Victorian election 2022 LIVE updates: VEC figures reveal one in three votes already cast as campaign enters final days

24/11/2022 3:41:00 AM

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has just announced that, if the Coalition is elected on Saturday, Victoria will lower the age of probationary driving.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has just announced that, if the Coalition is elected on Saturday, Victoria will lower the age of probationary driving.

More than 1.56 million Victorians have already voted, Labor is targeting women in the final days of the campaign and Matthew Guy is in northeast Victoria today where a sitting Liberal is under threat from an independent challenger.

Here’s what he had to say:Benambra’s independent candidate, Jacqui Hawkins, says she will work with whoever forms government.The teals and rural independents would also argue that, while they cannot form government and therefore control the state’s purse strings, their very existence influences the platforms of the major parties and brings more attention to certain seats.

Coalition pledges to lower probationary driving ageAt the moment, Victorians can get their P-plates when they turn 18. However, people in other states (such as NSW) can get their Ps at 17.Guy made the announcement while touring the regional city of Wodonga, which lies on the border with NSW.

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Ridiculous. Not sure about that! There are pluses but not all 17 years olds have the maturity to understand vehicles are weapons! In saying that my kids and I got our licence at 16 in adelaide. Why? Yae! More carnage on the roads. Just what we need right now. Lol, I have taught my 4 sons to drive, trust me do not lower the age!!!

Is it true the Victorian Coalition, if elected on Saturday, will mow the lawn of every residential dwelling with odd numbers on Tuesday, followed by even numbers on Thursday? if the Coalition is elected on Saturday, Victorians will effectively vote to reduce the intellectual capacity of the VIC government.

What... Kids today can’t even fill out a form without their parents let alone make good decisions about avoiding killing themselves on our roads at 16 - growing up in the 80s is not the same demographic as now so don’t compare “when you were growing up” to growing up in todays times Just …. Why? What problem is this solving?

Matthew Guy was ‘Mr Nice Guy’ and ‘failed’Victorian Democratic Labor Party leader Bernie Finn says Opposition leader Matthew Guy went into the Sky News People’s Forum as “Mr Nice Guy” and “failed”. “If Matthew had wanted to make a point he merely had to point out that renewables are forcing the cost of energy up, but he didn’t want to go there,” Mr Finn said. “Why wouldn’t Matthew Guy run with that?” Finn needs to fade away and stop being a bitter arsehole! Just like Turnbull! Why are our politicians so awful? No talent between the pair. Things need to change fast LOL, thats calling the kettle black when you look at COMMO danny

Lol, he hasn’t realised that one needs to be 18 to vote so - they’re already driving. Why? Assume if they can pay tax & now apparently under an LNP government they can drive, you’ll be happy to let them vote? So irresponsible. springst No thanks. That's the reek of desperation. 😂😂😂😂 Why would you do that Matt the roads are crappy enough

Solution looking for a problem ‘Cos that’s been front of mind for us all in these challenging times 😳 lowering the driving age……seriously…..that’s your 12th hour contribution to this election? Ok. Well. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Messy outcomes loom after this hysterical campaignBlue sky wage growth. Illustration: Matt Golding. Read letters to the editor here: Is it just business though? Isn’t there stagnant wage growth in the public sector?

If so many votes already cast, and this agegroup do not vote, who is the target of this anouncement? If I lived in Victoria that wouldn’t be a vote winner for me. So? I got my (full) licence at 15 and 2 weeks in NZ, and by the age of 18, had racked up over 20,000 miles with no drama, as had also my schoolmates. Different times, yes, but I see no problems with 16 yo's - their hormones aren't as rampant as 18 y.o.s

Oh right. Christ that’ll be a winner with every responsible parent over there. A 17 year old behind the wheel of a WRX. Just what the road toll needs. lucky the kids can't vote! How many parents are keen for this? So WHAT... Winning FFS, this is a real boost to the economy. Is this his 'trump' card. Next he’ll be promising them free cars. 🙄

