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Who will police COVID vaccine certificates — and what happens if they're not checked?

Who will police COVID vaccine certificates — and what happens if they're not checked?

26/09/2021 10:06:00 PM

Who will police COVID vaccine certificates — and what happens if they're not checked?

With NSW venues preparing to re-open to the fully vaccinated, here's what we know about how the vaccine certificate system will work.

Key points:NSW is set to reopen to the fully vaccinated within weeksRetailers are worried staff will be burdened with enforcing complianceThey say enforcing COVID rules has already made workers the target of violenceTo access these greater freedoms, members of the public will use digital or paper certificates to show a venue they've had both jabs.

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Retail workers, many of them young and working on their own, are likely to be on the frontline of any public hostility to the system.Retailers have already seen increased violence towards staff when enforcing COVID rules that are sometimes unpopular with customers, and they're now worried the situation will get worse.

Unions say enforcing vaccine certificates shouldn't be left to young workers.(ABC News: Bindi Bryce)Vaccine certificates raise complex questions: Who will police their implementation? What happens if a business doesn't check the certificate? And what happens if a customer challenges them?

With just weeks to go before certificates become the ticket to greater freedoms, here's what we know about how the new system will work.'Violence escalates with every new public health protocol'Pubs, cafes, hairdressers and other venues will be allowed to reopen to fully vaccinated customers the Monday after 70 per cent of NSW's population aged over 16 is fully vaccinated.

According to ABC analysis, that long-anticipated Mondaycould be just two weeks away.The National Retail Association (NRA) represents more than 24,000 retail and fast food outlets that employ more than 1 million people.New data shared by the NRA shows incidents of violence towards staff has sharply increased in Victoria and NSW already this year — and NRA chief executive officer Dominique Lamb has "real concerns" about the safety of workers when this new system is rolled out.

"We know customer violence escalates every time a new public health protocol is put in place," she said.Victorian retailers reported an 85 per cent year-on-year increase in reported events with threatening behaviour in 2021.In Victoria, in-store incidents involving a person carrying a weapon are up 71 per cent, and incidents involving physical abuse have increased 56 per cent.

In NSW, incidents of customers threatening staff are up 19 per cent year on year.Ms Lamb believed the increase was partly due to staff having to enforce COVID health directives against hostile customers.Retail workers can bear the brunt of public anger at health directives such as QR code check-ins.

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(Getty: Jenny Evans)"Every time we put in a new health directive, we see a big spike in threats against retail workers," Ms Lamb said."One retailer reported a 600 per cent increase in threats against workers."If they want to enforce [these rules], they can't leave it up to businesses."

The organisation has called for more uniformed police in shopping areas to enforce compliance and support retail workers, plus a marketing campaign to educate members of the public about how to treat staff.Karma Lord, director of the union for hospitality workers, Hospo Voice, said workers supported certificates, but agreed that clearer rules about who was responsible for checking them were needed.

"Our members are also very worried about the tense and difficult situations that will arise as the industry reopens," she said."What is the plan the to ensure it's not left to 16-year-old hospo staff to tell unvaccinated patrons they can't enter a venue?"

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Who will police bungled COVID-19 daily cases in NSW, via ScottMorrisonMP and GladysB via BradHazzard just so they can open up NSW to start up economic growth in their LNP state and boast about it to get re-elected? Vaccine certificates ain’t going to work. At last half of the people entering our local supermarket fail to use the Safe WA app. 🤨

They will be scrapped like they were in the UK. Too hard to keep track and easily forged. Yeah sorry, my personal health records are of no business of coles or my local pub. Just wondering when the trials occurred for the unvaccinated? It seems that they are being trialled by governments, by media and by the righteous.

Imaging a tradie goes to coles or hungry jacks and gets denied service. This two tiered system is going to cause all out war. I’m sorry but the 16 year old at coles should not be held accountable, but hey, we all found out who was essential during lockdown didn’t we. I’m pro vax but I’m also pro privacy, health data is protected data and a very complicated issue. No disrespect to my local pub, restaurant or coffee shop but they’re not the organisation that should ever know

Completely pointless anyway so why bother? Protect others... get vaxed It reminds me of Nazi Germany with the none vaccinated being treated as Jews. I thought things like this would never be allowed to happen again.

