'Utter rubbish': Minister accuses NSW of bullying other states over NDIS

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The federal minister responsible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Stuart Robert, says NSW is bullying the other states by demanding disability funding that he claims would be spent on other projects


"This is about politics and not about policy ... about a billion dollars that are designed as an insurance reserve contingency fund, and all the states and territories must agree on how it's spent, or indeed if it's spent at all," Mr Robert told 2GB's Ray Hadley. It was due to be set up by July 1 last year and the Disability Reform Council, made up of state and federal disability ministers, agreed last year to "ensure funding committed for NDIS participants is invested in NDIS participants".Mr Robert said he did not believe that the states would use the money for disability services.

The federal government's promised budget surplus is under serious threat due to the economic fallout from the nation's bushfire emergency as well as the coronavirus crisis and the drought.


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I imagine stuartrobertmp and ScottyfromMarketing would be experts on political bullying

stuartrobertmp oversees a program that has a built in allowance for $2billion (That’s a B) in fraud. How can he actually comment on anything to do with the NDIS and be believed?

At one point the NDIS was going to be funded by a small increased tax to the Medicare levyBUT guess what? The wonderful economic managers i.e. LNP said no no we can fund it out of consolidated revenue. Now look🤔🙄👎🏻

Ahhh... the ROBOFRAUDSTER steps up...you should be in jail for fraud and missapropriation. If you were a publuc servant YOU would be

People are waiting Months to be Assessed

Dumbo the elephant 🐘 !!!

Completely irresponsible

I have never believed a single word I have heard from this politician. Ever. So far I have it 100% accurate as he has yet to say anything honest.

These Heartless people (usually liberals) should not be given jobs in government.There are certain things that just aren’t and can never be termed as rorts and therefore shld always be highly funded Disability is one of them.

He looks like a demented Pinocchio.

Good christ following boi

Create a dept you dont want to support because you dont believe in it and make it very difficult to access. Bingo ... savings galore

Where does this bloke get off?

NDIA & its legislation has always been flawed. Legislation that doesn't even define disability, rediculous requirements like HQs in Geelong & taking state health staff that has nobbled the agency. Headcount caps heavy use of consultants who hide figures have all led to failure.

Can you really believe Stuart Robert? He hasn't been totally honest with the Taxpayers in the past Just think RoboDebt, what about his outrageous internet claim what was it 33 grand for a month's internet use

Does he not own a mirror?

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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