Covıd-19, Covid Survivor, Vaccines, Westmead Hospital

Covıd-19, Covid Survivor

'Virus is real': Sydney man leaves hospital 399 days after getting COVID

'Virus is real': Sydney man leaves hospital 399 days after getting COVID

18/09/2021 10:31:00 AM

'Virus is real': Sydney man leaves hospital 399 days after getting COVID

David spent more than a year in hospital after being infected with COVID-19 . He finally went home this month, grateful to his carers, and with a message for the community.

Print text onlyPrintCancelA Sydney man who spent 399 days in hospital recovering from COVID-19 has urged the community to get vaccinated, saying the virus is real.Sixty-nine-year-old David Avila Mellado was admitted to Westmead Hospital last year on July 29 after getting infected. Earlier this month, he was finally able to go home.

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"I start with the COVID, I was in a coma for a few weeks, I came back here, didn't know my name didn't know nothing," he said."But now I can say my name. I can say thank you."Mr Mellado's tracheostomy tube was finally taken out on August 10.

(Supplied: Western Sydney Health)Mr Mellado spent seven weeks in intensive care before being transferred to the respiratory observation unit in September, 2021.Vision posted by Western Sydney Health on their Facebook page shows him leaving the ward to the applause and well-wishes of medical staff.

It also shows the moment he met his grandson for the first time."I remember all my big family here, because it was so much time. I have in my heart everybody," he said.Health officials said after more than a year of being unable to breathe independently or talk, his tracheostomy tube was finally taken out on August 10.

Mr Mellado, who will require ongoing rehabilitation, had a message for those who were hesitant about getting vaccinated.Mr Mellado, with his wife before his illness, will require ongoing rehabilitation.(Supplied: Western Sydney Health)"I tell everybody 'get the vaccine', there are many people they don't want the vaccine, they don't trust about the virus, but it's real. It's real so they have to understand, they have to get the vaccine," he said

"They have to help other people too. My recommendation and the final idea is tell the people don't wait, try get the vaccine as soon as possible."He also thanked the staff for helping him."I remember when I do exercise for the corridor. I know everyone they say to me 'hello David'," he said.

Catch up on the main COVID-19 news from 18 September with a look back at our blog"I feel happy because I don't remember many people but they know me. Thank you very much everybody working here and help me a lot."People have taken to social media to congratulate Mr Mellado on his recovery and the staff that looked after him.

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"What a fighter", one person wrote while others have called his journey "an amazing story".NSW today recorded 1,331 locally acquired cases and six deaths, all from Sydney's west and south-west.There are 1,219 people in hospital with 233 of these in intensive care and 123 of whom require ventilation.

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never do vaccine The purpose of the vaccine is to destroy and rewrite human DNA, so humans will easily die and be controlled. Therefore, the Illuminati and the dark forces of the universe can enslave human beings on Earth forever. 坚决不打疫苗 疫苗的目的是破坏和改写人类的DNA , No mention of any underlying health conditions or age. Covid_19

Id hate to see the parking ticket put this news on every media channel so those non-believers and demonstrators will have a change of heart And yet funeral parlours in UK have not been over run, and have seen no children die from covid since it started, Funeral director whisteblower must watch Who said he had Covid? Where’s the proof? What were his other underlying conditions? Show me the blood tests and medical records or is this post politically convenient for the ABC during the current protests in sydneypark

So is Police brutality.. Reading the replies to this tweet, it is clear the real virus is the spread of misinformation and lack of critical thinking. It is so prevalent that both sides will think this statement applies to the other... Can a real journalist please do a complete investigation of this article and case. Not anyone from the ABC. Thank you.

Imagine the $ he saved from his pension, not even having to pay for daily food !!! Tell Byron Bay 😐

Sydney Covid patient’s plea after 399 days in hospitalA Covid-19 patient who spent more than a year recovering in a Sydney hospital has urged people not to wait and get vaccinated now.

Y'all still believe in covid lmao 🤡 Who paid for his “stay” unvaccinatedAreKillingUs physically and economically Can you imagine what that would've cost in America? And the LNP wants to get rid of Medicare and make us like them. The vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. It's not designed to do that. Stop lying to people. It's SOLE purpose is to ameliorate symptoms. That's all.

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Why is there no flu? Why is it that media who are sensationalising covid have financial interests in pharmaceutical and vaccines? Crikey !!!... He must have had a lot of underlying health issues!!

Moment COVID patient leaves hospital after marathon 399-day stayA 69-year-old man has walked free from a western Sydney hospital 399 days after he was first admitted with coronavirus. Are you recycling UK news from last spring, I'm sure I saw this exact story then. Bullshit then, bullshit now Lmao that’s some long ass covid case 😂😂 what BS

Go on, now show us an anti-vaxxer who has died from covid. Keep up the narrative. Is he an indigenous man or a non-indigenous man? 399 days? Woow that’s more than a year in to hear that he’s on the mend..stay safe mate!! Take care 👍👍😊 Did he just have covid or other underlying issues

Yes the virus is real and it’s dangerous like other diseases. But live has go on Muh dead genetic material that we call da virusssss 69 sorry to hear that...but age is the biggest factor of a bad covid outcome. 🤷‍♀️ never do vaccine The purpose of the vaccine is to destroy and rewrite human DNA, so humans will easily die and be controlled. Therefore, the Illuminati and the dark forces of the universe can enslave human beings on Earth forever. 坚决不打疫苗 疫苗的目的是破坏和改写人类的dna ,

Virus is real. The response is overcooked.

Man's impassioned plea after 399 days in hospital with COVID-19A Western Sydney man is urging everyone to come forward and get vaccinated after he spent 399 days in hospital being treated for coronavirus.

I think he worked that out 398 days ago! What a miracle! I hope he gets all the rehab help he needs. Thanks to the hard work of doctors and nurses keeping him alive. Incredible! He warned us to get vaccinated. I just had my 2nd Pfier shot! A relief to see my family for Christmas I hope! if he was inUS hosp the bill for a year would be $5mils

Live: NSW Premier is providing COVID-19 update as drive-in vaccinations begin in SydneyPremier Gladys Berejiklian is joined by Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres and Deputy Chief Health Officer Marianne Gale, for an update on COVID-19 and quarantine arrangements. Follow live. You can’t trust these ethnics to stay in their homes. Umm ok stuartayresmp So you want to trial homequarantine in appartments but will you notify other residents because if your trail fails the whole apartment block could end up in lockdown? covidnsw Why only 7 days when one can transmit the virus when fully vaccinated? If Gladys had a hard lock down at the beginning instead of looking at money over lives this would be over by now

NSW records 1,284 new COVID-19 cases, 12 deathsNew South Wales records 1,284 new COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths in the 24 hours to 8:00pm yesterday. Oh look it's the 'I'm not doing pressers chic' Sad about the deaths. Condolences to the family's. So it’s becoming even more clear why the nswpol lnp have been pushing OpenBorders because their parent company federal lnp have a big submarine project that needs overseas workers covid & health not important ipa pushing Propaganda wapol auspol sapol abcnews Big pharma and the opposition.

NSW records 1,284 new local COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths and announces home quarantine trialNSW Tourism Minister Stuart Ayers has announced a home quarantine trial for double dosed Australians returning home will start at the end of September. Would love it if Gladys stopped telling other States what they have to do. Pompous cow! She got us all into this with her slow response. With the 12 dead was an autopsy performed to prove they died from Covid Accountability for genocide will come