Victorians deserve to know extent of 'significant' hotel quarantine failures, Josh Frydenberg says

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says Victorians deserve to know the extent of the failures in the state's hotel quarantine program.

10/08/2020 3:12:00 AM

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has again called out the Victorian government over significant failures in its hotel quarantine system, saying the mistakes must be explained.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says Victorians deserve to know the extent of the failures in the state's hotel quarantine program.

Share on TwitterTreasurer Josh Frydenberg has again called out the Victorian government over significant failures in its hotel quarantine system, saying the mistakes must be explained.Genomic testing indicates the botched program could have sparked Victoria's deadly coronavirus second wave.

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Victoria announced, taking the national death toll to 314. The number of new cases is 322.READ MOREAustralia marks deadliest day of the pandemic with 19 new coronavirus deathsMr Frydenberg, who is self-isolating in Canberra ahead of the next federal parliament sitting, said it should never have reached the point where the state was recording hundreds of new cases and multiple deaths a day.

"It's very very difficult emotionally, it's difficult obviously on the economy as well," he told 2GB radio on Monday."We know with respect to quarantine, there have been very significant failures with deadly consequences. Victorians deserve answers. I'll leave that to Daniel Andrews and his government to provide."

READ MOREInquiry into Victoria's botched hotel quarantine program will grill government decision makersWith an independent review of the quarantine program to begin next week, Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has said she is"deeply sorry" if she hadn't done enough to prevent the virus spreading.

It is not yet clear whether infections in Victoria's outbreak have peaked, although there have been encouraging signs in recent days.Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth is hopeful case numbers in Victoria will soon drop."It's important to wait for the trend to emerge, but we do have some confidence in the coming days to week we'll see those numbers come down," he told the ABC.

"What is happening in Victoria could happen anywhere and it just behoves us to all change our behaviour for the coming months while we get this situation under control."Given the uncertain outlook for the economy, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has opened the door to changing JobKeeper wage subsidies.

Last week, the government announced a further $15 billion injection into the program and granted businesses easier access.The scheme will step down from a fortnightly payment of $1500 a week to $1200 at the end of September and then down to $1000 from December to March.

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Senator Cormann said"if facts change" the fiscal support could continue beyond March.READ MOREShould I wear a mask? What happened to the app? Your latest coronavirus questionsMetropolitan Melbourne residents are subject to Stage 4 restrictions and must comply with a curfew between the hours of 8pm and 5am.

During the curfew, people in Melbourne can only leave their house for work, and essential health, care or safety reasons. Between 5am and 8pm, people in Melbourne can leave the home for exercise, to shop for necessary goods and services, for work, for health care, or to care for a sick or elderly relative.

All Victorians must wear a face covering when they leave home, no matter where they live.People in Australia must stay at least 1.5 metres away from others. Check your state’s restrictions on gathering limits. If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, stay home and arrange a test by calling your doctor or contact the Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080. 

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JoshFrydenberg . As minister of environment you roadmapped “operate without ethics”.Globally important wetlands ditched for concrete Australians DESERVE to know Who Let The Pax Off the Ruby Princess Just let us get on with it and stop picking Not before PeterDutton_MP and ScottMorrisonMP explain their role in the rubyprincess debacle. Stop stirring up the pot for political gain JoshFrydenberg

nobby15 nobby15 I think Josh needs to read the constitution s51 and the Quarantine act 1908. Both address who is responsible for quarantine. He also needs to bone up on the Aged care act.. Has the Hungarian treasurer got guards posted outside his lockdown door to keep the media out ? Pull your head in Frightenburg, Australia needs to know why your government treats nursing home seniors so poorly.

Explain how quarantine is a fed gov responsibility? Explain how Vic picked security from an approved list by the fed gov? What about joshy explains why there was no covid action plan for aged care? Also a fed gov responsibility after it privatised it and sold off to their mates Josh might like to ask Mr Dutton why Customs is responsible to prevent anyone from bringing diseased plants and animals into the country, but just waves mass-death plagues in with not a care in the world.

The bullies, LNP/Murdoch's sycophants are frantic about their BS, does not mean we don't know that they are trying to get the attention off themselves... they are the reason so many Aussies are no longer with us, the Fed Government are responsible for putting profit before people Shut up! 2gb Josh? Please send Josh a memo: Good leaders are too busy leading to bag other leaders.

