‘We have a growing problem’: NSW records 163 new COVID-19 cases

NSW has recorded 163 new locally-acquired cases in the latest reporting period, the highest daily tally of the latest outbreak.

24/07/2021 4:34:00 AM

NSW has recorded 163 new cases of COVID-19 to 8pm on Friday night after 93,900 tests, with authorities blaming house-to-house spreading with people breaking restrictions.

NSW has recorded 163 new locally-acquired cases in the latest reporting period, the highest daily tally of the latest outbreak.

AdvertisementNSW has recorded 163 new locally-acquired cases to 8pm on Friday after 93,900 tests, the highest daily case tally of the latest outbreak.Of those, 45 were infectious in the community, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said on Saturday.“What it is telling us is we have a continuing and growing problem, particularly in south-west and western Sydney,” he said.

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“What we see is transmission particularly as a result of family members getting together when they just should not be getting together. We also are seeing transmission in shops and in other workplaces.”NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard provided a COVID-19 update on Saturday morning.

Credit:Rhett WymanMr Hazzard made an appeal to other states for assistance in procuring doses of the Pfizer vaccine to control the outbreak, which health authorities have described as a “national emergency”.“I want to remind those other states and territories that last time I looked, we were a Commonwealth - we worked together, and it disturbs me ... that all we’ve ever done to work together has just seemingly been cast aside,” he said. “When we have bushfires, when we have floods, people from our state go to help others.” headtopics.com

Of the new cases, 66 were household contacts of existing cases and 25 were close contacts.Case numbers continue to be highest in Sydney’s south-west, with 34 cases in Canterbury-Bankstown, 34 in Fairfield, 26 in Cumberland, 15 in Blacktown and six in Liverpool.

AdvertisementSaturday’s figures follow the second-highest case numbers yesterday, when 136 cases were reported and the death of a man in his 80s. Six people have died in the latest Sydney outbreak.Further restrictions for residents in theBlacktown and Cumberland local government areas

that were announced on Friday came into effect on Saturday morning.Residents in these areas are not allowed to leave their council area unless they are an authorised worker, in line with restrictions that were already in place for residents in the Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown local government areas.

NSW Police issued 246 penalty notices of $1000 each in the last 24 hours. Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys said police attended a number of parties across the state.“One of these events was at Pyrmont where police were called last night and 8 people in that premise received infringement notices for $1,000,” he said. headtopics.com

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Friday declared the unfolding outbreak to be a “national emergency” and said the government would seek to send vaccines to suburbs in the south-west with the highest case numbers.Ms Berejiklian also asked the federal government and other state and territory leaders

to send more Pfizer vaccines to NSW, but her request has so far been rejected.“At the moment, we don’t have surplus Pfizer because the decision was to allocate all Pfizer out so the jurisdictions are responsible for managing their allocations of Pfizer with their particular priorities,” Lieutenant-General John Frewen told the Senate COVID committee on Friday.

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I’m sympathetic for the NSW people but the other States have a right to protect themselves from NSWs dangerously lax mismanagement of lockdowns to prevent spread. A curfew is essential to mitigate contagion. Travel limits are too lax - a ring of steel is required. Michaelhcaldwe I’m sure the drop kick demonstrators will contribute hundreds more to the numbers. 🤣

A marketing strategy targeting the hesitant Way to late, Gladys has to answer. Letting people have fun. Now this.Victoria suffered and won. Nsw caused poor vic. To a Lockdown. The slack attitude ,led to transport workers not caring. U can’t have Bondi at the beach. Others not. Wake up Pandemic alert. A few fucking things for everyone else. Whether they're 'making a point' or just plain irresponsible/stupid, some REAL penalties might have them rethink their actions. If you want to protest, do it at the ballot box !

93,000 plus tests!! FFS why are so many morons wasting my money on a useless test.... if you are feeling ok DO NOT GET TESTED!!! And again 0.1% positive cases... spreading like wild fire!! Not I hope NSW gets this under control ASAP. But the blame lays squarely at the feet of Gladys. She should be grilled just as hard as Dan Andrew’s was.

