US gun lobby sues California for not exempting gun stores from coronavirus orders

The National Rifle Association is suing the state of California after a sheriff ordered gun stores to close, saying they are not an essential business

29/03/2020 4:53:00 AM

The National Rifle Association is suing the state of California after a sheriff ordered gun stores to close, saying they are not an essential business

The National Rifle Association is suing the state of California after a sheriff ordered gun stores to close, saying they are not an essential business.

Share on TwitterUS gun advocates are expressing outrage over the coronavirus-related closures of gun retailers in Los Angeles County, with the leading gun rights organisation filing a lawsuit against the state of California."The circumstances posed by the novel coronavirus outbreak are noteworthy, but do not excuse unlawful government infringements upon freedom," the National Rifle Association said in a lawsuit filed against California and other officials.

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Read moreDonald Trump backflips on quarantining coronavirus epicentre New York preferring 'strong travel advisory'The lawsuit comes after Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he would enforce a closure on gun stores as a"non-essential" business.

The state has ordered residents to stay at home and the closure of businesses that do not meet essential needs in a bid to slow the coronavirus outbreak.However, California Governor Gavin Newsom said the decision to close gun stores would be left to local authorities.

Signs are posted in front of some gun stores as the coronavirus pandemic continuesGetty Images North AmericaThe NRA contends that firearms and ammunition retailers"arguably provide the most essential business function possible by enabling Californians to lawfully defend themselves, their loved ones and their property".

The lawsuit comes as gun and ammo sales have surged as some panic-driven customers stockpile weapons, along with toilet paper and hand sanitiser.Los Angeles Sheriff Villanueva has said buying a gun during the outbreak is a"bad idea" that could cause more injuries.

"Particularly, you have a lot of people now that are at home - normally, they're not. Cabin fever sets in, you've got a crowded environment, people at home - weapons are not a good mix," he, an online gun retailer, has seen a nearly eight-fold increase in revenue over the past month, saying there has been a jump in sales around the country, led by conservative Texas.

Australians must stay at least 1.5 metres away from other people. Indoors, there must be a density of no more than one person per four square metres of floor space.If you believe you may have contracted the virus, call your doctor (don’t visit) or contact the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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If you are struggling to breathe or experiencing a medical emergency, call 000. Read more: SBS News »

We say 'Only in America'. Not a compliment. America you're broken Omg 🙄 Hundreds dying, tens of thousands out of work and this twisted lot are still whining me, me, me. Only in America. 👎🏻 I suspect America will not come out of this pandemic well. And you just wonder WTF....and thank the Lord you don't live there.

brainbootcamp Incredible that the NRA are so blind and wonder that organisation and Donald Trump are bosom buddies. I often find myself questioning the sanity of some Americans. Confiscate their guns. CAgovernor California And we ask how such an obvious conman became potus? The US is the single oddest country on the planet. You folk went very wrong somewhere. No, really, you did. And you're bringing us with you. PleaseStop

The nra can blow away on a strong wind. Fortunately Americans collectively have about a Billion weapons and a Trillion rounds of ammunition why sheriff I do believe I need a gun to protect myself against this dang virus... FFS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. .. manufacture PPE not fecking guns .. morons

The US is a cesspit. Are they serious Judge should throw it out and penalise NRA for wasting the courts time. Luckily Aus don’t have the gun culture Ok, it's a nation of dickheads! Move on. Qldaah Only in America! Qldaah Someone should sue the NRA. Taking care of busine$$. Oh ffs America...really? No wonder you have so many people with the virus.

A right move! Doomsday preppers out there have stocked on guns and ammunition since the outbreak of COVID19Aus,those looney tunes expect a civil unrest at some point. StayAtHomeAndStaySafe Would sharpened sticks do? Could take one another's eyes out with them ... . And save on ammo. Deal? Americans 🤦‍♂️

Let them go nuts. Less Trump voters by November. Absolute madness. That country has a problem and I was under the impression that it was only their leader who is a nut job, but guess what...... he is not on his own! Seriously, buying a gun to shoot a virus? What’s not essential means? RandaltsRandal God help America ... they are doomed

Oh wow! The nra truly is a terrorist organisation that doesn't give a toss about the American people! No surprises really, the nra doesn't let kids being shot up in schools get in the way of profits, They won't care how many people die from coronavirus Covid_19! So they should close! All of those people are buying guns to point an their neighbours and other Americans! Its not for hunting or to fight the government! Its to blow the head off a neighbour who wants some of the 40 year supply of toilet paper you hoarded!

Oh yeah, give everyone a gun. That will fix it :( Yep, the NRA can always be counted on to act like fu+kwits. Hahaha this hilarious, guns are not essential Said no American EVER “... and the I saw the corona and went pew pew pew” That's one way to fight the pandemic, by litigating Merica 😂😂 ben_joyeaux ummmmmm

......only in America.

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US coronavirus cases exceed 100,000 | Sky News AustraliaUS President Donald Trump has promised America will be stronger after the coronavirus outbreak despite recording the highest number of confirmed cases in the world.\n\nMore than 100,000 people have contracted COVID-19 and 1,500 have died. \n\nImage: Getty realDonaldTrump Why does one have to cancel out the other? realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump does cameltoe protect you from coronavirus?

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'They need us': Meet the schoolgirls cooking meals for COVID-19 frontline workersRadhika and Krishnapriya Bhardwaj swap their classrooms for the kitchen of their Toowoomba family home, to cook meals for those on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. Well, there is a possibility PM Scott Morrison will make that illegal one day. Keep it up, girls. Sad that these two children have better instincts to help workers than the elected (and unelected) rulers of Australia Great job Radhika and Krishnapriya! You should be very proud. Thank you.