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Final Straw, Gay Couple

What the hell has happened to The Block?



The Block used to be a better class of reality show — something family-friendly everyone could enjoy. Now it’s just MAFS in hi-vis and hard hats.


This was too much for Scott Cam. His response was to do exactly what every member of a dominant group does when someone hurts their feelings by pointing out the truth of their behaviour.

, Cam protested, wide-eyed, as he confronted the two men — or “boys” as they’re perpetually known. It is a party house, surely Mitch and Mark can accept that. He and the judges were simply referring to the couple’s target buyer as “cashed-up empty nesters” — not a “gay couple”! Not even one little bit!

“We accept that and thank you,” they said politely.

“Some things were said about my character,” Cam told the men. “About me, with regards to you guys, and I don’t accept that. I was expecting you to say sorry once I’d explained it but you didn’t say sorry. You said ‘thank you’. So that’s it.”

El’ise was pushed to breaking point by the show earlier this season. Picture: Supplied

’spivot from renovation show to contestant character assassination feel so deeply uncomfortable.

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Earlobes tucked. It's a show for stuck up people to buy lavish items that the average Aussie cannot afford! Time to do up the Aussie battlers home simular to the show Selling Houses Australia!!! problem is they get people not interested in reno but more in their 15 minutes of fame looking for that next gig.

Well for starters they allow a total bitch like Elise on the show asking for money they haven’t earned !! A total grub and I hope she loses . What an absolute Dog 🐕!!!! 😂 sorry. Is this a serious question Staged crap is what it is!

Woman, 43, living in nursing home wants out'My number one goal is to get the f--- out of the nursing home,' she told the aged care royal commission, with the help of her speech pathologist. 9News

Lambie to block union-busting bill if 'bloody meathead' Setka quitsOutspoken Senator Jacqui Lambie would move to stop the government’s industrial relations bill immediately if John Setka quit Victoria’s peak construction union. CroweDM At the moment Setka seems to be the one with the integrity CroweDM Just like she was going to ‘block’ the undue card? Her word means nothing. CroweDM She’s full of shyte. Same bs with the welfare drug testing.

Jess and Norm from The Block split up after a spat about BaliJess Eva has revealed that she was “dumped” by her partner of nearly 10 years during a booze-fuelled spat on the weekend.

Mitch and Mark’s fiery clash with host Scott Cam was finally put to an end tonightThe explosive two-episode stoush between The Block contestants Mark and Mitch and host Scott Cam finally came to an end tonight. Good !!

Nauseating reaction to couple’s bedroom detailA Block judge shared their very personal response to a design detail in this couple’s bedroom — and now we can’t unsee it. theblock theblockau theblock9 I saw the same thing before she mentioned...I thought it was just me TheBlockAU I saw it straight away a vomiting women

Apple's new phone won't blow you away - but it doesn't need toIt used to be the coolest kid on the block, but now Apple is reduced to playing catch-up to its more savvy rivals. Sheeple. And the SMH is out of date by a long way, but won't lie down. Only buy if it’s bendable and able to communicate with my ALIENS mates 😝😜

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