Work-family conflict on the rise for fathers

Australian fathers are facing a tough question: can men really have it all?


Australian fathers are facing a tough question: can men really have it all?

Men are becoming more involved with their children, but the male breadwinner ideal persists. Can men really have it all?

Renn Holland with daughter Lourdes and son Enzo in a park near their Sydney home.

Separate research suggests the pressure of juggling work and family responsibilities for both mothers and fathers can wreak havoc on the parent’s mental health, their productivity at work, their relationship with their partner, and the wellbeing of their children.

, said a significant minority of men combined long work hours with long hours looking after children.

The researchers analysed figures from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey over several years, looking at fathers in full-time employment in a heterosexual partnership.

The men’s own education, occupational prestige or income did not influence how long they spent with their children but fathers in male-dominated industries were less likely to spend long hours with children regardless of work hours.

Amanda Cooklin, a senior research fellow at Latrobe University, said the underlying research found that mothers (who were more likely to work part time) typically experienced work-family conflict after 30 hours a week of paid work, compared with 40 hours for men.

Children also felt the impact, being more likely to experience social and emotional difficulties such as their ability to relate to peers, outward behaviour, or withdrawing from social activity.

Renn Holland, an architect based on the north shore of Sydney, is father to Lourdes, 3, and Enzo, 19 months. In a previous job Mr Holland came under pressure to change his parental leave plans.

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Have it all? No, we can't. Who pays ‘researchers’ to research the bleeding obvious? I’m genuinely interested as I have just retired and have some free time....! No, of course not. Never have; just look at women. What’s the cause? Obsession with work hours instead of working to live, driven by soulless, money grabbing management culture

Talk about first world problems. I used to work 60 hours/ week and look after my geriatric father. As soon as he died I melted down, lost my job, lost my health, lost my mind. So yes, you can have it all, for a little while. You should mEet my husband. He truly has it all including me and our gorgeous kids. farmer countrylife

I'm 70 and in our era men were not allowed in delivery rooms, wives (mostly) stayed home to look after the kids and men went to work. How times have changed, the men now watch kids being born, wives go back to work and in our case helped out with shopping/child caring. Ask men among 2,200 asylum seekers and refuges held by Papua New Guinea and Nauru under Australia’s offshore detention arrangements. Australia has violated the rights of asylum seekers including children by employing inhuman and degrading treatment.

Bring on the anti-male 💩 10,9,8,7 ...... and it starts. . They never have had it all. The Family Law Court sees to that. You can tell this was written by a woman.

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Suddenly now?! Have they not seen the women in their lives during the course of their entire lives?! Are you high Oh ffs this old argument again.

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