Kooyong deserves better. Australia deserves better. Boot Frydenberg out over these federal government failures Pass caring what Josh thinks. Let’s start with all the dodgy things the LNP pollies have done since election. Where to start with the questions I want answered. Then let’s have a go at the honest pollies trying to save our State/country. IStandWithDan

Time and place JoshFrydenberg Time and place... Pop this is kettle, suddenly you want answers - why dont you address the incompetence around the Ruby Princess......oh hang on thats in a LNP State!! Wheres Dutton in all that mess under his watch!! Ask him how his ‘wellbeing budget’ dance is going. I can’t find it on tick tok

Ruby ruby ruby my dear princess. You didn’t stop the boat. LNP failure JoshFrydenberg your smokescreen isn’t working B1. Where’s B2 today Mr Treasurer? You can’t even do that job properly so why comment on something that has nothing to do with you. Idiot. Morrison, Dutton and Frydenburg FAIL. Dan the infrastructure man, I have been everywhere Dan needs to stand down!

Ruby Princess Josh, can you explain that one? Wealthy skiers coming back from collarado - can you explain that? Late notification last January can you explain that? The people of Australia are still looking for an intelligent Treaurer JoshFrydenberg Frydenberg maybe this may help well we can start with how the federal government privatised the healthcare industry and the aged care industry been widely condemned in the Royal Commission but they failed to do anything at all about it and then we can look at how quarantine people is a federal government job

And RubyDutton must resign over RubyPrincess This should be reiterated to Federal Government meetings so that same mistake will not happen. How many more times does this quarantine program have to be aired before dumb old Frydenberg wakes up? The nob from Kooyong Reading from Libtrash propaganda page

Everyone agrees. But.Josh..don't distract from the Ruby Princess and the failure of Dutton and Border force.. This is why Andrews is supported by majority of Victorians.. Attack dog does not suit you..not trusted JoshFrydenberg a programme implemented over a weekend to solve a Cwth issue of quarantine was imperfect. In part because one person had poor impulse control. Systemic failure to implement RC recommendations and address lack of benefits for casuals doomed Aged Care. Comparable?

This was a Federal responsibility JennyMikakos. The Feds did not do their job properly JoshFrydenberg, that includes making sure the Vic quarantine effort was on the ball. One or two lousy hotels. Dereliction of duty when the country needed the Fed big guns the most. Look over there, look over there.......

Mistake? Why is National Cabinet not being questioned? Why are we paying for a National COVID19Aus Cabinet if they arent setting the same guidelines on hotel quarantine? Get a life Joshua boy . Out of your depth. When the Finance Minister runs rings around you in a press conference then even you must know that you are not up to the job of Treasurer !!!! Or is Scomo from Marketing sending you in as his attack dig because he is too weak to do it

mature politicians don't blame but take responsibility..if they don't have any responsibility then they keep shut., Because, Joshie, contract was raised by Federal Government and there is an inquiry into this. No, don’t thank me. The same applies to Aged Care which is a Federal responsibility. Could someone call out JoshFrydenberg for .....well where do we start🙈

And does want to call out JoshFrydenberg? Quarantine is a federal responsibility, as is aged care. Ruby Princess!!!! The LNP need to explain a lot too Frydenberg, re Ruby Princess and aged care. Don't you love how the LNP demands answers from everyone else but don't give any answers to important questions themselves. Morrison either runs away or ignores reporters.

He should be more concerned about his calculator that puts random zeros into totals. Someone needs to ask Frydenberg when will Morrison take responsibility for allowing the virus into Australia, will there be an investigation? I thought the Feds were ultimately responsible for this JoshFrydenberg. People in glass houses

Expressions like “called out” or “pointed out” treat claims made by the person quoted as fact. Josh FRY - DAN - BURGHER has forgotten 1/2 the COCID casualties are on HIS GOVT'S WATCH!! LNP NOT being too useful when it comes to PRIVATE NURSING HOMES!!🤪😷🤪👎😡 The man in the 'GLASSHOUSE'!! It is a function of LNP government's casualisation and privatisation agenda. Consequently, there are sub-orders of contractors and the one at the bottom has to obtain workers from social media. Yay the free market.