The ‘most boring’ debate ‘I’ve ever seen in my life’: Andrew BoltSky News host Andrew Bolt says the debate between Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition leader Matthew Guy was the “most boring” debate “I’ve ever seen in my life”. “You saw Daniel Andrews trying desperately to be the nice, smiling, kind, avuncular guy,' Mr Andrews said. “While Matthew Guy was also trying to be nice, sweet and inoffensive. Not the cuts guy. “So, you had two guys that were walking through – a very delicate glassware factory without wanting to knock down anything at least on themselves.” Must be a bad night when labor outpolls liberals on sky! 😂 Sky upset their boy is useless and being kind your attempts to help guy with your so called moderates didnt help disappointed your moderates was so biased Bolt hoping he can convince voters not to watch the train wreck that is MatthewGuyMP

He does know that 17yo don’t vote, doesn’t he? Surely this is the parody page? What could possibly go wrong with that ? I bloody hope not. Gett’n desperate now🫣 Policy decisions on the run! What could go wrong! Disgraceful let them be kids They say whining toddlers influence parents shopping ( I like these crackers), do they think the same apllies to teens and voting?

I think that is a very foolish idea, scrap that idea champion we loose way too many kids that have no idea how to drive now to MVA’s should be raising the age not lowering 18 yos will vote against this.

‘Made the commitment we would reopen Ward 17’: Matthew GuyVictoria’s Opposition leader Matthew Guy says he has “made a commitment we would reopen Ward 17” after being asked if he would commit to giving Veterans the support needed through employment and health services. “We’ve also made a commitment to support police veterans who lack any support particularly around PTSD and I make that commitment again to you tonight for Ward 17, for our police veterans as well,” Mr Guy said at the Sky News People’s Forum. “You’ve done so much work for our country, it’s the least we can do for you.”

Terrible policy. What a disaster waiting to happen. My 19 year old niece was killed in a car accident. It was put down to inexperience. If I was a liberal voter my support would be changed very quickly. All parties should bring in compulsory driver education. Get rid of this maniac, people. He's destroying Victoria to get HIMSELF ahead, nothing more. And he doesn't care who he ruins in order to do it.

I do not support this policy. Curious if TAC, VicPol, trauma emergency departments have been consulted. Policy on the 🏃 Dumb idea ! And tomorrow they’ll be promising to pay off your mortgage , mow everyone’s lawns and take granny to the bowls. All uncosted like the $30B of promises so far. Good On You Matt

What other populist brainfarts is Guy gonna offer? pfffft Going for the 16 and under vote So Vic Libs announcing a new youth policy AFTER the election blackout has is he going to spread the word about this.....go up to Queensland and drop in on the Vic schoolies ?

‘Different view’: Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy share ‘same aim’ for CBDVictorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he and Opposition leader Matthew Guy most likely share the “same aim” in improving Victoria’s CBD, but they may “have different ways to get there”. He said he and the Opposition leader especially have a “different view” on transport. “I can’t tell you how proud we are to know those trains are built by Victorian workers for Victorian passengers,” he said during the Sky News People’s Forum. There both a bad seeds if Dan stays Victoria is doomed if guy gets in Victoria is doomed Dan appeared rattled, was shown to be the narcissist he is. Everything Dan said was about self achievement at the expense of the state, the health of its citizens for generations to come.

Going after the 15 yr olds' vote. Genius. WHY? 12 years old forklift drivers are on the cards again! Well at least Tim will be happy to hear that 😂 So he had a brain fart… Dumb idea! Seriously is there anyone around that can lead? The ones that we have are broken. And everyone gets a free gun ... Matthew Guy is the gift that keeps on giving 😂

AND he'll appoint Tim Smith as the minister lol 😆 🤣 beep beep beep Australian Orphans Used As Guinea Pigs Frank_McGuire The Killing Fields of CSL WEHI CSIRO 491 Babies in UNMARKED graves Courtesy of Frank_McGuire ProtectingPedophilePriests

