Women get more money in new feminist Monopoly

One of the world's most recognisable board games is getting an upgrade.


Unlike the classic game, women will collect 240 Monopoly bucks when they pass 'go'. 9News

One of the world's most recognisable board games is getting an upgrade.

Hasbro is debuting a new game celebrating women's empowerment -- Ms. Monopoly, marking the first time in Monopoly history when a new mascot will be featured on the cover of the game.

Women make more than men in the new Monopoly. (Supplied)

The idea is to create a game where women make more than men, the first game to do so, according to Hasbro.

"But don't worry, if men play their cards right, they can make more money too."

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Isn't the point of feminism equality... Fucking morons haha... No wonder it takes a man to be awarded women of the year... Somes it all up really. Absolute equality replaced with privilege. But there are no men to build the houses or hotels. They’ve also removed the “You have one second prize in a beauty contest” Community Chest card.

Hopefully the Free Parking doesn’t require reversing. What an absolute crock! While men build all the houses and hotels. WTF Need to.make divorce monopoly collect nothing Be sure to ask players for their gender pronouns before you start! Some men just don't know when they are being trolled.

It's not women of 'merit' that are lacking, it's women fullstopComment: It's not women of 'merit' that are lacking, it's women fullstop No women in politics or business should ever be seen as legitimate as there is a good chance they are just unqualified gender hires The push for equality has undermined all women in senior positions as quota hires Cultures in organisations have been destroyed and good people are leaving en masse Thanks feminism Exactly! So women, pull your fingers out chop chop! Get cracking at filling those political positions!

So what if the fellas land on 'Shoes and Handbags'? They go to jail? What will be next - Monopoly Divide - how to split assets after a divorce? yikes toofar Dumb arses. The game was “equal” before, now it’s not. The world gets dumber by the day Well they should of changed the street names. railway stations and utilities of what women built and invented as well.

Stupid Slow news day obviously. 🤦‍♀️ CareFactorZero None of the buildings in that version of Monopoly were built by women. Liberal party still gets the most though

Senate set to have even split of men and women for first timeThe filling of a casual vacancy by Liberal Sarah Henderson will make history, achieving equal numbers of men and women in the Senate. History... dear me... See. And it managed to happen without insisting on quotas. Women don't need a leg-up in these things. We can do it ourselves. Besides, only by doing so can we know that attitudes have genuinely changed. nyunggai Who cares?

Rather play hide the sausage... Is there a LGBTI edition? Psychotic You're kidding, right? 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ dm2018dm wow! So wait, what if I still have a penis and identify as a woman? I still get the extra then? Wow that’s kinda sexist ngl what happen to being equal now they want more why is this necessary And the complimentary get out of jail free' pussy pass' card and the house on Mayfair and all rents due given to the male participants to pay What a game It's not a game it's the Feminazis


'That really hurts': Just 12 women CEOs in Australia's top companiesThe number of women running top ASX-listed companies has gone backwards, according to new figures released today. It all comes down to credentials , if your qualified you’ll get the job, pretty simple maths 😤😤😤😤 charliepick It boils down to the most qualified PERSON gets the job. I am all for equality , but everyone needs to stop pushing percentages and focus on who will best run the company and protect jobs. Maybe many prefer to be real mothers.

just going to have to identify as a women when i play because the left wingers approve of that idiotic shit Well, for every game I play, I'll self identify as a woman. If anyone cries foul, I'll go public with their transphobia. Checkmate. I hope every corner there’s a Hoe And what about the transgenders?

Instead of going to jail men go straight to the FamilyCourt to get their savings taken away. Ok so this game started as everyone being equal but now the women get more? What a bloody joke guess I'll just identify as a woman when I play this crap ass game rebrand Stick ya monopoly The game should be renamed 'Divorce', because whenever one of my ex's 'go', they always get the extra big bucks.

Only two of the top 25 bosses in Australia are womenThe percentage of women in the top jobs at Australia's biggest companies has slipped from seven per cent to six per cent. who are the so called 'bosses' ? who are the TWO? *don't read Good example of the apex fallacy. 25 people represents 0.000001% of the population. Several 1000 people commit suicide in Australia every year, 3/4 of whom are men. Stop running narratives for elites and start caring about things that really matter. So what?

RIP monopoly equality hey ? altleft at it again are they Seriously. And this is modern feminism. Wtf They won’t get to buy the land anyway - China has already beat them to it. So equality isn’t everyone getting the same? Am I missing something here? 🤦‍♂️ Dear Channel Nine, I think your Twitter account had been hacked. What’s happening in Yemen.

The ugly statistical truth about the lack of women leaders in AustraliaThe proportion of women chief executives in Australia is not just bad it's diabolical with the percentage going backwards in 2019. . I had this wild idea. Tell me what you think about it. What if instead of 'appointing' token women to high-status plumage positions on company boards... and this is where it gets crazy... women started their own businesses... and appointed whomever they wanted to run them? Imagine being so well off that your biggest issue is that you are not 'fairly' represented amongst the most rich and powerful. What a joke. Maybe they don't want the worry? Maybe they are not good when given power - they abuse it more than men? Maybe they just don't have that edge that the top 1% of men have? Maybe home matters and reproduction interest them more? Oh, some of the questions are heretical?

So much for equality. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Destined for brokeness Divorce monopoly AliMaudo whaaaaaat Just don't let them drive. rickygervais I can't wait not to buy that Next time I play I will identify as a female. For the last 10 years equality has meant “Its not equal until I get more than you”

'That really hurts': Just 12 women CEOs in Australia's top companiesOnly 12 of Australia's top 200 ASX listed companies have a woman chief executive, a drop from 14 last year. The endless female hiss, their default victim mentality, their inferiority complexes. Their own worst enemies. Thats because they arent part of the anglo-saxon white mens club. They arent alone, people of different ethnicity,race,religion and class are also excluded. What these women want is it to be a anglo-saxon white peoples club, they arent for diversity more broadly.auspol So what? Men can’t bear children.

What a load of crap. I’m female and think this is freaking ridiculous. Where's the equality What!!!! Gender equality Is this perpetuating they very thing women believe was happening to them Take away from this..Not cool when a supposed pay gaps exists with men being getting more, swop that around and it is all good Confused genderequity Hasbro

No - it should be equal - even in a game! What next for goodness sake! So much for equality! When you talk about ‘Gender Equality’ Um wasn’t WiFi invented by John O'Sullivan? A guy Imagine getting more money and still losing lol

Nobody follows the rules of monopoly anyway tho XD There are women in other countries who are unable to get an education, we have a flawed dv system, abusers aren't being punished enough, there is an actual pay gap, but y'all wanna put your energy into a fucking board game that takes a mini jab at men instead of the real issues

Hmph Does it come with a bottle of soy milk? go woke go broke Gender pay equality at work (and play) Just gives feminism less respect from most males ! “Equality” And yet the men will still win 😆 So basically your saying woman aren't as good as guys at playing monopoly. So they need help to even compete with guys?

So women would have to stop washing the dishes to play this game? Don’t think so How is that feminism? Yeah but no one will buy it Feminist monopoly 🤦🏼‍♂️ Pfffft seriously? Thats sexist! Feminism going backwards Elitist?

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