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4/05/2020 4:59:00 AM

Transurban says West Gate Tunnel completion delayed by a year

Transurban says West Gate Tunnel completion delayed by a year

Transurban has told shareholders construction on the West Gate Tunnel has been set back, delaying the completion of the road project by a year.

WhatsApp Road toll operator Transurban has told investors it expects the West Gate Tunnel project to be delayed by a year.Perth is being warned to prepare for heavy rain and damaging winds this week, with the first of two major fronts expected to hit the city today.The Australian share market has had a negative start to the trading week, after an $85 billion plunge on Friday saw last week's gains wiped out, but Afterpay shares have surged."Are we going to get it perfect in the first issue? No," he said.

The $6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel project was due to start in October last year and finish by 2022, but was delayed after Transurban, its builders and the State Government could not agree on how to treat and dump contaminated soil.The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe weather warning for people in WA's Lower West, South West and parts of the South Coastal and Great Southern districts.In an announcement to its investors, Transurban today said it was "committed to working with the State and the D&C subcontractor to resolve the tunnelling issues".9 per cent, or 48 points, to 5,276.Victorian Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said at a press conference on Monday that Transurban stands to lose millions if it does not complete the project by the original deadline.BOM duty forecaster Austen Watkins said Tuesday's cold front was going to be much stronger than today's."We've made it clear we intend to hold Transurban to that contract and what's contained in that contract is that for every day that this project is not completed beyond 2022, Transurban lose millions of dollars," Ms Allan said." Michael Waite has set up an old soup cafe in town as his office.

Transurban also told investors it was working through the requirements to "gain necessary planning and environmental approvals" for proposed disposal sites for the contaminated soil.It's going to be much windier for a prolonged period of time into Wednesday," he said.6pc), Beach Energy (-4.In January, the builders of the road project, CPB and John Holland, told Transurban they wanted to terminate their contract to build the West Gate Tunnel, due to the contaminated soil.CPB and John Holland said at the time that the discovery of contaminated soil constituted a "Force Majeure Termination Event" — a common clause in contracts that frees both parties from liability in the event of an extraordinary circumstance beyond the control of both parties, preventing one of both of them from fulfilling their obligations under the contract."We expect quite a broad area of widespread damaging winds, probably as far north as Geraldton, right inland through the South West land division into Esperance as well.The CPB and John Holland alliance and Transurban have been at odds as to how to resolve the issue of the contaminated soil, but the State Government says it expects the parties to resolve the matter themselves.A sharp fall in oil prices spurred the selling, with West Texas intermediate crude down more than 7 per cent to $US18.West Gate Tunnel Project: New tunnels from West Gate Freeway under Yarraville Widening of West Gate Freeway from eight to 12 lanes 14km of new and upgraded cycling and walking paths New bridge over Maribyrnong River New elevated road along Footscray Rd Better access to ports, removing trucks from residential areas To be completed by 2022 More to come." Rain set to clear for Mother's Day Mr Watkins said while it was common to see cold fronts move through this time of the year, the two fronts would bring that would top up a currently low yearly average for this year.Putting local back into local newspapers After years of being produced elsewhere, Naracoorte's paper will now be produced in town by Hansen Design and Print.


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Not unexpected when most of our bureaucrats come with only some mickey mouse legal training. Didn't see this coming 😜 Great job Comrade Dan 👍 Where is this tunnel? How about telling us where it is, and where it runs from and to? Not even the article tells us where it is? We don't all live in a city to know if it is that city or not.

Transurban love wringing a state's treasury out for every penny. Corporate speak for give us more money. Stupid tax payer! Cannot find any blocks in Melbourne to dump the soil - Great!

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