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'Upfront, open and honest': Dutton defends Australia's handling of submarine contract

'Upfront, open and honest': Dutton defends Australia's handling of submarine contract

19/09/2021 5:32:00 AM

'Upfront, open and honest': Dutton defends Australia's handling of submarine contract

Defence Minister Peter Dutton says he understands why the French are upset but insists Australia's decision to scrap the submarine deal between the countries should not have come as a complete surprise.

"We have been upfront, open and honest."While the federal government had publicly raised concerns about the $90 billion dollar deal, France was kept in the dark about Australia's discussions with the US and UK that led to a new deal to build nuclear-powered submarines.

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Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said the government was upfront from the earliest possible time."Of course there have been enormous sensitivities to get to the point of being able to announce that discussion," he told Insiders."Now we made it public at the earliest available opportunity, we informed the French government at the earliest available opportunity before it became public."

Leasing submarines a possibilityIt could take about 20 years to build Australia's nuclear-powered submarine fleet and Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong said the Prime Minister must be up-front with Australians about any "capability gap" the submarine deal would create.

"This is a very big decision, it's a momentous decision, it's a decision which does reflect advice about capability," she said.Simon Birmingham said lease arrangements and joint operations between US, Australian and UK navies would be considered.

(ABC News: Matt Roberts)"Any capability gap that arises as a consequence of Mr Morrison's changes of plan is something the government needs to step up on."The Collins class vessels were set to be retired in about 2026 but that has been extended until the 2030s. Mr Dutton said leasing submarines from the UK and US was a possibility to fill any potential equipment gaps.

"There is all of that discussion to take place in next 12 to 18 months and already obviously I've met with a number of my counterparts here from the secretary down in terms of those that are making decisions and we will have further discussions with the Brits as well," he said.

Mr Birmingham said it was not just leasing arrangements the government was considering."Whether it is lease arrangements or whether it is greater joint operations between our navies in the future that sees our sailors working more closely and indeed potentially on UK and US vessels to get that skill, that training, that knowledge," he said.

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Nuclear powered submarines expensive but necessary, Dutton saysThe Australian government insists investing in nuclear-powered submarines is essential because the strategic environment has changed and while senior ministers have been reluctant to name China, Mr Dutton made it clear the country was a growing threat to the region.

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They don't know anything about all of this, just ignore them So we’re spending 90 billion on submarines to counter the power of China whilst the libs grant them a100year lease of ports of Darwin and Newcastle . Are they dopes or what ? Morrison had one job … Non French European commentators call Australia’s diplomacy impressively incompetent. I’d add the PM and the Defence Minister into the same category.

Are We going to War neck minut We pulled Out who could ever forget , what's is name morrisoon, I would like ,very much to applaud Jose Bison ,for her absolute misrepresentation of democratos Yum? France can FFF off, what, so no more croissants, wow, when was the last war they won? I think they need more chinese restaurants at the Louvre

We owe very much to keep Pacific Ocean safe. And thank you for that. If you were the australian guy would you sign a 90 billion contract with 2 guys who hardly know your name and want be re-elected anyway ... If you were the australian guy would you sign a 90 billion contract with 2 guys who hardly now your name and want be re-elected anyway ...

Is that why Trump awarded Morrison US medal of honour, for agreeing a deal for the nuclear subs

Peter Dutton quizzed on whether Australia could go to warMinister for Defence Peter Dutton says a war with China “is a question for the Chinese” in the wake of the AUKUS announcement. Australia is the only one doing the provoking the US needs a war and it's getting Australia to start its as Simple as that . Nazi China has been undermining regional peace and stability for years! … Don’t be surprised when they start WWIII Aukus

Rubbish….believes his own lies? Australia open and honest with French about project beset by cost blow-outs and delays. It is Naval/French that have themselves to blame for the contract failure. The military has had a history of failure with French contracts. Why did we enter into this contract? This is the problem with the LNP. They rlthink that plotting behind your back while saying your relationship is hunky dory, then revealing the backstab after it is done & after their conspirator has told you but less than 1 hour before the world knows is upfront, open and honest.

he should quit his job The 3 words that weren’t used with the French. 'Upfront, open and honest' ? Those are three words that we do not associate with this government. Robodebt, sports rorts, carpark rorts, Indue card... underhanded, back-stabbing, duplicitous. That's what we've come to expect. auspol

What's the opposite of 'upfront, open and honest' yeah coalition adopted that approach Can we just buy 8 periscopes ? Asking for millions of tax payer friends. Am in favour of nuclear powered submarines, why could we not make the French submarines nuclear powered? DuttonLies

Peter Dutton: Australia won’t be deterred by Beijing’s ‘outbursts’ over submarinesUS Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken stressed that the Biden administration’s decision to share America’s closely guarded submarine secrets with Australia did not come with any expectation of favours in return. | ...

