

Would you prefer a four-day working week?

#ANALYSIS: Would you prefer a four-day working week?

23/05/2020 10:14:00 PM

ANALYSIS: Would you prefer a four-day working week ?

The idea of a four-day working week was dismissed as 'utopian' after being recently raised by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, but the concept isn't new to Australia, and trial results speak for themselves, writes Gareth Hutchens.

In 2018,a digital marketing company Versa trialled an initiative in which its workers could take every Wednesday off workas long as they got all their work done in the remaining four days.Versa Chief executive Kath Blackburn said the idea had come from her desire to give her employees a day to themselves for personal admin, and to improve their mental wellbeing.

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After a year of trialling the system, the results spoke for themselves."We are three-times more profitable than we were last year, we have grown by 30 or 40 per cent in the last year in terms of revenue, and we have got happier staff who are much more productive," Ms Blackham told the ABC last year.

"So all of the factors that you would have thought would have gone down because we're working 20 per cent less — in theory, we're working one day less, although we are doing longer days on the other days — actually we've seen them increase dramatically."

Versa chief executive Kathryn Blackham says her business was more profitable after trialling a four-day working week.(ABC News: Daniel Ziffer)But Ms Blackham also said the idea attracted criticism from some people who equate fewer hours to laziness.And it was natural for firms to be resistant to a radical idea like hers, she said.

"It comes down to one word and that's 'fear'," she told the ABC this year."And I think that's fear of having to trust your own staff, that they're going to do the right thing." Read more: ABC News »

Yes If we're talking about doing the same total weekly hours but over 4 days. 👍 Not if I only earn 80% of my current earnings. Just another 'sock' Socialist idea that has been around since the 70's F. Miterrand suggested it in France. Working people produce wealth and wealth is just what is now needed. Socialists instead create temporary wealth and welfare using debt like a credit card auspol

May as well ask “Would you like all jelly beans to be red” or “Would you like it to always rain on a Wednesday?”. Pointless analysis. Country can’t afford it. It has been an absolute disaster in France and lead to many more on poverty line. This is an economic move that could work. Govt & companies don’t care about your wellbeing, it’s all to inject money into economy. People generally spend more when not working and 3 day weekends encourages travelling & more $$$ spent.

When I was working a 4 day week I loved it and was clocking in roughly the same hours as I usually would working less hours 5 days a week. I still got the work done and was generally happier. Those were the days... With automaton happening I can't see any alternative. You forgot to add a small detail 'while maintaining your salary'. Can't believe people are so against it 🤯

I already do. I'm 3 days a week during Covid and both are glorious. I could never go back to 5 days. I've not worked 5 days in a decade! Lads, it's grand! All the dickheads saying YES, do they realise it would mean less $$? Why are we so work shy? Had it far too easy for too long Bring it on. Regional tourism will need this boost after the lockdown. Even ScottyFromMarketting should be able to recognise that.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 3 DAY WORKING WEEK THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT? Millions of Australians would settle for just working in a decent job for a change and they don't care whether it's a 4 or 5 day week Picture supplied by Microsoft (who enable my current remotelearning practice) is telling. Surprise! none of the employees is taking a tea break away from their screen. But yes, I'm on a fourdayweek, & paid accordingly. Often work to do on the 5th day. Most weekends too.

I think this will be great way to start and boost the economy..an extra day means an extra day to spend the money..I think this should be supported 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Happy for a four day week as long as I get five days' pay. I only work 3 days in normal circumstances on minimum wage. 4 days would be a substantial increase to my pay packet. But I hate my job, so I'm undecided...

This was the carrot placed for increased productivity back in the 90’s. Still waiting.... I love my four-day working weeks ♥️. I’m already responsive to outcomes not hours, so it’s a no from me. flexiblework consulting advisory Sure...i work in retail...bring it on! This will quadruple the workload of many at the ABC.

Not if you’re Media Watch. so instead of five 11 hour days, we work four 14 hours days? We are chained to 38 hours as the benchmark as if we haven't progressed past the industrial revolution. A 4 day work week and 6 hour work day would improve productivity & the work/life balance would be sustainable What is the point of this How about some serious reporting?

No way, I’m retired I have been ask to take one day off since March... and have discovered I don't enjoy 3 day weekend any more than two day weekend , while 20% effey paycut sucks. So my answer is No. For the same pay? That's never going to work and never has. Stupid. Four day working weeks have been with us for years. It just takes commitment from both sides to make it happen.

10hrs shifts 4 days a week? Maybe I hope the people advocating a 4 day working week are happy to take a pay cut to allow it to happen. compared to 3 day weeks, no. compared to 5 day weeks, yes 4 days work, 4 days get paid. So hard to understand the trick? 3 max if i have to work for others dreams to get your $$ to pay your fees.

I work 3 12hour days, so no. Who wouldn't. Who wouldn't. what a loaded question to get the answer needed. I would prefer working from home. and a 4 day working week doesn't gel with the market. So definitely not. Only way it would work is with a UBI and that isn't practical.

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