World health Organisation refuses to name staff who blocked early COVID-19 travel bans | Sky News Australia

The WHO is sidestepping criticism by hiding the names of doctors who chose China over global safety.

8/04/2020 4:48:00 AM

The World Health Organisation has refused to release the name of doctors who blocked an early bid to declare coronavirus a global health emergency.

The WHO is sidestepping criticism by hiding the names of doctors who chose China over global safety.

EXCLUSIVE: Digital Editor Jack HoughtonThe World Health Organisation has refused to release the names of doctors who blocked an early bid to declare coronavirus a global health emergency. A Sky News Australia investigation has revealed a group of WHO doctors debated whether to declare the deadly coronavirus global emergency in late January but those who wanted to implement strict travel restrictions were outvoted and instead, the body released a glowing statement praising China, followed by a recommendation for countries not to ban travel to China. “The Committee does not recommend any travel or trade restriction based on the current information available,” the WHO wrote on January 30 at a time when confirmed cases had already reached 12,167 in China and the virus had killed 170 people. Two days prior to that meeting in Geneva, WHO general manager Tedros Adhanom was photographed happily shaking hands with China’s leader Xi Jinping. Sky News asked WHO to provide details of which doctors voted to block an emergency declaration from being declared but the organisation declined citing privacy concerns. “As for your question on voting at the EC: members are independent experts and rules of procedure do not allow us to disclose that,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jašarević told Sky News. “Important to note that what happened between two meetings was the evidence of human to human transmission outside China.” The WHO maintained that on January 30 the emergency declaration was blocked because it did not yet have evidence of human to human transmission despite having full knowledge 12,167 had been infected through human to human contact. The most troubling aspect of the crisis is the language the WHO adopted about in official health alerts, including the way it continued to praise China after being forced to declare the health emergency. “The Committee emphasised that the declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern should be seen in the spirit of support and appreciation for China, its people, and the actions China has taken on the frontlines of this outbreak, with transparency, and, it is to be hoped, with success,” WHO doctors said. Sky News revealed last week in an exclusive interview with South China Morning Post news editor Josephine Ma that China buried hundreds of cases in late 2019, delaying global warnings and allowing the spread of the virus to leak into other countries. That interview has been viewed by millions of people around the world and Mr Adhanom is facing calls to resign for his role in the bungle. US President Donald Trump has also today called for the body to be defunded and formally investigated for whether ties to China influenced the decision not to early declare travel bans. The WHO went as far as to criticise countries such as the US for banning travel to China. Mr Trump called for an investigation into the body which has been widely condemned for praising China’s response to the coronavirus despite the fact the country covered up hundreds of cases in 2019. The totalitarian regime also locked up doctors who issued early warnings of the coronavirus and continues to lie about case and death figures, according to Chinese journalists. The WHO has also come under fire for refusing a trainwreck interview where its senior health official awkwardly dodged questions about Taiwan, an independent country China regards as a rebel region which must be reunited with the mainland. Dr Bruce Aylward was asked if the WHO would reconsider Taiwan’s membership and he pretended he couldn’t hear the question. When the interview repeated herself the doctor cut her off and asked to move on. The interviewer refused to move on and the doctor ended the Skype call. The exchange has been condemned as evidence the WHO is heavily influenced by China. In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has indicated his frustration with the WHO suggesting they should be forcing China to shut down the dangerous exotic animal markets which have reopened despite supposedly being the source of the virus.

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DON’T BE BLINDED... Can you imagine what would happen if the outbreak started from the US or Italy? Are we still twiterring now? Getting nearer and nearer to the truth behind this Chinese virus - keep investigating! GabeHoff If the WHO doesn't want to release the pertinent information, should the US keep sending them money?