WATCH LIVE: NSW Health to provide latest COVID-19 updateNew South Wales Health will provide the latest COVID-19 update on Saturday morning from 11am with Dr Jeremy McAnulty set to front the media. Any update on ICAC?

Perhaps a big bounce in the employment of beefy bouncers. Maybe the Karens at the ABC? Put in the deterrents and problems will go sway. If you know that when you threaten or perpetrate violence on eg a shop worker who is enforcing a covid rule you will be fined a 5 figure sum and given a criminal conviction the VAST majority will be deterred. 3 and 4 figure fines

Be nice if it could be as easy as using the state app Things are going to escalate way beyond what most people expect. In every country this has been tried, violence is the result. Buckle up 🍿 Will they have QR code’s to stop fakes This recent legislation contravenes the underlying anti discrimination act and is thus subsequently null and void!

It's going to get ugly especially in hospitality and when you add alcohol to the mix There are not two classes of people in Australia and we don’t have to show our papers to go about our business. I’ll do everything I can to wreck this system from its first day. COVID19nsw DoNotComply EndLockdownNow NoVaccinePassports ResignGladys

It is all about the communist take over and shame on you all for supporting it. You don't even print the truth on how this Pandemic was planned before it even happened and key players were paid off to push the covid agenda from January 2020

NSW records 1,007 new cases of COVID-19, 11 new deathsNSW has recorded 1,007 new locally-acquired cases of COVID-19 as well as 11 new deaths. Nine of those who died were unvaccinated. Trading Bitcoin with Mrs lovely16350 and Making my weekly withdraw was a very light process I was really afraid to start at first But now i have all needed guarantee to say lovely16350 is a true live rescuer Thanks for responding to my trade text with a Godly Heart. Time to celebrate NSW You can start changing your luck for the better with Mrs anna a professional Mining expert, I was able to earn $20,000 within a short period of time. Whatsapp +①⑤⑤①⑧⓪⓪②①④⑦%**

Not convinced this is the right way to go. How far will it go, supermarkets and clothing stores? Are we going to prevent the unvaccinated from shopping for essentials?Fully vaxxed btw, but this is going to be a pita to police for retailers. Huge can of worms! We’ve just had violent protests over job-related ‘mandatory’ vaccines. How is this going to be any different? NB I am vaccinated, and have no solutions. Difficult issue, and I feel very sorry for those policing it.

Here in QLD we will just sit back and watch this shit show unfold. Perhaps they should learn from the countries in Europe who have already rolled out a vax passport? 🤷‍♀️ The NSW govt are doing a half arsed job implementing this. Is there any way we can have our vaccination history attached to our Q Code information when we scan? There will always be those who scream their rights are being violated, that their rights are far more important but as we reach herd immunity their “rights” will be irrelevant.

Why do we need them? Replace the word COVID with the word Ebola and see if it changes your question or answer… Go why did you feel the need to highlight how to create fake vaccination certificates This will be a disaster. Why the SS of course Duh 🙄 AustraliaHasFallen defundtheabc This crap is putting so much pressure and extra responsibility on young retail and hospitality workers. If the government is enforcing it they should be providing trained people to be regulating it.

WATCH LIVE: NSW Premier gives COVID-19 update as state edges closer to vaccine targetNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is giving an update on Sunday's COVID-19 case numbers as the state expects to achieve another vaccine milestone. Watch Sky News live at 11am.

They can't police it and not expect frontline workers or security guards to manage . So long as we hit vaccination targets let the vaccinated live with the unvaccinated but if you chose not to be vaccinated then if you get covid then don't expect treatment over those vaccinated. Ban them Presumably the poor bloody staff will have to. As if they don't get enough crap already...