‘Beware of politics’ that promises everything: Matthew GuyVictorian Opposition leader Matthew Guy says in life and even in politics, we must make “tough decisions” and his priority is fixing the Victorian health system. “So yes, I am going to take all of the government committed money from the Box Hill to Cheltenham underground railway line,” he said during the Sky News People’s Forum “And I’m going to put all of that into health – it means I can’t do one, but I am going to fix the other. “Because it’s about choices and governments have to make hard choices … to me fixing the health system is the priority.” Mr Guy said Victorians can not have everything “and beware of politics that tell you, you can'. He is going to stop the pandemic? how's M.Guy of the lnpcrimefamily going to fund that? His overseas owner Murdoch going to pay tax? Or his local Mafia affiliate will stump up the cash? VicVotes2022 vicpol vicvotes DanSlide

If they’re old enough to Drive they’re old enough to VOTE…….I bet that would make your sphincter tighten up ….. 17 year olds don't vote!! interesting choice of photographs. Chosen by Costello? How quickly a once great masthead can fall into the gutter As the parent of a 16 yo with excellent coordination skills, I say, please no. This is a disaster of a decision.

Thought bubble? Vote winner? Yep 17 in most other states and should be uniform and before you are allowed to drink👍 Like this one? The overgrown school kid. Who is responsible for marketing at LiberalVictoria? Know your audience. Your voters are 18+. You’re trying to sell to people who can’t even vote on this 😂😂😂if 15 year olds could vote, you’d be in with a chance

Will MatthewGuyMP also raise the BAC level allowed to 1.5% - it’s okay for Tim to drink-drive?

Anything to get a vote, Suckers, who believes a Liberal !!! Per Capita except for the ACT, Victoria has the lowest Death Toll in Australia. Plus that figure is even more impressive when you consider the number of vehicles operating within our second smallest State (Area). Do you really want your daughter out driving with her 16 yr old BF?

Is that because Matthew Guy is a cry baby and wants to protect his licence? Getting ridiculous now Ha, this clown is trying to win votes from 16 year olds. Someone needs to explain to him they can't vote. Gonna need a bigger trauma ward You all get more desperate and bias Young people already make up most road deaths… terrible policy!

Why? That's great news for parents. Now they can start 2 years earlier worrying themselves sick waiting for that knock at the door and a Cop telling them that their Kid who thought they were invincible, WASN'T

Just as well the Young Liberals are against lowering the voting age to 16... He just shot himself in the foot with that demographic How does an MP go through an election without even bothering to attend his electorate ? What reasons could be have to feel so sure his seat is 💯 safe? That shows how intelligent he is

That’s really dumb and I don’t get it. Shit idea Desperate, illogical last minute appeal to the young voter given that the polling shows the Liberals are staring outright defeat in the face. Won’t matter. Morgan poll. For what purpose? 🤦🏻‍♂️

How about bolstering public transport and bicycle infrastructure instead? Why? This is one of those issues that if labor had of proposed it their supporters would be patting themselves in the back for helping young people but because the Libs proposed it they will champion all conservative arguments against it

I could support this policy if it were clear as to what is driving the purpose of lowering the age? Is it for improving health of kids? Is about safety? Is it about lowering the road toll? Is it about helping kids get to school? How about he raises the Age of Criminal Responsibility instead? Everyone getting upset by this has obviously never lived outside of Victoria.

What Can we get a real alternative, centrist party? Labor and Liberal are both crap. Why?

If want to lower the age than make it mandatory that younger drivers do an advanced driving course as apart of their probationary license conditions. Will he stop blocking innocent Victorians? Is he a dictator who can't stand anyone who doesn't seem a Liberal? Even if they never interacted or criticised him or Liberals. He doesn't come across as your guy but secretly only for chosen minority

Lobster Guy couldn’t be more of a loser if he tried. Definitely NO What about the blood alcohol level due to dim tim and David Davis? The only people who care about getting their P’s early are not even of voting age. What a bloody goose! Only if he takes the voting age down with it 😂😂😂 More drivers on the road = more traffic. Cars being the Liberals strong point. Bit of an own goal there.