Devongirl_64 De fund them mr. President. Emmyjewel They likely have them locked up or already had them killed. ClimateRealists I wonder why? If they are innocent of any nefarious actions then they shouldn't be afraid of transparency. & now the world knows 🙂the W.uhan H.ealth O.rganization are irreversibly EXPOSED for eternity! Thank you President Trump 🇦🇺🇺🇸🙏

Well fancy that! RoaringMeg1872 They didn't alert the world about the deadly virus when they should have and still they refuse to be open and transparent not fit for purpose The WHO has become a chinese puppet. Secrets and lies WHO..not fit for purpose WHO is a corrupt organisation purrfect1509 Shame on this organisation, we as humans are in fight of our lives. The more knowledge earlier might just have saved so many lives.

Moon let me hold something ClimateRealists Since the US funds most of the WHOs 4.8 billion USD operating cost Trump has a right to know Will they BLOCK the next virus that comes out of CHINA after this incident? The next one might Wipe out the human race MarkL209 Basta*ds What is the point of their existence?

ClimateRealists CCP. ClimateRealists Cut the money supply now. Here we go with the extreme right bullshit propaganda narrative to try and palm off trumps incompetent handling of the virus by blaming the WHO.. Scorpio4Trump2 Drop their funding. Period All the more reason to keep our money in places where it can make a genuine difference.

DianaHarding7 The West must bin the WHO and UN off and start afresh In that case let China foot the bill for funding them aussie000050 these mofo's make me sick, I just wish i could kill those bastards, WHO fucked us big times, i am glad that the POTUS has stopped the aid to this sham chinese business. But the wheel should not stop here, Xi and Co needs to have a hammer shoved in their ass!

Bc they already killed them WHO make Isis look like bambi I see no human to human transmission of the Chinese wuhan virus around here. Corrupt organisation This organisation just as bad as the UN as they look after the wrong side first then come up with all BS excuses once exposed. boycottmurdochmedia So our government can no longer help fund such a crimiminal organisation

WHO and UN is Chinees puppet The WHO CCP agent in COVID_Australia Politically compromised much? how many have to die for chinas cover ups Shaking the hand of the Devil. The WHO has refused to release the names of Chinese nationals who blocked an early bid to declare coronavirus a global health emergency. WHO = Bribed by Chinese. Take that to the bank.

Of course they have, WHO is accountable to no one, no one but the ChineseCommunistDictatorshipGovernment, defund WHO hippocrates16 Tell me again who got it wrong? highfivedave Now why does that not surprise me. 'WHO advises against the application of any travel or trade restrictions on China based on the current information available on this event' . Just how many cases ?

I heard Dr. Wong, Dr.Chong, Dr.Chan & Dr.Ching were all instrumental in blocking the bid ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied Seems to me WHO are just as corrupt as UN! ScottMorrisonMP time to stop funding this mob! Concentrate locally! Justloo85230955 Sack the UN and WHO WHO is definitely one organisation that should be shut down! WHO

The WHO has been following its own agenda for 'social transformation', along with every other UN-funded agency, for a very long time - hiding in plain sight, as it were. This is how socialism works. Slowly, comrades, so as not to frighten the horses... MaryLou4559 The WHO is corrupt and not fit for purpose.

Trump ignored warnings back in Jan. that things could get bad and downplayed the concerns of medical experts and now claims he didn't want to scare the American people. Has an answer for everything. Believes his own propaganda. I bet the good people of America are scared now. Why shouldn’t they protect them. Sky News only wants to know who they are so that they can destroy them and their lives.

They, along with Tedros and Aylward and the other crooks within the organisation, should go to prison. WHO is rubbish Stop supporting them...they are useless. GortTheAvenger Was it doctor Gates? Spreading their virus with the help of the Communist WHO WHO and UN need to...hey that sounds like Wahun.....mmmmm😳🇦🇺🇦🇺

Wake up everyone , China only care about power!! They want to dominate the world !! They don't even care about their own people !! The whole world needs to band together to reduce the influence of China around the world !! They must pay for this Covid19 disaster !!! Evil organization Of course they will, they are probably dead