This is going to be a shemozzle. Once again we are putting enormous responsibility on the lowest paid and (often) least experienced of our workforce. Furthermore, we're asking them to work with the dodgiest of poorly thought out systems from our infamously shitty gov IT dept. I work in retail and have been asking these questions since the announcement. There is no way we could check everyone walking into the store where I work and if we did find someone unvaccinated and tried to stop them we would be met with a hearty F off!

👮‍♀️Israel failed with 2 jabs! Started so called 3rd and 4th booster jabs. Africa is doing better as they are taking artemisinin. India and Japan started Ivermectin! Who is collecting money from the vax ? Vax is positive related with infection! Time to have alternate treatments! It’s totally unenforceable. Plenty of store owners will be letting anyone in who has money.

This is going to be a red hot mess I can tell you now; they won’t all get checked. if you are anti vax or in general hate the COVID restrictions… do not enter these establishments that will enforce the rules if you are going to give fellow Aussies a hard time who are just doing their job.

NSW records 961 new local COVID-19 cases and nine deathsMore than 85 per cent of the state’s residents aged 16 and over have now received one vaccine dose. pallavisinghal_ ICAC pallavisinghal_ absolutely disgraceful GladysTheSuperSpreader GladysMustGo VaccineFail pallavisinghal_ Ok cool case numbers are going down

Just remember they want to kick the un-vaccinated from society but sex offenders can go anywhere. Australia is fckd why is your government serving media not highlighting areas of nsw such as the Hunter and mid north coast where there has been no pfizer availity for first doses for months? Surely this is of concern to you.

Same process as the covid check in today? Show your checked in status? Simps. We've seen plenty of announcements and new plans that haven't had the back end planned out, digital certificates are a great idea, but the enforcement has been pushed into the too hard basket. A lot in this article about ‘faking’ vaccine certificates. Maybe it’s not that tough but it’s not wise. Forging a Medicare identifier would likely result in significant jail time.

Classic, put more pressure on Retail workers. Retail is hard enough in normal times as people in general are absolute pigs, we've already seen what the anti-covid brain cells acts in these situations. Thanks Australia... Gladys will but i don't know how she is going to get around every where , unless she has a broom.🤷‍♂️

If I'm NSW in a gathering of 6 vaccinated people aged 16+, will the police arrest me or will one of us be asked to move on? Will there be a hotline for people to call if they spot a gathering of more than 5 16+? Maybe ABC could do one of them reality TV shows, Spot A Gathering

NSW records 961 new cases of COVID-19 and nine deathsNSW records 961 new COVID-19 cases and nine deaths as Premier Gladys Berejiklian outlines more details on when unvaccinated people may participate in greater activity. There have been quite a few cases of deaths at home after the first dose who were reportedly 'unaware of positive infection' but tested positive after death. Curious, is it not? NothingToSeeHere causality Unvaccinated people cannot expect to mix with vaccinated people as long as no immunity solution has been found. It is a very good way to get them to vaccinate by excluding them from many activities they previously enjoyed. People are on the beaches, many unvaccinated, so what is the point of all these rulls and guidelines when eastern sydney doesn’t respect them at all?

that was a nice read JamesPurtill and VTeagueAus! When we have given up our bodily autonomy and the has asked no questions. Will you then just spread your legs and let them do abortions, euthanasia, forced medical treatments and forced medications? Where’s the line will draw? Oi Pravda! Has Aunty-Vax got anything whatsoever to say about how ludicrously irrational, perverse and unjustified these regulations are? Please tell us you're not all suffering a mass Lissajous psychosis!

Who will police COVID vaccine certificates — and what happens if they're not checked? Maybe the social workers in the police stations- then they should be jailed for up to 20 years.

NSW records 961 new COVID-19 infections, nine deathsNew South Wales has recorded nine deaths and 961 new COVID-19 infections in the 24 hours to 8:00pm last night. This is our 9/11 moment, but this time the terrorist is Gladys! Do you want to We’re gonna catch you NSW. Take that Gladys.