Everywhere that was lower probationary ages had better road tools Where do you think 16yo are driving to. School and back. That's 2 years of driving practise before they are 'adults' and have access to everything

ATAF? What about raising the BAC level?

‘We’ve got the plan’: Guy criticises independents By Broede Carmody Staying with Matthew Guy’s press conference, and the opposition leader was asked about the possibility of the seat of Benambra – centred around Wodonga – falling to an independent on Saturday.33 minutes ago Victorian Democratic Labor Party leader Bernie Finn says Opposition leader Matthew Guy went into the Sky News People’s Forum as “Mr Nice Guy” and “failed”.Playing the Dan may just pay off ”, 22/11).3 minutes ago Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the debate between Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition leader Matthew Guy was the “most boring” debate “I’ve ever seen in my life”.

Here’s what he had to say: I won’t make any comment about independents suffice to say that, if you want a new hospital .. “Why wouldn’t Matthew Guy run with that?” Read More.. He bought people along with him, a great skill, and was forthright in his handling of everything that occurred during his time as premier. an independent member won’t give it to you because they’ll be supporting Daniel Andrews. And he’s not going to give it to your hospital.” Read More.

Pushing for one and being able to deliver one are very different things. Labor simply does not “walk its talk”. An independent can push for a hospital, but they won’t deliver one. The only way to deliver a new hospital is to get a Liberal change of government. We’ve got the plan to build a new hospital in Wodonga. Anyone would think it never happened. Only the Liberal Party and only Bill Tilley as a local MP can guarantee that.

Benambra’s independent candidate, Jacqui Hawkins, says she will work with whoever forms government. The Coalition, though, have been arguing that if Liberals lose seats to crossbenchers, that’ll guarantee another Labor government. Of these, Victoria had contributed disproportionately with 20,345 (73 per cent) and 819 (90 per cent) of the national totals. Loading In response, independents and their supporters say the Coalition only has itself and its policy agenda to blame if it cannot win enough seats to form government in its own right. The teals and rural independents would also argue that, while they cannot form government and therefore control the state’s purse strings, their very existence influences the platforms of the major parties and brings more attention to certain seats. Earlier today, one pollster predicted that independents could gain three to five seats on Saturday. with security guards ensuring that incoming travellers were denied any opportunity to pass the virus on.

Roy Morgan Research, a separate polling agency, is tipping that independents could win up to six seats. 11.39am Coalition pledges to lower probationary driving age By Broede Carmody Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has just announced that, if the Coalition is elected on Saturday, Victoria will lower the age of probationary driving. George McGregor, Malvern Things are getting ugly The mood and behaviour of sections of the Victorian public during the pandemic, and now in this electoral countdown, has been ugly. At the moment, Victorians can get their P-plates when they turn 18. However, people in other states (such as NSW) can get their Ps at 17.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy on the campaign trail. A noose was seen. Credit: Jason South Guy made the announcement while touring the regional city of Wodonga, which lies on the border with NSW. The local Liberal MP, Bill Tilley, is once again facing a challenge from independent candidate Jacqui Hawkins – who campaigned, in part, on reducing legal inconsistencies between NSW and Victoria back in 2018 (along with further action on climate change). Some teenagers in Wodonga put down a relative’s address across the border, in Albury, on RTA forms in order to get their licence a year earlier. I have worked at elections and my experience had previously been one of civility, sausage sizzles for charities and a communal goodwill. The RTA is NSW’s equivalent of VicRoads.

“Victorian kids are at a disadvantage,” Guy said during this morning’s press conference. “They can’t drive to school [independently at 17], they can’t drive to work, they can’t drive to uni. Robust debates then still allowed for satirical jibes from both sides. “But lowering the age to 17 gives them the chance to do so. And it breaks that nexus between the age of 18 and when you can get your licence and when you can legally drink.” The opposition leader also pledged to build a new hospital on the NSW-Victorian border – something local community action groups have been calling for. Jon McMillan, Mount Eliza.