It’s what happens when you put diversity hire third world doctors to run the WHO. Utter graft and corruption. Allegedly. How much did China pay him off? Emmyjewel WHOLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus Emmyjewel Protecting the CCP. markbjardine Defund Emmyjewel Communists stick together WHOLiedPeopleDied The ChineseVirus19 is an act of ChineseBioterrorism For the immense damage caused worldwide and lives lost ChinaMustPay MakeChinaPay CleanTheWHO

purrfect1509 Should go to prison WHO’s the fool on the Left? Doctors? They're cor-pirate criminals. I’d trust WHO over Trump and any Murdoch press outlet. Why wasn't the CDC allowed to investigate in early January. They ask China 3 x times through January and were rejected 3 times. China eventually allowed WHO in ONLY, just enough time to clean up the evidence of their experiment gone wrong. Wouldn't you take every bit of help?

Why does auspol bother to be apart of these chinese organisations.WHO UN we all know CCPLiedPeopleDied COVID19 Scumbags Andycee007 Is WHO some kind of terrorist organisation? Lacking too many facts to support comments. Poor article without much credibility. Criminal negligence Can we also have the names of those who blocked the declaration of a global climate emergency?

That’s because it is now called the Wuhan Health Organisation.... didn’t you guys get press release? China is the enemy of democracy Wuhan Health Organisation owned by ccp What early bid? Have you got those details? How do WHO block travel bans? None of their business JJCrosstrainers Cut all funding to UN

As soon as this virus started Australia should’ve totally closed its borders to travel. No one in at all. I mean to say, how good would it be if we did that and as an island nation be the only country in the world with no virus! Sweet! Something tells me there is a Virus inside WHO. SkyNewsAust i see you are heading down the trump path

The UN and WHO are corrupt to the core , the games is up , defund this scum. Its has become an elite socialist club, spending others peoples money and total unfit for purpose. You wouldn’t buy a used car off those two Funny how some bag sky news but are also following them !! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I'm guessing the Dr's are of Chinese background...

UN and WHO are corrupt Probably members of the CCP Corrupt to the core - UN , W.H.O 😡 If it comes from SKY I call BS. WHOExit ChinaExit UNExit.. All proven to be untrustworthy. Corrupt organisation. Criminal negligence at the bare minimum Get out of it already.... follow trump and piss it off Chinese doctors by chance?

Of course SkyNewsAust is joining the monster trump in attacking the WHO. SkyNewsAust is a hard-right propaganda platform for extremists. I'll be trusting the WHO rather than a Murdoch media extreme right-wing propaganda channel.. coronavirusaustralia Why!!!! Sounds fishy to me. Looks like China owns them 😡😡

Will trump ruin their lives too Corrupt. I wonder where they get that from? World Health Organization ignored warnings about Animal to humans infections weeks before the outback Trump puts a hold on funding to W-H-O until an enquiry is held into the misinformation by the W-H-O . What will PM Morrison do?

I hope Trump follows through and defunds the sham WHO. Houghtontweets Race baiting, misinformation and bias. Lack of nuance and understanding leading to making your readers morons. Stay true to yourself Sky News Australia. auspoI religion is the enemy, not China !! Time to step down FreeAssangeNOW Intentionally

byrnes_terence WHO is financed by Bill Gates. Tedros. I bet they are CHINESE names Of course they would realDonaldTrump what’s the chances US Dr F is on that list ? So corrupt

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On World Health Day animal groups calls for ban on 'wet markets'Scientists suspect the new coronavirus originated in a market where wild animals are kept in small cages in unhygienic conditions to be slaughtered on site. SteveJacobsAus Hell yeah! SteveJacobsAus Yes please! SteveJacobsAus wet markets and wild animal markets are not necessarily the same thing.

George Pell's words today touch on a world of pain across the countryThe Pell case has also become a focus for the suffering of so many people who identify their own personal experiences and feelings with the Cardinal and his public role. Indeed ABC, but today was also about Pell being found not guilty of rape, this is different to the Church's awful covering-up past child sexual abuse, some refuse to accept this & insist the 7 high court judges are corrupt, sad 😢. without justice there is no hope. our country is lost. Pell should never be heard from again... ever!

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