Water at temperature suitable for life found near our solar system

In a tantalizing first, scientists have discovered water at a planet outside our solar system that has temperatures suitable for life.


In a tantalizing first, scientists have discovered water at a planet outside our solar system that has temperatures suitable for life. 9News

In a tantalizing first, scientists have discovered water at a planet outside our solar system that has temperatures suitable for life.

The research teams used archived data from the Hubble Space Telescope and other spacecraft to analyze the planet's atmosphere. Further observations are needed to determine whether the planet is indeed a true water world, using next-generation observatories like NASA's James Webb Space Telescope and the European Space Agency's Ariel, both due to launch in the 2020s.

While water already has been identified in the atmospheres of hot gas giants circling other stars, the latest findings represent the first detection of water vapor in the atmosphere of another type of exoplanet, Tsiaras said.

The star, glowing red in the day sky, is believed to bombard the planet with radiation harsh enough to quickly inflict any human visitors with cancer, although "life there may have evolved differently" in order to survive, noted the London team's Ingo Waldmann. A sister planet, meanwhile, orbits closer to the star and is likely too hot to be in the habitable zone.

"Maybe not quite your vacation destination just yet," Waldmann joked.

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You only have to read accompanying tweets to hope their is more intelligent life than us out there. When can we move in and leave all the coal loving renewable heating wankers behind to suffocate in their own mess? 9NewsMelb Please take me there. 9NewsGoldCoast Can they please send water to us - cheers 😜

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I dont think we need to spend money and time on looking at resources on another planet just because we get stingy and use up what mother earth has given us...we should be learning how to use resources wisely and learning useful stuff that is here on earth

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