“The border deserves no less.” Labor has opted instead to upgrade the existing cross-border site. 11.23am Andrews hits back at Suburban Rail Loop referral By Broede Carmody Staying with the premier’s press conference, and Daniel Andrews was asked about reports that federal Liberal MP Michael Sukkar plans to refer to the Suburban Rail Loop to the federal Parliamentary Budget Office. “This is a bloke who couldn’t even build a car park in his electorate,” Andrews said of Sukkar.

Former federal housing minister Michael Sukkar. Credit: Getty “That’s all I really need to say about the Liberal Party. [And] they’re doing more than just referring [the rail loop] off. They’re cancelling it. They’re cutting it.

They’re getting rid of it and all the jobs that depend upon it. “That gives every Victorian the clearest, the clearest indication that the Liberal Party want to make our economy smaller. Otherwise, why cancel projects?” In case you missed it yesterday, former chief economist Stephen Anthony said the rail loop is the “worst infrastructure project of all time”. During an appearance on radio station 3AW, Anthony said Victoria would be better off spending “one one-hundredth” of the cost of the rail loop on electric buses that could shuttle people from the middle ring suburbs to the airport. Last year, the Andrews government costed the first stage of the rail loop at between $30-$35 billion and the second stage between $20-$27 billion.

Advertisement Premier goes on the attack in campaign’s dying days By Broede Carmody Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is in North Melbourne this morning where he’s toured the soon-to-be-built Arden Station. The station is linked to Labor’s Metro Tunnel project, which the premier this morning linked to his party’s broader strategy of building more campuses for the Royal Melbourne Hospital and bringing back the State Electricity Commission. Premier Daniel Andrews on the campaign trail. Credit: Jason South “All of that is on the ballot on Saturday,” Andrews told reporters. “If the Liberal Party are successful, they will cut and cancel it all.

That will make our economy smaller, not bigger. That’ll make things like cost of living much, much harder to deal with. “Our political opponents talk about the cost of living a lot, but they fail to recognise the cost of living starts with having a job. And if you cancel projects, then you are cancelling jobs and futures not just for workers but their families as well.” The Coalition has promised to axe the Suburban Rail Loop and instead spend the money that would be saved on the health system.

“Now is not the time for a smaller Victorian economy,” Andrews said during today’s press conference. “We need a bigger economy, more jobs and to build the things that we need to set ourselves up for the future.” Recent polling has suggested Labor is on track to either govern with a reduced majority or even face the possibility of a hung parliament. 10.50am Patten concedes her upper house seat in a ‘precarious’ position By Broede Carmody Meanwhile, Reason Party leader Fiona Patten has conceded that she’s at risk of losing her upper house seat on Saturday.

The ABC’s election analyst, Antony Green, has suggested the fifth seat in the Northern Metropolitan region could go to the Socialists or Democratic Labour Party candidate (and former Labor MP) Adem Somyurek. Victorian upper house Reason Party MP Fiona Patten. Credit: Justin McManus Here’s what Patten told ABC Radio Melbourne a short while ago: With small parties like mine, it is always precarious. And, you know, the preference negotiations with the conservative parties in Adem Somyurek have made that pathway a bit more challenging this time. We’re certainly seeing there’s a lot more recognition for smaller parties out there.

10.34am Court orders Darebin to stop removing Labor MP’s signs By and Rachel Eddie In case you missed it last night, Labor MP Kat Theophanous has won a bid in the Supreme Court to stop a council from removing her campaign material in Northcote. The development came as her father was filmed getting into heated exchanges over how-to-vote cards with Liberal volunteers. Kat Theophanous, left, with Premier Daniel Andrews and his wife Catherine on the campaign trail. Credit: Eddie Jim Justice Tim Ginnane ordered the Darebin City Council on Wednesday to not interfere with signs promoting Theophanous after eight billboards at four locations were removed, actions the MP has previously claimed were politically motivated and driven by the Greens.

Theophanous’ staffers had reported the disappearance of the signs to police before discovering they had been taken to a tip in Melbourne’s north, where two were destroyed. The court order comes as competition heats up over the seat, which Theophanous is battling to retain after winning it by just 800 votes from now-federal Greens senator Lidia Thorpe at the 2018 election. .