Where do I vote, and every other question you have about the election

By 6pm Saturday, Australians need to have voted in the federal election, or else face a fine.

19/05/2022 11:11:00 PM

The final countdown is on for the election and a new poll shows the Coalition has gained ground. ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 AusVotes 9News FULL DETAILS:

By 6pm Saturday, Australians need to have voted in the federal election, or else face a fine.

(Jessica Hromas)You can access itThe list is alphabetical, which means you will probably need to scroll down to find the polling station closest to you.There are usually a few polling stations in every suburb, which means going to vote on election day is unlikely to be much of a hike.

Just because a polling station is close to you doesn't mean it is in your electorate., it will tell you what electorate you are in.Where can I vote early?READ MORE:Polling places open on Saturday at 8am and close at 6pm sharp.How is the Australian government elected?

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ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 Lets hope Australians have enough sense not to put labor into power. Australia cannot afford it. 9NewsSyd ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 Vote wisely Australia AusVotes2022 auspol ScottMorrison Vote1Labor ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 A full blowen Biden fan, Australia cannot afford this.

9NewsSyd ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 What’s your polls saying about minor parties and independents not a mention I’m hearing there polling better than the establishment wants ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 Can I ask how and where the data is collected for these “polls”? 9NewsSyd ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 9 years wage declines under LNP government taking money off workers 2 keep business gdp profits looking good..destroying workers wages. You CANNOT keep taking money off workers. They r being priced out of affordability 4 car, home, health insurance, beef and lamb. This is REALITY

9NewsSyd ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 This affects wage workers & business revenue things ppl cant afford 2 buy anymore. MUST be balance of wage & business profit that LNP disregards. If LNP push negative wages again, LNP MUST promise 2 lift wages in 2023=2 inflation & 2 make up 4 this years loss of wages 2 inflation

ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 At least Scotty has said no mandates and no lockdowns, Albo won't answer the question as usual so we know Labor will be like Victoria, lockdowns and forced jabs or get sacked, thrown on welfare and banned from society unable to pay for your house and feed your children ElizaEdNews JessMillward9

ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 There has been a staggering level of corruption under this Federal government, yet it looks like everyone's forgotten about it. Every program, good or bad, has rorts tied to it that shift our tax dollars into LNP mates pockets:

ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 So are we about to see the voters forget this and re-elect Scott for another 3 years of corruption, incompetence and misogyny? ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 So the LNP are about to be re-elected again are they?!? These guys: ElizaEdNews JessMillward9

ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 I wonder why the most corrupt and incompetent Federal government in my lifetime is about to be re-elected: ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 We have the most corrupt and incompetent Federal government in my long lifetime; possibly the worst ever. Yet it looks like they're about to win again. The media's prominence, frequency, tone, framing & placement have minimised LNP scandals:

ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 Why is Albo so dumb? ElizaEdNews JessMillward9 AFR? Get in the bin