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Newspaper Clippings, Suspected Murder

What happened to Lisa Govan?

It was 8 October 1999 when Lisa Govan was last seen near the Foundry Hotel in Karlgoorlie, Western Australia.


Twenty years ago, 28-year-old Lisa Govan went missing after a night out in Perth . Now her family has launched an extraordinary appeal for information.

It was 8 October 1999 when Lisa Govan was last seen near the Foundry Hotel in Karlgoorlie, Western Australia .

Lisa Joanne Govan went missing 20 years ago and has never been seen since. Picture: THEO FAKOS

“If you were living in Kalgoorlie in 1999 or had any connection to Kalgoorlie we ask that you cast your mind back for any information that may help us to bring Lisa home,” her parents Ian and Pat Govan wrote.

“Ian and Pat are exhausted from their 20 year vigil looking for Lisa. They are tired of the bureaucracy, the false hope and the constant not knowing,” the site reads.

Speaking twenty years to the day since his daughter was last seen, Mr Govan said the family have been in “turmoil” since her disappearance and they believe she was in the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

She said the whole family would be relieved if the case could be solved.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said at the time that people associated with the club were a focus of the investigation but not the only focus. A $250,000 reward remains on offer for information that leads to solving the suspected murder.

“We have active lines of investigation that we’re working on,” he said.

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