‘Wariness’ over coronavirus threat shouldn’t be interpreted as ‘racism’ in Australia | Sky News Australia

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Sky News host Chris Kenny says there is a danger of sensationalising the coronavirus by media, pundits and politicians alike, who “instead of reporting the story, create the story”. KennyOnMedia


Sky News host Chris Kenny says there is a danger of sensationalising the coronavirus by media, pundits and politicians alike, who “instead of reporting the story, create the story”. Mr Kenny said the coronavirus is an “epidemic [which] continues to be a fast-moving and dramatic story that is having an impact on this country and globally”. He said while accurate and vigilant reporting of the virus is important, the media “need to be careful about creating panic and unnecessary alarm”.


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Not sure if the mask is helping

Yes. Think of millions who died from AIDS & contracted HIV because media did not support quarantine when first cases were identified. Infected people roamed all over the world unchecked for some reason? Oh! Special protected category? This time treat infection status as Priority.

Monster_Dome You mean.. fake news?

don’t put anything on racism. only misunderstand and got misled. ask Chinese ambassador why he ruins Chinese Australian’s good images first. Feel racism coz they are racism themselves psychologically or logically first, it’s actually happen or not? See Chinatown you will know.

Fuck me. Is there ANYTHING Chris Kenny doesn't know about?

It freaks me out to see masks, whether harboring something or in fear of others harboring something. For heavens sake just stay at home and don't normalize this. We must prevent local outbreaks.

Kenny? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

What? Chris Kenny sensationalizing the idea that commercial MSM media people might sensationalize stories? My Dog, knock me down with a feather and call me Shirley.

Bahahha....no, no surely not.....you can't just use this against us....surly Dr Kennys entire career is based on making up shit....comon man!

Good to see Chris chipping in.

Leaks, in China more than a million injuries, and in prohibited cities, in villages and mountains to which many Chinese have fled, thousands of decomposing bodies, and the spread of birds littering over these areas, epidemics will spread, urgent measures must be taken.

Help with treatment and immunization against the Coronavirus, (good for the face of God Almighty) _ putting the hand on the patient’s head and reading the verse of praise (the first verse in the Holy Qur’an), one condition faith in the words of God Almighty, not killing animals

The Chinese government, lying, are not telling the truth. In China, more than a million people are infected with Corona virus, thousands of dead bodies in remote areas, it may spread in China epidemics, water pollution, cause infection to speed up, urgent measures must be taken,

So like every story the MSM covers these days.

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