When men were being killed on the street, we took action. So why is domestic violence different?

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#OPINION: When men were being killed on the street, we took action. So why is domestic violence different?

Opınıon, Hannah Clarke


OPINION: When men were being killed on the street, we took action. So why is domestic violence different?

In 2014, when two young men were killed in one-punch attacks, there was a swift response. So why haven't we taken a similar stance on domestic violence ?

With attempts to rationalise the murder of Hannah Clarke and her children, we risk blaming the monster and not the man, Rowan Baxter, and the society that allowed these murders to unfold. While there will always be some doubt about the exact size and scope of the economic costs, there is absolutely no doubt that they are significant and sustained. It was, however, a cost the Government was prepared to make in order to keep other young men safe. At the time these laws were introduced, had been recorded in a 12-year period — an average of seven deaths per year. By contrast, there were 129 deaths per year due to family homicide. This begs the question: Why hasn't the Government responded equally, if not more robustly, in response to family violence? Domestic violence and the family court Despite the absolute cruelty of the murder of Hannah and her children, some headlines still described how Baxter missed his family or had promised not to do"anything stupid". Read more: ABC News

This is why it’s different 👇 Men are still being killed on the street despite action. The propensity for humans to kill will unfortunately ever be with us (in this life). We can't eradicate murder We can all use our voice to bring about change. Simple really.the fckn patriarchy. What an incredibly selfish and sexist take on violence. We finally, after over a century, stopped letting people walk out of court after committing murder and women think that's unfair because women are still being murdered at about half the rate men are?

the name ‘domestic violence’ gives it away. Adjective: ‘Related to the running of a home or to family relations’. Police have only just started taking it seriously. For so long it’s been hidden from view,. And why is abortion still happening on such a mass scale in australia? Tens of thousands of terminations.

because the world is still ruled by men who believe that women should be barefoot and pregnant...... they cannot handle a competent female If men break intervention orders they should be immediately jailed do not pass go . For far too long has our judiciary in all states treatedthis too delicately. If they can't obey the law because they feel hard done by it , bang welcome to a cell.

Why are some women choosing to have sex and subsequent children with abusive voilent men in the first place? Probably because it was happening on the street.

'We are better off protecting ourselves': Bourke St families take aim at policeThe widow of a man killed in the rampage has accused some police officers of being more concerned with protecting their careers than the safety of citizens. 9News Thats why we should have the right to protected ourselves just like the Americans do with their 2nd Amendment. So Behind in the times......

It’s exactly why the proposed merger of the Family Court with the Federal Circuit Court must not occur & why Pauline Hanson must be removed from the Senate inquiry into family law & child support. ScottMorrisonMP must name domesticviolence as being caused by men. auspol Why did QandA react so hysterically to monaeltahawy question canvassing just this issue? Methinks it's because men &the women who share their worldview were offended at having male violence REALLY confronted. Even metaphorically. &lots of them have political clout ItaButtrose

Agreed. Can we also tackle the massive problem with male suicide as well. Exactly. Let's analyse this very important question... I don't know the answer to that. I’m struggling today. 8 years on. There’s obviously a threshold our family hasn’t reached yet. This isn’t living, it’s surviving and counting years. And if one more well meaning person says ‘why don’t you take out an Ivo’...the system insists he has our address. ‘Standard orders’

DV is a scourge, but casting action as a sexist issue is unhelpful and misleading. The difference is not sexism, the difference is some issues have easily solutions and some do not. Deciding who have have children with is the most crucial decision a woman will likely ever make! what is evident by the DV stats is that unfortunately for low-status men violence is currently being selected for in evolutionary terms, it’s working as a effective mating strategy

A false, divisive and completely unhelpful premise. How can anyone suggest that the government is doing little or nothing about DomesticViolence? It's not particularly effective but that's due in large part to those with their snouts in the trough auspol This is what I keep thinking... if a man was being killed each week by his intimate female partner,the response would be very different

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You all witnessed how the LNP treated a Female PM ,Abbott and his gang were disgusting towards Julia Gillard. Don’t put all men in one basket, not every man bash women That was a thought provoking article, thank you 'So why is it when we know of these patterns do we not see a response from *the legal system* that reflects that understanding?' AND the Coalition cut funding: 'we [ie JoshFrydenberg] reduced the number of shelters and crisis accommodation' DrWilliams

Stick to journalism There seems to be so many issues here but perhaps if we can focus more on installing the notion in our kids that domestic violence is wrong then we can prevent further atrocities in the future. Article that offers zero solutions. What an patronising thing to say by madam Williams . My tweets are my opinion only .

I am quite appalled at the unsupportive comments on this thread - it’s different because it’s strangers? Seriously What an outrageous statement by Karen Williams .( no I don’t want her sacked lol ) she said that quote : domestic violence may not seem very important to the average Australian ! WHAT? If she meat because we don’t experience it , she would have said it that way .

