What we get wrong when we talk about terrorism

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What we get wrong when we talk about terrorism opinion


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Australia needs to talk about the elephant in the room... Islam and Islamic Extremism. What are we going to do about it, as it’s clearly not compatible with the West. RodgerShanahan auspol melbattack qanon qanda MelbourneAttack BourkeSt abcnews thedrum

All muslims have a mental health problem!!!!!

when you start thinking about hurting others you are a sociopath or the new term for it now is Anti Social Personality Disorder ...suffice to say ...all terrorists suffer from it ...

Good to see an article not avoiding the elephant in the room.

We need strict laws on Muslim and African immigration and we need to start deporting offenders. Immigration was great right up to the point when immigrants came here for a early retirement, and to get around like a protected species. We don’t owe anything to these people.

We are trying to get away from the stigma attached to mental illness this just reinforces the way people discriminate against people with a mental illness. I think there is a lot more than just mental illness in this case

NO WE DIDN’T get it wrong stop trying to make excuses for these scum of the earth

I know personally of two people who suffered from mental illness episodes. Neither of them found the need to become violent & families got them help required. I find it insulting that these days it is used as a defence against criminal acts likewise he was on drugs or drunk.

What we get wrong? 1. Tar everyone with the same brush. A person named Bob raped a woman, everyone named Bob is rapist. 2. Make terrorist organizations bigger than they are, thereby contributing to their marketing and propaganda campaign free of charge. 3. Exploit good people.

Dear Rodger does anyone commit a crime that doesn't at that time, have a mental illness? You see what you've done......

Stop finding excuses - nobody’s interested.

HUH? 'we' got wrong ? err stop trying to make-it 'we' please, when it suits, thank you.

I wouldn’t even bother reading / listening to this terrorism apology piece The Left, the political establishment and the media are responsible for Islamic terrorism and the destruction of white European nations

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