Why a giant puppet has been travelling across Europe

At three-and-a-half metres the puppet, who was made to depict a Syrian refugee girl, stands tall to symbolise millions of displaced children

22/10/2021 11:58:00 AM

At three-and-a-half metres tall, the puppet, which was made to depict a Syrian refugee girl, stands to symbolise millions of displaced children. 9News

At three-and-a-half metres the puppet, who was made to depict a Syrian refugee girl, stands tall to symbolise millions of displaced children

The Jungle, which is about migration and displacement.Little Amal, whose name means "hope" in Arabic, is operated by three people.She was created by Handspring, which is a puppetry and performance design company that made the horse puppets for the West End and Broadway productions of

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War HorseLittle Amal has nearly completed its 8000km journey across Europe.(Getty)Film crew member dead after shooting incident involving actor Alec BaldwinThe puppet is part of a travelling festival of art called The Walk.She began her journey from the Turkish-Syrian border in July and was greeted by thousands of people along the way.

Little Amal even made a stop at the Vatican, where she met Pope Francis.Actor Jude Law meets Little Amal. Read more: Nine News Australia »

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Creepy as letting millions of middle eastern rapists into Europe as 'refugees'. Red light Greta

14 reportedly killed in Syrian capital as bomb blasts military busAt least 14 people are dead and three injured after a bomb targeting a military bus explodes in the Syrian capital, Damascus, during the morning rush hour, state media reports. Rest in peace. Similar to the mosque bombings in Afghanistan, this terrorist attack has the fingerprints of USA/Saudi backed terror group Here we go again!

The puppets and puppetmasters behind the Olympics 2032 and how your $5 billion will be spentA week after they were expected to be introduced, the laws governing the Brisbane 2032 organising committee remain under negotiation. Why use the word puppet master and puppet? Weird. Those are the words you should be using for fed.govt pretending to govern Australia now. Well I dont want it, so can I get my share back please. On deals for Labor cronies for contract work.

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‘A bit weird’: PM’s latest dig at WAPrime Minister Scott Morrison says it will be “a bit weird” that east-coast Australians will be able to travel overseas before they are able to travel to Perth. Show us your fully vaxed passport. Says the guy that just voted NO for an investigation into Porter. He had very little integrity yesterday and has even less today. Would like to see an article by into the vote He’s wonderful at dishing out dirt but useless at everything else😎

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Live: All the COVID news you need from across AustraliaMelbourne comes out of the longest lockdown of any city in the world and is expected to soon welcome international arrivals without quarantine. Follow live. Did the morning news really just stop their broadcast of the PM, Premier and Qantas CEO’s press conference on international flights so that they could cross to some random beauty salon in Melbourne! Snore Victory Day: ThanksDan 🍻