But you have the best contact tracing so what went wrong?I’m in Vic-we relied on a silly l/d,that will end after only 2 weeks but I guess your contact tracing is better, especially when you factor in the fact that your removalists that spread covid in Vic, did not assist with ct 99.82% of 93,910 don’t have covid. But let’s lock up NSW for months.

‘We have a growing problem’: NSW records 163 new COVID-19 casesBreaking: NSW has recorded another 163 locally acquired cases of COVID-19, with 45 who were infectious in the community, after almost 94,000 tests Gladys, this is your fault protecting the bondi cluster ETA on a proper lockdown? ‘Please stay home’ isn’t working The northern beaches contained covid in December, even the eastern suburbs at the start of this outbreak but clearly the west and south west just don’t get it. Is it cultural? Language? Education?

Listening to BradHazzard talk today made me want to contract COVID. That's the point of the curfew!!!! Ah brad. We r all one nation when its suits nsw. Kind of recall gladys saying no to give vics more vaccines. Shoe other foot There are a lot of Covidiots in Sydney. We can see where you live. Get your act together folks.

Calm your t*ts. Its only a 0.17% positive ratio. When will they learn? BradHazzard blames other states for not helping when we’ve been telling them to lockdown harder/faster for weeks. GladysB says ‘Victoria hasn’t done a good job’ and choses to ignore Victorian lessons. Now it’s the OTHER states’ fault? Please! covidnsw

BradHazzard THANKYOU for highlighting that being vaccinated DOES NOT prevent ppl SPREADING COVID. Vaccinated people may be asymptomatic, thus a higher risk of spread. I hope this is considered, unlike the UK, to protect our vulnerable & unvaccinated. COVID19 DeltaVariant what did we learn today Testing a cartel 😂 they dont want rapid testing they want other states vaccines its the other states fault No ring steel only certain nsw LGAs its the ethnic community fault . his a dick .

Health minister’s message is stunningly unprofessional. The whole thing is getting worse by the minute as journalists ask questions. A full on train wreck.

‘A growing problem’: NSW records 163 new local COVID-19 cases as numbers continue to riseBREAKING NSW has recorded 163 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases, with 45 of those infectious in the community. 45 is the spin number, real number is at least 71 Today: 45 whole, 26 part, 19 unknown They’re going to end it

'Irresponsible': Eighteen COVID cases linked to family gathering, NSW records 163 new infectionsNSW records 163 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases in the 24 hours to 8:00pm yesterday. vaccines are the key. Your vaccination will take 4 weeks to be effective. The doses you have will protect 10% of your population. Taking Victorian does will protect an additional 1%. Those doses are for Victorian front line workers and vulnerable people. You need 90% minimum. You need to lockdown

NSW records 163 new local casesBREAKING: NSW has recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of Covid-19, as the outbreak continues to spread in the state a month into its lockdown. Stay home South West Sydney! And Western Sydney! Stop visiting your families and other households!

Australia news LIVE: NSW COVID-19 cases soar as Victoria fights to keep Delta under controlNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged under-40s in her state to consider getting vaccinated, Victoria appears on track to come out of lockdown next week and Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is sorry for the country’s sluggish vaccine rollout. Murderer!!! Nice! Another approval for the drug we don't have enough of. Don't have enough for under 60's. What a debacle.

Australia news LIVE: NSW records 124 new local COVID-19 cases; Victoria records 26 new casesNSW is struggling to vaccinate as many people as it would like in coronavirus hotspots, Victoria’s state opposition has called for tougher border restrictions and the PM has promised to make up for lost ground when it comes to the national vaccine rollout. no shit!! The two true tests of any heart are 1. To humbly say sorry when wrong, and 2. For the sorrowful person to be truly forgiven by those wronged. The Most High God forgives like no other and sets the standard. People are judged accordingly. God eventually tests every individual heart A pity there's no one within the LNP capable of cleaning up Morrison's mess. That's poor succession planning. 🙄😠