Qld Opposition proposes tougher domestic violence laws | Sky News AustraliaThe Queensland Opposition has unveiled tough new policies in an effort to curb domestic violence a week after Hannah Clarke and her three children were murdered by her estranged husband in Brisbane . \n\nThe proposed changes would introduce an Australia-first coercive control law, making it illegal to make a person feel controlled, dependent, isolated or scared.\n\nThe deaths of the Clarke family urged the Queensland Liberal National Party to launch a full review of the criminal justice system to see how the government could better support people in domestic violence situations. \n\nQld Opposition leader Deb Frecklington said “there is a role for our community but there is also a role for the state government to play.”\n\nImage: Getty

Girls on particular need to be taught that the signs of narcissism and that as soon as they appear to get out immediately. No excuses like, but he loves me, the kids, my mum really likes him. The wedding is planned. I’ve heard them all and it’s always disastrous. Come on, the men need to be able to go out and have fun without threats. It’s not like they are women

What the hell do you mean 'didn't take action'? This is a flat out lie. Stop gaslighting. The problem is the courts, full of ideological criminologists who don't believe in jails. Suicide kills around 7 men per day, let us take action. Stop making this a he versus she issue. ABC you are a disgrace. What ideas do you have that you think will fix the 'problem'?

Why focus only on women? Domestic violence (DV) is a gender issue that affects both women&men. Men need to be listened to, they need protection&the laws need to be catered for them just as much as women. Immediate action does need to be taken for DV for both genders equally. So this article suggests society doesn't take action because the victims are female... OMG this is soooo warped. There should be an IQ test to write. Oh wait, it says OPINION so it isn't the ABC's view... pathetic.

It was only a matter of time before someone found the 'male privilege' angle to this story i suppose. There are limits to legislation. How is the government going to stop women finding aggressive men attractive prospects? In 2014, NSW introduced new legislation to govern offences of this nature and impose tough penalties for offenders who are convicted of one punch assaults causing death. It also amended the criminal law so that intoxication can no longer be relied on as a mitigating factor

Why I'm not worried about taking my family to Italy amid a coronavirus outbreakItaly has emerged as a coronavirus hot-spot with the highest number of cases in mainland Europe. But I'm not too worried about taking my family there on a holiday next month. I think I'll stick my head in a Mincer I'm sure it would be relatively safe I just had to take a few precautions If you think there's only a few deaths from this in China you would have to be a complete wombat Good analysis - but the thing is you might put my family at risk by knowingly visiting an outbreak area and then coming back to Australia having unknowingly contracted it.

Why? Patriarchy In 2014, Queensland parliament introduced a new offence of ‘unlawful striking causing death’, into the Criminal Code (Section 314A). Colloquially, this has come to be referred to as ‘the one punch law.’ we did take action we changed Laws We cut drinking hours auspol You promote man haters on your TV programs, especially if they're white, so quit pretending.

Hardly a proper comparison. One punch attacks occurred between strangers and was fueled by alcohol. Divorce is a breakdown and speration. People who once loved each other go from love to hate. When has the ABC ever taken action to help men? Exactly what action? Millions and millions are spent on various DV programs, and nothing to show in return

Some men feel they are unfairly treated by the family court system. Many of the men I speak to about this also do everything they can to minimise their income in order to avoid paying child support. They usually can't see the hypocrisy in their actions. True Women kill their partners too! Mothers kill their children at the same rate that fathers do. Let’s take the gender out of family violence and then we can discuss ways to fix it.

'Egotistic' police allowed our families to be sacrificed, Bourke St widow tells inquestThe widow of a man killed in the Bourke Street rampage says Victorians might be 'better off protecting ourselves' than relying on 'egotistic' police officers more concerned with safeguarding their careers than ensuring public safety. Agree 100% but not street officers their politically correct senior non street senior officers In an imperfect world everyone looks over their shoulder waiting to accused of some sort transgression by the post modernest thought police. The police doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings... Especially in Victoria 🙄

Cultural enrichment since first contact with foreign white European Christians gone wrong? Most of those 7-9 killed are indigenous, why does it take a white lady killed for abc to get so excited about this for weeks now? Unprecedented opinion pieces The elephant in the room is invisible! Pair bonding & the institution of marriage is irretrievably broken! Anything with a failure rate as high as “marriage” would cease to exist. Tens of thousands make a living in the divorce & dv industries! Time for a serious rethink!

The ONLY answer is Segregation

'Better off protecting ourselves': Bourke Street widow Melinda Tan takes aim at policeHeartbroken families of some of the Bourke Street victims killed in James Gargasoulas' attack have lashed police for failures in the lead-up to the tragedy. Hey, give them a break. They were too busy running speed traps and breath test stops. You don't expect them to go after armed crims do you smh abcnews I would have shot him with extreme prejudice. The Lindt cafe incident was another police botch up. They had the option of calling in army sharp shooters but instead decided to keep it in house. Big egos at play The rest is history

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