Backstabbing its allies is a typical American conduct. Just like the US sent Australia to confront China which made China ban Australian products in the Chinese market. And not long after that the US took over the Australian shares in the Chinese market. At least there'll be no one left to get covid after the nuclear war.

All is fair in love and war “Deceit” was the word used on French tv news. The decision was not taken in the last week. The three governments have been planning this for months. Wish I could laugh hysterically at that statement, instead I feel terribly depressed about our future gosh, Dutoon even lies when he's lying...

Up front and honest, that's why the French ambassador said he heard about the cancellation of the submarine contract in the media. No one in the Australian government thought to contact him? Honest, upfront and transparent are three words that should never be used by the LNP. So 'upfront, open and honest' that, less than 3 weeks ago, Dutton and Payne met with their French counterparts and 'underlined the importance of the Future Submarine program'.

‘We were honest’: Government defends French sub snubDefence Minister Peter Dutton has rebuked accusations Australia lied to its French counterparts as the fall out over a decision to tear up a contract for submarines continues. “There has been lying, duplicity, a major breach of trust and contempt,” Le Drian told France 2. Really stupid move. France is a friend as well and you disrespected them. The total lack of a concrete replacement plan for when the existing subs should be retired and the when the nuclear subs arrive and are commissioned shows how bad the Gov't policy is.

Dutton needs to get himself a dictionary & check the definitions of those words. Based on what’s been put out there in the media, the handling of the sub contract has been anything but Anything with Duttons name on it has to be questionable. The mere mention of upfront, open and honest from his mouth has got to be dodgy 🤣

Was there a secret decision to make the French subs nuclear powered after first getting them to make the subs conveniently powered? Will these subs have sunroofs? Regardless of the idiot critics, our military arsenal and equipment must be replaced consistently and with the latest technology available. The French have fallen well short of their contractual timeline obligations. Common sense tells that over the years we will ware the cost

It does feel like this government is dragging us into war. With Aus publicly aligning with US. This must make Aus a bigger target on the terrorist hit list. The US has done itself no favours in places like Afghanistan lately. if we have no sub's before 2040 what's the point? in the meantime the enemy comes we have no sub's

I definitely believe the most corrupt, dishonest, deceptive government Australia has had in recent memory... Will you vote all this mob out for wasting our taxes and piling on debt - 1 trillion

Australia ‘regrets’ French ambassador recall but makes no apology for new subs dealThe Morrison government has defended the decision to dump a plan to purchase French submarines as in Australia’s national security interests. jamesmassola BevanShields Distraction. PorterGate auspol ScottyFromDamageControl christianporter jamesmassola BevanShields Scotty from diplomacy. jamesmassola BevanShields Costs should be released before election

No matter how much money is wasted I very much doubt that on its own Australia will ever have it to take on China. Honesty and the Morrison government are polar opposites. Don't use it as an excuse for increasing GST while the huge compensation coming up to France. Honestly pretty Dodgy canceling the agreement

Mainly, this deal sends a strong message of not understanding, including the current cyber security landscape, and our reliance on 'made in China'. We had a contract and reneged, it’s as simple as that. Australia’s conduct is indefensible not to mention compounded by the public stance on reasons the government gives for doing so. Poor form by them.

While it’s almost physically painful to defend Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison France’s hurt-filled claims of being taken by surprise don’t hold a lot of water when crisis talks over the deal have been happening on and off for over two years. Dutton and Morrison are the antithesis of this claim. There is NOTHING upfront and honest about the rabble of a government. Everything is cloak and dagger behind closed doors.

You cannot believe upfront and certainly not ‘honest’ when it comes to politics but it is a concern to be remembered for this. Hopefully Labor will smooth relations and press ahead. Why didn’t this govt think ahead with what kind of Subs they wanted b4 signing with France. Stupid

'We were deliberately ignored': French Ambassador found out about submarine deal through the mediaThe French Ambassador accuses Australia of deliberately keeping his country in the dark over a decision to scrap a $90 billion submarine contract. Yeah so were we You mean a major decision based on the security of our country wasn’t shared around before the announcement? Good.

France's ambassador to Australia's stern parting words as he returns to ParisJean-Pierre Thebault called Australia&x27;s cancelled submarine contract with France a "huge mistake" as he left his Canberra residence after the envoy was recalled following the AUKUS deal Taking a huge suitcase of all his belongings then. Not. He'll soon be back. hope he got his travel exemption paperwork approved sayonara papa san we never really liked you any way