Ruby Princess - 'princess'. Josh ..... tsk tsk tsk ...😑 Best not to criticise to loud quarantine is a Federal responsibility where was Canberra shouldn’t they have been looking after the hotel debacle? just listen to the perfect idiot calling the kettle black, what a fool I think feds need to explain lots of issues

Did the gutless media nod & agree with the gimp Excuse me ... wasn't the Security Firm that was vetted by Freydenberg's Government responsible for that? You know all this small business and private enterprise is better than government mantra they go on with? Australia needs an explanation for the Ruby Princess debacle first ... up next, Peter Dutton ... 🦗🦗🦗

I am so sick of politicians trying to score points in a time of global disaster, rather than pulling together for the sake of the country. HAVE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU HAVE A GO AT ANYONE! Josh must be thinking 💭 what would Ronnie and Margaret do here? Let’s ask this question SBS, what about tracing ALL passengers that disembarked of the Ruby Princess, where they went when they were off the ship? Guess what, they traveled back home to Victoria, WA etc, or visiting family in other states. Hope this gets done.

I agree with the treasure , the Victorian Premier must resign , he just didn’t fail his state but the whole of Australia! Look at Queensland, they are doing ok , NSW is on edging point , But Andrews must Go !! NOW Yes, we do need answers to the entire Covid response: quarantine,age care, JobKeeper decisions, Covid Comm makeup,etc. Some What if..JoshFrydenberg had provided pandemic leave for casual and gig workers?What if govt hadn’t privatised aged care?

joshFraud must have forgotten his immense blunders that have yet to be explained. Oh my, his short term memory! Please explain your shortcomings & clusters ASAP. Just remind me josh, how many billions did your cluster involve? Cmon Josh as you are accountable to the Australian people isn’t it time to start helping Victoria and explain to us some of your errors Waiting, waiting

Fraudenberg talking bullshit to hide from lnp responsibility You are not being helpful Josh. Most of the blame lays with the Feds Shut up joshy your just making yerself look like even more of an incompetent dickhead Australia deserves to know why you have tripled the Deficit in boom-time? And expect Australians to pay for it during Recession? JoshieTheTrillionDollarKid Murdoch

JoshFrydenberg Australians deserve to know how this originated at a Fed level. ScottMorrisonMP continued to allow flights into Australia from Wuhan even when it was clear what was happening & then we have the Cruise Ships in Sydney...well away from DanielAndrewsMP auspol What is his agenda? What is he trying to achieve by doing this? Does anyone know?

When the 09/10 Pandemics first hit our Police Forces scrambled to prepare. I was one of those involved in preparedness planning at a Fed Level. Most Police aren’t taught infection control so how are undertrained security guards supposed to cope? Pull your head in JoshFrydenberg Be the change you wish to see Josh.

Yolantacupples Disaster Dan needs to stop hiding from his stuff ups Is there even an Opposition in Victoria? Mistakes must be explained is a standard of expectation that they, the LNP, find hard to accept or follow so how can they demand it of others. You first Joshy QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q Q Q ... HYDROXICHLOROQUINE ... Q Q Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 oh seriously Josh, what the hell is with this blame game politics? who authorised the constant flow of 'repatriates' bring with them COVID? did we forget Ruby Princess? do we choose to forget the abuse of State shutdowns by Federal pollies to prematurely release restrictions? He knows the truth. The Federal government is responsible for security companies

JoshFrydenberg needs to cease the childish petty Anti Andrews politics amid a pandemic ffs and to stick to his day job as “Treasurer “ and chief economic vandal of Australia Right on Josh ...and the federal government can address its own deficincies in aged care , quarantine and cruise ships as well.

Now if only Australia had journalists... SBS get a grip. He hasn’t “called them out”. He is mud slinging when he should be getting his own act together. Monster. Meanwhile Frydenberg remains quiet on the RubyPrincess fiasco and the genesis of our Covid19 epidemic. Josh Needs take a goodlook at the failures of his own government! Things that they had control over . Blaming a government over a pandemic that has taken 100’ thousands of lives globally. The Victorian government has stood strong by it’s people thru the pandemic and fires

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Does Josh also want more info about ruby Princess, NSW Icare debacle, robodebt, Angus Taylor dodgy business dealings etc? So does this... And yet no one in his party seems to want to answer the tough questions about the Princess Ruby fiasco 🤷🏼‍♀️ Actually Josh, we deserve a federal government that supports the state government instead of continually taking cheap shots at the premier because he’s in a different political party. Didn’t your parents tell you “if you can’t say anything nice, STFU?” They probably should have

He’s right, but you still can’t trust a berg Surely Mr Frydenberg knows an enquiry has been set in place, yet he's still trying to deflect blame to the Vic Premier. If the hotel quarantine was managed by the Feds one would think that Dan Andrews would be rather more transparent about the process. But no, very sheepish about details.

