‘We never got caught’: Hawks greats reveal sneaky decade-long skinfold test trick

5/05/2020 5:00:00 AM

For more than a decade, Jordan Lewis and Jarryd Roughead bled brown and gold.

Jordan Lewis and Jarryd Roughead have revealed a sneaky trick they used their entire careers at Hawthorn together to cheat skinfold tests.

For more than a decade, Jordan Lewis and Jarryd Roughead bled brown and gold.

“It was too loud so the dietitian would say ‘two or three people maximum in the room.WhatsApp Health authorities in NSW have confirmed four new coronavirus infections, bringing the state's total to 3,036.An officer jotted the conversation down on a $10 note as it was the only paper he could find.AAP 17:56 Parts of the world are starting to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, but the new coronavirus will pose significant risks until vaccines are developed, the WHO's top emergencies expert says.

’ Roughy and I would go in together, especially after the off-season break.” Roughead sat back in his chair and roared with laughter as Lewis continued.Fifteen people have died at the Caddens nursing home where a staff member worked six shifts last month despite displaying mild coronavirus symptoms.“He would have an idea where I sat with my skinfolds and I would have an idea where he sat."On that night, people had come up to me one of the girls had come up to me and said this had been deliberately lit and she said Long was the man that did it," Mr Fay said.And we’d scribe for each other."It is our understanding that this staff member was asymptomatic … they are now self-isolating," Anglicare said in a statement.The process was the dietitian would be there measuring your skinfolds and I would be there scribing." However, some countries in Africa and in central and South America are still seeing "an upwards trajectory in cases", Ryan warned.

Robbo's epic 'Happy Gilmore'inspired golf celebration AFL: Mark Robinson unveiled an epic Happy Gilmore inspired celebration after he sunk a putt while playing against Anthony Hudson.Another one of NSW's four new coronavirus cases was a healthcare worker in the Nepean-Blue Mountains district, who did not work while infectious.(Nine) Bill Trevor, who was the regional mayor at the time, says Long should never be released.“So when she said ’13.5 on the stomach’ … (I’d write down) nine.The latest figures come as the NSW Government said it was partnering with local universities and manufacturers to produce ventilators.We did that for the best part of 10 years."It's one of the most despicable acts that I think another can do to a human being.We never got caught!” Roughead was understandably concerned that his good friend Lewis was traded to Melbourne at the end of 2016, but other Hawks were brought up to speed.More to come..

“We put our system through enough players so they knew exactly what was going on,” the recently retired forward said.“Nobody ever knew until now.(AAP) Despite killing 15 people, Long was only charged with and convicted of murdering just two of his victims.” But what about Lewis at the Demons? “Funnily enough I didn’t need to (at Melbourne), because it was a new benchmark,” he laughed.“It was a different dietitian.There is the human error there."That was a practice, in the day, and it's essentially been a practice in other parts of Australia since - when similar tragedies have occurred.

’ Part A of The Golden Years dissects the period from when Hawthorn came back from a fruitful off-season in late 2008 to the heartbreak of the 2012 Grand Final.Roughead and Lewis won four premierships together.Picture: Michael Klein Source:News Corp Australia The club’s premiership hangover has been well documented, but for the first time Lewis revealed just how large their off-season was after winning the 2008 flag.Geoffrey Fay was the first officer at the scene on the night of the fire.“We came back with an extra person in fat,” the 319-game ball-winner said with no semblance of sarcasm.“After the skinfolds were done, it was a realisation that we were a very heavy group.

“The total skinfolds were done which then they can equate to weight..It was an extra person going into the 2009 season.” Roughead offered a defence: “You have to understand a lot of us were 20 or 21 at the time.We were such a young group.A large commemorative service had been planned for June to mark 20 years since the tragedy struck Childers, but it has been postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic.” When asked to name the biggest culprits, Lewis didn’t hold back.

“You are probably looking at him (pointing at Roughead)! Roughy and Dewy went overseas to Europe which probably didn’t help,” he said.Roughead preferred to share the blame..“There were a lot of us.Let’s just put it that way.” Also covered on Part A of The Golden Years – Why the 2014 flag is Roughead’s favourite – How Shane Crawford inspire Lewis’ ruthless mentality – Why behind the goals vision hurt Hawthorn most – The truth behind the Kennett Curse – Why Alastair Clarkson was literally minutes away from being sacked in 2010 – Jeff Kennett refuting a co-captaincy model which would have seen Luke Hodge and Sam Mitchell share the role – Why a key tactic backfired and allowed Luke Ball to kick the deciding goal in the 2011 preliminary final – Clarkson’s brutal reality check after the 2012 Grand Final loss Part B of will be released later this week..

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