Why I handed back my Order of Australia, and why Margaret Court should be stripped of hers

Opinion: Why I handed back my Order of Australia, and why Margaret Court should be stripped of hers | Clara Tuck Meng Soo

24/01/2021 8:36:00 AM

Opinion: Why I handed back my Order of Australia, and why Margaret Court should be stripped of hers | Clara Tuck Meng Soo

A transgender doctor explains why she cannot keep her award while tennis legend Margaret Court is honoured under the same system.

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeI was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2016 for services to the Canberra community as a medical practitioner. Two days ago, I read that tennis legend Margaret Court will be promoted on Australia Day to a Companion of the Order of Australia, our highest civilian honour.

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Preacher Margaret Court’s award has offended the LGBTIQ community.Credit:GettyUpon seeing this news, I contacted the office of the Governor-General to give notice that I would be returning my medal as a protest against Court’s award.The Council for the Order of Australia will be aware of the controversies about the many derogatory and very hurtful remarks that Court has made about the LGBTIQ+ community and its supporters over many years. By giving this promotion to her now, the council is sending a strong signal that discrimination and prejudice are not only tolerated but honoured in our Australian community.

As someone who has lived as a gay man and now as a transgender woman, I am aware of just how deeply hurtful Court’s outbursts can be to my community.AdvertisementLoadingBy opposing her elevation, I am not denying her right to freedom of speech. I am only concerned that she has used her position as a public figure to disseminate her harmful comments. headtopics.com

Court, as a Pentecostal minister, asserts that her actions and beliefs are based on the teachings of the Bible and that she is being persecuted for doing so. Careful perusal of the Bible will show that she is extremely selective about the sections she wishes to use and not use in order to justify her own beliefs.

She also makes inferences about biblical teachings to make pronouncements that have no biblical basis, such as her suggestion that the choices of transgender children are “of the devil, it’s not of God” . She cites Genesis and its reference to “male” and “female”, but where does it ever make specific mention of transgender children?

Someone elevated to the highest civilian honour in Australia should not only have reached the pinnacle of achievements in their field of endeavour – tennis or otherwise – but should also be considered a role model by the rest of the Australian community. I do not believe someone who has made derogatory and hurtful comments about the LGBTIQ+ community publicly would be regarded as such a role model.

LoadingI know from looking at what has happened in the United States in the past four years that divisive and hurtful comments and actions towards one segment of a community are very damaging for the community as a whole.I am confident that most Australians will believe that the Council for the Order of Australia has made an error in the case of Margaret Court. I ask that it reconsider its decision. headtopics.com

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Dr Clara Tuck Meng Soo is a Canberra-based doctor. Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald »

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Stick to your beliefs Margaret. These people will never be happy no matter what we do to include them. Save it for just before the next election for maximum political effect The face says it all. Author is transgender herself, goddam it! Why isn’t this made clear in the tweet or headline? Why doesn’t she just quit while she’s ahead?The thing about most of these LQBTIQ people is they want to grandstand and show-off. Why not just get on with things.

She is born in a generation where the bible and religion was common practice. We are now living in a time where religion is pretty much on the decline. Please respect her age and experiences that shaped her growing up. jurylady5 Let’s not go the way ok the US …… seriously … The Chardonnay Solicialist LEFT are trying to desperately stop free speech in Australia espwcially where they do not agree with the views of others who are entitled to have their views too! auspol

One ungrateful recipient, what a wacky world indeed. Now, I am once again puzzled... we are one, but we are many... it would appear in this instance it is another 'there can be only one opinion' thing happening If she gets an award I won't accept my award FFS grow up! People are ALLOWED differing opinions! Australia ?

But you are allowed in the change rooms now Reasonable and eloquent Goodonyer, Dr Clara! Well Clara we may not agree with your world views either so probably a good idea just in case! 🙄 So “woke” (/edit; Didn’t bother to click the click bait article) Disgusted at the comments here. Do those defending Court in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘freedom’ not see their own damned hypocrisy? BravoDrSoo for standing up for what is right.