Pot calling kettle black. Awaiting the elite journalists to hound Josh about the systemic failures of the libs over the last several years. Can't help stupid As it is Federal responsibility we are all keen to know. Inept barrel-scraping calling the kettle black. What a load of rubbish. Demanding the economy open with local transmission still. With community not social distancing.

Allow me to fix: Treasurer JoshFrydenberg has again called out the Victorian government despite the fact that it was actually the Feds responsible for those significant failures in the hotel quarantine and aged care systems. You're welcome. Fraudenberg can’t talk, look at how people with disabilities are treated then try and tell me he’s good at his job; i won’t believe you if you do.

When r ScottMorrisonMP PeterDutton_MP going to allow Federal Officials to be ?ed by RubyPrincess inquiry At time = catastrophic 4 Aus. Unlike DanielAndrewsMP they r not in urgent daily crisis, time to answer ? ? JoshFrydenberg OR else guilty of hypocritical double standard The security company used for the hotel quarantine program was contracted by the federal LNP government. And, ahem, Ruby Princess?!

His lot better explain why they gave money to private schools to open, since after the hotels the virus spread to private schools that they told us were safe for students. 'Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has again called out the Victorian government, saying the mistakes must be explained.' Well you have never explained the LNP mistake of making you treasurer and that was a while ago!

Can we expect JoshFrydenberg to start explaining all his mistakes too? why do you keep pushing this bullshit Lol. Perhaps ask first within his own government and then sure, look abroad. Pretty sure the feds are responsible for hotel quarantine. Why doesn't someone ask him why he's not complying with the royal commission on the ruby princess?

Frydenberg says Victorians need answers about hotel quarantine failuresVictorians deserve answers about 'serious failures with deadly consequences' in the state's hotel quarantine system, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says. Yup; find out why ScottMorrisonMP ‘s useless coalition allowed this failure Like all Australians need answers about Ruby Princess failures JoshFrydenberg We also need answers about 1. Ruby princess 2. Sports Rorts 3. Palladin 4. Au Pairs. 5. what happened to 250 mill for the arts. 6. Start whenever you are ready, F-berg.

Treasurer ramps up attack on Victorian hotel quarantine amid 'social inclusion' revelationsFederal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says it is up to the Victorian government to explain how and why the hotel quarantine program broke down | Gallo_Ways Gallo_Ways Fck off french fry Gallo_Ways Possums are better Victorians than Josh. Gallo_Ways Try talking to MSS, they may be able to help you

Treasurer ramps up attack on Victorian hotel quarantine amid 'social inclusion' revelationsJosh Frydenberg on Saturday escalated his attacks against the Victorian government's quarantine system, which has been responsible for the initial outbreak that led to the second wave of coronavirus cases And you all dutifully write down their bullshit. Verbatim. Victoria has a quarantine system? How about working together instead of playing blame games? May result in some miraculous solutions. Just my humble opinion.

Frustration over lack of answers growsCriticism of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is growing as he resists calls to reveal details of the hotel quarantine bungle. Straight into the bin. More steaming hot garbage from CharisChang2 Thinking DanielAndrewsMP should suffer the same fate as our other leaders who have made major COVID19 stuff ups Namely ScottMorrisonMP, PeterDutton_MP and GladysB AusPol Ok not saying he shouldn't be held accountable BUT how about right now we focus on what's currently happening and not something he cannot change IStandWithDan

Whistleblower nurse alleges hotel quarantine guests were allowed to 'play up' in relaxed systemDepartmental staff in charge of running Melbourne's quarantine hotels were more concerned with appeasing guests than infection control, according to a nurse who worked at the troubled facilities. tin foil. nothing happened. take your meds I thought whistleblowing was illegal now Totally Dan's fault... 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hiring security guards 'an attempt at social inclusion'A Department of Jobs official has been removed as another describes the 'crazy weekend' setting up hotel quarantine. That is so WOKE....... Known as a “clusterfuck”