Verstappen hammered for 'pathetic' podium act

Star's 'very childish' move after drama-filled race

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6/12/2021 7:00:00 AM

Clearly irked after the most dramatic race of the Formula 1 season went against him, Max Verstappen did not hide his emotions on the podium. The title challenger is copping a blasting 😬 9WWOS F1 SaudiArabianGP

Star's 'very childish' move after drama-filled race

Max Verstappen has been slammed for snubbing Lewis Hamilton on the podium in Saudi Arabia. (Getty)The friction that had lingered between Hamilton and Verstappen throughout the season hit its hottest point when the two drivers collided at turn one of lap 37. As Hamilton attempted to overtake Verstappen at the first turn, the Dutchman altered his line, clipped Hamilton and ran off the track, retaining the lead in doing so.

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And although Verstappen was instructed to cede first position to Hamilton because of the move, the 24-year-old was accused of 'brake-testing' the Briton at turn 27 of the 37th lap. Verstappen hit the brakes as Hamilton loomed up behind him, causing the seven-time world champion to ram into the back of his Red Bull, which damaged his front wing.

Hamilton then finally completed a successful overtake of Verstappen when the rising star let him past at turn 27 of the 43rd lap, before the veteran recorded the fastest lap of the race to gain a bonus point.Max Verstappen collided twice on lap 37 of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. (Getty)

Clearly irked following the controversial grand prix, Verstappen trudged from the podium after the playing of England's national anthem, God Save the Queen, grabbing his champagne bottle and leaving without making any eye contact with Hamilton.Journalist Antonello Guerrera wrote on Twitter: "After all the dirty tricks on track, Verstappen even abandons the podium. Just pathetic."

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Sports-marketing professional Arvindi Hickman posted: "Verstappen showing his class by storming off from the podium celebrations. Very childish."Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are level on 369.5 points ahead of the final race of the world championship. (Getty)

BBC sports commentator Sulaiman Folarin wrote: "Max Verstappen just confirmed he is a BAD sportsman. He walked off the stage without celebrating as customary. Where are his apologists?"

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