As a gay guy I find it funny that the LGBTI etc wants everyone to agree & accept them but if someone has a different view they're vilified by an organisation that's meant to accept everyone. She has a different opinion it's her right. It's how you react that shows aot about you. The doctor is one hateful RACIST nobody. Australians love Margaret 💙💙

Easy way to make yourself famous 🤦🏽 So many bigots. Reading the comments is revealing. Dont like it ? Go back to where you came from then! This is woman is a disgrace to humanity .. You handed yours in, good on you. Has nothing to do with her. You have your views, she has hers. Why dismiss hers because they don't align with yours?

Let's rename it to LNP scratch my arse day Yes, people like you started handing back their MBEs and OBEs when the Beatles got theirs. All virtue-signalling Having a different belief system is not grounds for the removal of an Order of Australia. Thankfully we live in a free country where people are allowed to be Christians. Thankfully we have a wonderful PM who stands up for that freedom. Stop throwing tantrums over differences.

You never deserved the award in the first place if you don't believe in the right of free speech! deniseshrivell Clara Tuck Meng Soo - heals people using science Margaret Court - heals people using magic The lefty luvvies will be cheering this champion demonstration of virtue signalling. Mr Tuck Meng Soo (he has XY chromosomes so he's biologically male) believes his right not to be offended or hurt, should override Miss Court's right to free speech. Yeah, nah.

Make your own decision don’t impose on others Lol. No one does outrage like a man with so much baggage he becomes a “woman”. No one cares about you “Clara”. Live your life and let Margaret live hers. I can now see why many don’t want to change the date, this is a much better argument than celebrating a bunch of convicts arriving here.

Is that a sulk moment, or simply a disrespect for her own award ? I applaud her courage in taking a stand on LGBTIQ rights,but I also believe her decision,which reifies cancel culture,should not influence council's decision regarding the OA for Margaret Court. Freedom from intimidation from cancel culture, among others, protects a free society.

You disagree with pastor court,well I disagree with you,how can a woman?born with a vagina and created by God to recreate life prefer anal sex to heterosexual sex? You doctor are wrong and I am glad you returned your award as you are a lesbian man hate ing bigot. All I know is LGBT can never be wrong...that’s called political correct.

People seem to get upset about differing opinions these days When the depraved talk so many fools follow. I always laugh when I read how these people are not inclusive. Whatever gender 'It' is good riddance. I wonder what charity work Clare does ? We have former Federal Govt ministers and Ambassadors (Robb, Carr, Raby et al.) who have sold Australia out to China - all of whom have Orders of Australia - I don’t see anyone throwing back their OAMs for that. Treachery is ok but religious loonery is not? Wake up.

Oh the so tolerant Left. Does hypocrisy mean anything to them Nobody cares! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 If you need a giggle note the ‘tuck’ in her name... I also handed back my subway sub club card in the interest of eternally ambiguous distribution of sauce/justice. The Dr didn’t deserve it in the first place EvieDaisy3 Im confused by the diversity of tweets here. Also confused by rewarding someone already rewarded.

Fuck this country is going down the shitter at a rate of knots Well said and a courageous decision. All who are against hateful, divisive speech, based on carefully selected passages from the old testament, will agree. Those who do not obviously do so from a position of support for her vile nonsense. A: Because I'm a vitruesignalling flop.

Opinion: I'm sick of self-righteous finger pointing trying to virtue signal their opinions 'because I am perfect and all my views are virtuous and pure..' I wish the media would stop giving the old hag free publicity and no one should get an award upgrade just for living longer but can you just give the annual Margaret Court outrage a rest and focus on the tennis instead?

Court should read her bible: 1 Timothy 2:12 Just don’t give Ms court “prophecy’s any oxygen in the media. Leave her to her Sunday RSL extravaganza And this is your opinion, some agree and others don't. All I know is January 26 is my Mum's birthday and that is what I will be celebrating LoveIsNotTourism removethecap partnersapart

Clara Tuck Meng Soo 🥱 Bad luck.