Weed will be legal in the ACT from this weekend

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This weekend, some of us will be able to smoke marijuana legally for the first time. But the Prime Minister has issued a warning

, allow adults to possess up to 50 grams of cannabis legally and grow their own plants.

While we can probably all agree that’s not in the slightest bit surprising, what remains unclear is how he feels about the ACT’s decision. This follows similar statements from federal Coalition pollies, such as Attorney-General Christian Porter, who said they expect the ACT police to enforce the federal criminal laws after January 31.

If you were planning a trip to Canberra hoping to try the city’s soon-to-be legalised produce, you might want to think again.In fact, it’ll still be illegal in the ACT to even be given a toke of someone else’s joint.


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Perhaps he should. It may save the country auspol

Now just hurry up and do it for the rest of Australia you lazy SOAB ScottMorrison many people need it to improve their lives

Bugger, i thought he was already under the influence

I lived in Canberra. It needs all the help it can get.

He looks a complete 'dope' in that picture. Do a Clinton, don't inhale.

Why not........ isn’t everything decriminalised in the ACT

Of course they'd legalise it in Canberra and only Canberra. For me but not for thee eh?

All roads of happiness leading to Canberra choofchoof

What are you on yourself now Scott?

Could have sworn he had smoked it before taking that photo

He's on it already.

That smirk. Someone make a meme please

Pot is the least of my worries when it comes to what ScottMorrisonMP is partaking in.


The ALP and Greens have been smoking it

Are they drug testing Canberra beaurocrats? - I in the most strongest and absolute way insist that my hard earned Tax dollars is not funding drug users/ habits. Not a joke Morrison!

He should. He will make more sense & make better decisions as PM if he starts using it regularly.

Amsterdam in Australia, we need some more tourism but Canberra is not the place.

That’s like...just.... you’re opinion man.

Says man who can turn up to work drunk

Maybe he should... after all his god put tje plant on earth

And a perfect example of someone who's been educated beyond his intelligence.

He's out.

Excuse me, we do not have a PM, we only have an fraud who masquerades as a PM.

so... its... illegal to source seeds... but legal to grow it under local law... but illegal under federal law... have i got this right? even when we try to do something good we fuck it up. strayaaaa!

I'm more amused at using the word 'it'll' in their articles. Very professional, guys.


Sect 109 invalidates the ACT law..

It was more fun smoking when it was illegal.

Why does ACT get to have all the fun!?

Will there be a trend in housing where the butlers pantry once was, is now a “grow room”? Otherwise the neighbours might pinch it 😂

damn_elle make room!! 😁

Without marijuana to relieve post stroke spastication, preventing permanent retardation, I'd probably be only walking 30% recovered instead of 60%. I know this because my recovery has plateaued in the 8 months since I've been unable to source natural marijuana 😔 It's medicine

Smirking weed for sure

No wonder he is smiling as it is still illegal under commonwealth law, so any federal police officer is expected to still issue charges etc. That is basically the ACT police in that territory, so what has been achieved? NOTHING CHANGES

*cannabis Either the Prime Minister & politicians want to improve human rights, mental health & reduce suicides or continue punishing good people unjustly to cause them harm. It's a no brainer if they didn't receive donations from competitors! Auspol

Not buying weed from the same dude who deals meth is a good thing.

The act of indulgence will see you as a criminal in half of Australia and a customer in much of the world. The legislation seems about right. Adopt it for rest of Australia urgently and cease marginalising what by a lot of standards are innocent people. Reduces crossover.

Scottys been taking drugs since he became prime minister,

Should be decriminalized everywhere. Go to Canada & talk to the coppers and they'll tell how much better it is. And helps those going through chemo & chronic pain

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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