Woman lured into sex slave trade in UK

WARNING: Confronting

Man Pretending, Eastern Europe

26/01/2022 1:00:00 AM

A woman has shared how she was trafficked to the UK for sex by a man pretending to be her boyfriend in a revealing documentary. WARNING: Confronting.

WARNING: Confronting

, which revealed girls are being groomed for sex trafficking from the age of just 10.Elena was lured into the sex slave trade in the UK. Picture: Flash“There were some who would stay for five or six hours – especially the drug addicts.”“In a day I was making one thousand pounds ($A1,880).

“I started bleeding internally. I couldn’t walk or crawl on my knees. I was about to die,” she said.“She was repeatedly beaten. She’d been malnourished. She had burns. She had lots of wounds on her body,” she said.Produced by the BBC,Elena was advertising herself on a website called Viva Street Picture: Flash

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