Cause Chaos, Climate Rebels, Transport Mayhem, Busiest Commuter Hubs, Chaotic City Protests

Cause Chaos, Climate Rebels

Worker in ugly clash with city protesters

Climate protesters have clashed with two people while blockading multiple offices on Collins St.


A mother in labour has been caught up in traffic mayhem from climate change protests on her way to hospital to give birth.

Climate protesters have clashed with two people while blockading multiple offices on Collins St.

on Thursday morning, as a labouring mum-to-be got caught in the city traffic mayhem on her way to hospital to give birth.

After a quick assessment, police stepped in and escorted the pair to Parkville.

The Nossbaums left home just after 9am, hit the city traffic about 9.30, arrived at the hospital just before 10 and the baby was delivered before 11am.

“We made it just in time,” Mr Nossbaum said. “They really saved the day.

Forty-one climate protesters were arrested on Thursday as disruptive demonstrations were taken to a new level.

At least 12 received unconditional bail which means they have been freed without restrictions and can rejoin protests.

Another 22 received penalty notices for failing to abide by a traffic direction made by police.

“Other protests have the common sense and the decency to contact Victoria Police and work with transport operators,” Mr Andrews said.

“We will not tolerate anyone who breaks the law or engages in anti-social or violent behaviour while protesting.”

Cars on Spencer St were also stuck between Flinders and Collins streets.

Protesters look on as an activist is arrested. Picture: AAP Image/David Crosling

They were blocked in by a human chain of protesters blocking cars and trams.

A protester gestures in defiance as she is led away. Picture: AAP Image/David Crosling

Angry motorists were beeping and passer-bys yelled at protesters as police swarmed the intersection.

Meanwhile, other protesters around the corner glued themselves to King St Bridge, which was closed to traffic for more than two hours.

Extinction Rebellion protesters block a bridge at Flinders St. Picture: Andrew Henshaw

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It’s a wonder someone has not run amok and bashed a few in the head. Or, run them down. Their cause is all but destroyed using their current protest methods. You know what the did in Sydney yesterday? They went to Manly beach and buried their heads in the sand. That was more productive than blocking people trying to get too & from work. Blocking city streets & wasting emergency services is hurting the cause more than anything.

Which side of history would you be on regarding Vietnam war? I wish these pillicks would bugger off already! This stance was firmly rejected nationally on May 18 2019. These parasites refuse to acknowledge that Too much media coverage spurring them on to accelerate the protests so far protesters are winning

I have no respect for these protesters and they are making me care less about climate change - if their message is to annoy they are doing a good job however I'm at the stage where I would happily stop recycling to get my message across that I have no respect for their actions Get out the tasers Hmm maybe some water cannons 🤪😉

Spare a thought for people on low lying islands losing their homes, and the poor farmers losing their livelihoods while you desperately try to find the one person who was inconvenienced during the protests. That woman should be happy people care about her babies future

Costco employee 'stabbed by co-worker in bakery section argument'A 20-year-old Melbourne woman is in custody helping police with inquiries, while her 45-year-old colleague is in hospital suffering injuries to her upper body. Sounds like a bun fight Must have sliced her! Epping..... that’s all that had to be said

lock them up and taser the wankers

Man sentenced to jail and anger management for attacking Bunnings workerA judge has jailed a Brisbane vigilante who attacked a Bunnings worker in a case of late-night mistaken identity, saying he needs anger management treatment. Deport this animal BEFORE we waste any money incarcerating it.

Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters gather to demand activist Edward Leung's releaseProtesters have gathered at Hong Kong's High Court for the appeal of Edward Leung, who was sentenced to six years jail for his part in a clash with police. hkfighter_vera EdwardLeung is the inspiration of HongKongers

Who are Extinction Rebellion and why are they blocking your commute to work?Workers have been getting to work late because of protesters bearing an image of an hourglass in a circle. So what's it all about? ABC Extinction sounds better. Have become the Far Lefts propagander pusher. Imagine all the ocean trash we could clean by defunding. Free plugs on the tax payer $! defund Do let us know when the climate school strikers grow into angry unemployed juveniles wont you? Short answer: They’re not.

Extinction Rebellion protester glues himself to top of planeNot satisfied with stopping traffic on bridges and roads, Extinction Rebellion has taken the climate change protests to the next level. Full story: ClimateChange Just take off and let him cling to it. If he can. Freedom of speech and expression does have boundaries.... there is no such thing as absolute freedom......piersmorgan AlanJones ScottMorrisonMP ban the flog from ANY air travel for life, ohhhh he is scared of heights and prob doesn’t fly anyway. in that case ban for all motorised travel and make him WALK

Police and protesters clash as major CBDs are brought to a standstillActivists have planned protests around the country to demand governments take greater action to combat climate change. 9News Good job. Highly doubt these activists combat climate change in their own personal lives with reducing their own carbon footprint. How many of them ride a bike? How many take plane rides? how many use energy efficient appliances at home? how many of them using energy efficient lightbulbs? time to clean up the trash!

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