What has changed in Melbourne as Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions take hold?

An overnight curfew is among the latest restrictions placed on Melbourne to fight its growing coronavirus contagion.

2/08/2020 10:56:00 AM

An overnight curfew is among the latest restrictions placed on Melbourne to fight its growing coronavirus contagion.

An overnight curfew is among the latest restrictions placed on Melbourne to fight its growing coronavirus contagion.

During these hours, the only reasons to be outside of your home are to give or receive care, or go to and from work.Outside the curfew, people will only be allowed to leave the house for four reasons: purchase food and and necessary supplies, exercise, give or receive care, or work.

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“Going to a mate's place, visiting friends, being out and about for no good reason, all that will do is spread this virus,” Mr Andrews said.Additionally, residents will no longer be able to travel further than five kilometres from their home, unless the reason is to give or receive care.

Only one person per household will be allowed to go shopping once per day, though caregivers and those assisting elderly residents are exempt. People will be able to bring dependent children with them if they are unable to leave them unattended at home.

The five-kilometre limit won’t apply to shared custody arrangements or those visiting intimate partners. The limit also does not apply for those going to work, while those studying must do so at home.READ MORECalls for specialist domestic violence interpreters to support at-risk migrant women

Those escaping family violence are also able to leave their home.Essential retail outlets, including supermarkets and liquor stores, are still allowed to operate and restaurants and cafes will remain able to offer takeaway and home delivery services, subject to certain conditions.

Recreational activities bannedUnder Stage 4 restrictions, residents of metropolitan Melbourne will be able to exercise outside once per day for up to one hour within a five-kilometre radius of their home.People will able to exercise in groups no bigger than two, though dependent children or other at-risk people in the home who cannot be left unattended are also able to come along.

Residents of metropolitan Melbourne will only be able to exercise in groups of two.AAPRecreational activities including tennis, golf and fishing are also banned."No golf, tennis, kicking the football or the soccer ball around," said Mr Andrews on Sunday."It's a run or walk and you have to go straight home." 

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Further restrictions on wedding and religious servicesFunerals remain limited to 10 mourners, with attendees allowed to leave Melbourne to attend ceremonies in regional Victoria.But from Thursday, weddings will be banned unless an exemption is granted on compassionate grounds.

Religious ceremonies and worship service will be limited to five people.READ MOREWomen who have moved from Asia to marry older Australians are being left destitute when their husband diesRegional Victoria returns to Stage Three restrictionsRegional Victoria will revert back to Stage 3 restrictions from midnight on Wednesday, similar to those that have been in place in Melbourne since July.

Residents will only be allowed to leave their homes to shop for essentials, provide care, exercise, work or study.Time has been given for restaurants and cafes to return to takeaway and home delivery-only services.Pubs, bars, beauty shops and other venues will also be closed.

READ MORECalls for Victorian doctors to get more coronavirus protection amid reports three are in intensive care“We cannot have a situation where this continues to grow and grow in regional Victoria,” Mr Andrews said.Notably, the Mitchell Shire, which was locked down at the same time as metropolitan Melbourne is now considered part of regional Victoria, and will remain at Stage 3 restrictions.

Victorian students return to remote learning, Melbourne childcare closesAll school students across Victoria will return to home learning from Wednesday, though vulnerable students and those whose parents are essential workers will still be permitted to learn on-site.

On Monday students will attend school as normal, with a pupil free day on Tuesday before remote learning begins the following day.Students across Victoria will have to remain at home.SuppliedEducation Minister James Merlino confirmed Year 12 students will receive their VCE certificate and ATAR score at year’s end.

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“We have been really, really conscious of the impact that every decision we have been making in regards to Year 12 students,” he said.TAFE and university students will also revert to learning from home.For the first time, childcare and early childhood services will also be closed in Melbourne, with few exemptions.

Childcare centres will remain open across regional Victoria.Hefty fines for rule breakersAny Victorians found to be breaking the new regulations will be served a $1,652 fine.The cancellation of some overnight public transport services means there will be increased police presence to enforce the new measures.

Mr Andrews warned Victorians the “time for leniency, the time for warnings and cautions is over".“If you are not complying, you are going to be pulled up on it. You will be asked and if you don't have the right answer, you can't justify the choices you have made, then you will be fined," the premier said.

READ MOREVictorian GPs say mask sceptics are requesting ‘medical exemption’ letters“If you are not at home and you should be, if you have the virus and are just going about your business, you will be dealt with harshly.”Face coverings will also be mandatory for all Victorians, with those who do not wear a mask and who have no lawful excuse to be fined $200.

Readers seeking support can contact Lifeline crisis support on 13 11 14, Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 and Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 (for young people aged 5 to 25).  Read more: SBS News »

Yeahhhh thank god finally happened in Australia, happy The picture of the cops is not social distancing approved 🤣 Plandemic2020 Globalists Victorians... needing curfew police... So how's the gangs in Melbourne? Has anybody been watching those areas? Lockdown and masks all worked in States and Countries that implemented them. Some countries, like NZ, didn’t even need masks due to lockdown being effective. New York, only successful state in the U.S that had both. Victoria is like the rest of the U.S...too little too late.

