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Why the crackdown on Extinction Rebellion is good news for protesters

#OPINION: Why the crackdown on Extinction Rebellion is good news for protesters


OPINION : Why the crackdown on Extinction Rebellion is good news for protesters

As the movement grows stronger, so do attempts by state and federal governments to stop it.

These conditions had the curious result of also preventing defendants from attending court in the Sydney CBD.

Nevertheless, this use of bail conditions against XR activists raises serious concerns, as citizens are threatened with jail if they insist on partaking in political activism.

But it's not the first time we see these kinds of ad hoc responses to social protest.

And some have expressed concerns that Palaszczuk's efforts to crack down on civil disobedience are reminiscent of the authoritarian Bjelke-Petersen era, when the QLD Government allowed extreme police violence against

While it constitutes a punishable offence, they are fine-only offences at most, as the judge noticed in Ludlam's case.

Read more: ABC News

hang on, standing around chainimg yourself to cars isnt helping the environment whatsoever Piero is a moron, you can't change the climate either way, yet that is one of his core beliefs, that we have & that we can again. The truth is that the Earth system operates on energy scales many orders of magnitude greater than all human activity & they are cyclic processes.

Remember occupy Wall Street Probably half the ABC staff attended. The key message from these eco terrorists is no message at all. All emotional trash and they are simply using a suspect reason to cause as much disruption around the world as possible. Not a single solution being offered and not a single fact being espoused. Disgusting!!

More activism for an Apocalyptic Doomsday Cult by TheirABC, disguised as journalism. Here's a prediction. After a few weeks or perhaps months, the bulk of these protesters will give up and move on. Remember KONY 2012

Sexist, racist and homophobic: why I'm glad larrikin humour is goneModern humour is so much sharper than the dim-witted, offensive set-pieces of old. So put a bloody sock in it, Davo. Valentine702 it's all funny - and comedy can stomp on all subjects, as it should Valentine702 but i bet you laugh at jokes making fun of old white men though... Valentine702 Well there goes all comic material...

Young girls are rejecting curvy Barbie. But why?Young girls are rejecting curvy Barbie. But why? | thatnatreilly thatnatreilly Humans have developed over millions of years to know what is attractive and normal and what isn’t, the attempt to manipulate and indoctrinate people, kids on what is normal and/or attractive will never ever work. thatnatreilly because kids want to play with fantasy not reality. Besides being obese is not attractive for a reason its unhealthy. That's why subconsciously it's rejected. thatnatreilly Let’s ask Homer

Why Jennifer Aniston turned down major TV gigSince the early days of her career on Friends to her latest flick Murder Mystery, Jennifer Aniston has always been known for her comedic chops — so it’s no surprise that she was once offered a role on Saturday Night Live.

Why Trump is right to pull out of 'stupid endless wars'Comment: The US President is not to blame for the mess o' potamia, and his desire to get Uncle Sam but of these “unwinnable wars” is fully understandable, writes Tom Switzer Sycophantic Switzer at it again. Trump left the Kurds for dead and you write this drivel. Shame on you Dogshit. Imagine becoming a journalist and writing this. Come on mate. Switzer writes about Trump like he’s a rational/reasonable potus. He isn’t. He also neglects to note anything about Turkish biz deals that prob drove Trump’s decision ie phone call with Erdogan et al. One response says “sychophant”. So, mission accomplished, buddy. SMH bencubby

Why Republicans can't quit Trump - no matter how angry he makes themTrump-era Republicans have become masters of compartmentalisation. They're willing to say he has made a colossal mistake, but not that he is unfit for office. KnottMatthew 100% Dems wont bring it to vote in the house before the Senate. 1) If they had the evidence they would have already voted. 2) Whistle blowers wouldn't be in the public arena like this media circus. 3) Way too many leaks. Real investigations have ZERO media leaks. KnottMatthew they are his lapdogs KnottMatthew The TRUTH may set MSM free where Lies+Omissions Expose a Dark Character of Deception$$ which makes MSM Enemy of WeThePeople Thank God We Have United+Awakened to FakeNewsMedia Scomo's Loyalty 2 TheAUPeople like Trump is Admirable🙏 Flashback: Truth Wins👇

Sexist, racist and homophobic: why I'm glad larrikin humour is goneIf you remember this golden age of humour and suggest it was all in fun and no one took offence, then reconsider who was in the room, writes James Valentine. | COMMENT Yeah Nah, I will take Bill Burr & Dave Chappelle's work over Tim Minchin & Hannah Gadsby's every day of the week I disagree. Remember, it’s delivered as humour and humour is subjective. What offends you, may not offend me. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. No one is forcing you to enjoy something you don’t like.

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