Curfew seems a bit redundant. Should’ve moved to level 4 in the first instance, now the last couple of weeks seem worthless in terms of reducing spread. Melbourne is being used as a laboratory for NWO tyranny. CovidHoax Plandemic Scamdemic If you haven't noticed police are always allowed out and don't need to follow restrictions or health guidelines..

Poor people Govt ain't fighting a damn thing, they're just stealing Australian liberties and stupid people educated by the govt rubber stamp their dumb ass policies. They don't know how to think for themselves & if they do, are often too lazy/too dependent on the state to change course. Sad what about florida w 15,300 cases that one weekend

These restrictions are draconian. Maybe Australia needs to take a page from Sweden, which (contrary to popular opinion) is doing pretty well despite a complete lack of masking and other restrictions. They're all standing next to each other! LOL are those N95s they're wearing, or just worthless cloth masks?

We need that here in the USA. Why was this virus released by China I feel Victoria did do any research on Covid-19. Didn’t even care to look at what other countries did and what were the results. You can’t lock down all these people for 6 weeks! Look what happened in Canada ! Hopefully no citizens obey this arbitrary bs curfew

Damn how yall aint get ahead of this I hope you don't suffer from complications of the Global Pandemic abortjazminbean. Stay Well. how did it get so bad all of a sudden? Perhaps our future eiserohs? This virus is very smart. First it knew not to go to BLM protests. Now it knows not to go out during the day in Australia

This because of the covidiots & fkwits who have been refusing 2 wear masks, stay home when sit & no one else. BLAME THEM !! If U know or see these fkers disobeying dob them in on 000 Police ( the cops have 2 respond and a record is kept ). Will it last ONLY 6wks , doubt it. Good. The local Stasi aka Victoria Police will relish the extra power.

Wow. A curfew. In Australia! Armed soldiers on the street next? auspol vicpol Is the increase due more testing? Most people have at lest 2 tests, are they counted twice? How many people died directly from COVID-19? Where is the data proving that lockdowns work? Why hasn't done with flu which is deadlier? Australia Covid_19 NannyState

Curfews and Melbourne go together like peas and carrots now. PoliceState

Victorian anti-maskers refuse masks offered by police, as 170 finedFrustrated Victoria Police have busted 170 people breaking coronavirus restrictions in the past 24 hours, despite the state on the brink of moving into stage 4 lockdown. 9News Lol they love fining people. Frustrated my ass Until you stop hiding behind political correctness and are scared of being called racist, it will continue. Call out the demographics of those people When did I ask?

Fresh round of Israel protests sparked by Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption trialMore than 7000 people have taken part in demonstrations across Israel, protesting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the nation's coronavirus restrictions. This Zionist Nazi, is a dictator.... Took over a decade but Israelis are finally waking up Looks like someone is orchestrating the spread of the virus. Obviously not enough people have died.

Melbourne placed under stage 4 lockdown, 8pm curfew, regional Victoria moved to stage 3 restrictionsAs a state of disaster is declared, sweeping new restrictions will be imposed across Melbourne from tonight and regional Victoria will move to stage three restrictions from Thursday. State of disaster? It's become very clear that the greatest single threat to the wellbeing of Victorians is DanielAndrewsMP! The only state of disaster is Dan Andrews. This is a very serious violation of civil liberties. Chinese Belt and Road seems to have moved to communist dictatorship. Resign Now!!!!! Dan Andrews must go....this is panic stations.

Melbourne prepares for drastic Stage 4 coronavirus lockdown as Victoria records 671 new casesWith the Melbourne outbreak showing no signs of slowing, Victorian health authorities are preparing to introduce further restrictions in the state. Good job Dan. His speech is like a virtual vomit... Thank the covidiots who have been thumbing their noses at the Lev 3 restrictions + mask mandate for this . My advise is if U live in Victoria + U know some1 who is not following the rules is dob the fkwit into the cops by calling 000 ( this forces cops to act ).

Coronavirus update: Thousands protest restrictions in Berlin, cases surge in Japan, India and the PhilippinesHuge crowds protest against coronavirus restrictions in Berlin, carrying placards like 'Corona, false alarm', while authorities in Tokyo and India deal with another day of record jump in cases. Why did the government's of the world fail their people so badly? It's as if everything they have d one has made it worse. Who will benefit from all this incompetence Freedom versus responsibility and the downfall of Europe. Berlin; jonathanholslag Coronavirus update: yep, it's still here.. it's everywhere but we don't know where exactly. posing a few problems for humans here on Earth.

Millions of litres of expired beer used to create renewable energy at sewage plantThe Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant is turning beer that expired due to reduced sales in restaurants, pubs and clubs during coronavirus restrictions into electricity. Ever thought of dropping the price to what people would pay to move the product? Nah, f*ck it, let's literally pour it down the toilet.