Universities sticking with international students despite coronavirus

Facing major financial losses, universities are looking to be more prepared to future shocks but won't temper their reliance on international students


Facing major financial losses, universities are looking to be more prepared to future shocks but won't temper their reliance on international students

Facing major financial losses, universities are looking to be more prepared to future shocks but won't temper their reliance on international students.

Australia's international education is worth more than $38 billion annually. Chinese nationals account for a third of international students and are especially concentrated in the elite Group of Eight universities."Universities need financial certainty as much as they need policy certainty – and there hasn’t been much of either in recent years," she will say.

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You always know an organisation by their response when things get difficult. Do they stick with their values or sell out to $. ''A serious funding boost will shield universities from the shock of international crises like the coronavirus ' even with more gov funding unis would still take foreign students to make money They r gluttons

The way that lady in The photo has that face mask on is a joke it is not sealed to her face at all , keep spreading it lol Because financial losses so the universities compensate A1500 to mainland Chinese students with guardians transit from third countries to Australia? And risk China virus outbreak in this country?

Of course they won't kill theirs cash-cows; they'll milk them till their udders fall off, while Australian students bear the burden of the impact on their right to a decent education unimpeded by the effects of their institutional greed. It's a national disgrace. The Universities I heard about trying to circumvent our quarantine restrictions by offering students to quarantine in an intermediary country imo show unconscionable behaviour, inflicting exposure onto them .😡

Only just now looking to be more prepared for future threats to their viability? What sort of business plan only considers one source of revenue? Answer: not a very good one. High six-figure uni bosses continue the fraud.

Woolworths facing $400m bill following wage theft scandal | Sky News AustraliaWoolworths has announced it is facing a $400 million bill after crunching the numbers on the company’s wage theft scandal which saw nearly 6,000 employees underpaid $315 million. \n\nThe supermarket giant was forced to revise up the expected cost of the blunder.\n\nDisruptions to Woolworths' supply chain due to the coronavirus outbreak is expected to impact the company’s future earnings as well. \n\nImage: Getty Hope they are paying the interest on that as well And aren't they lucky that the LiberalAus rushed through legislation yesterday that forgives companies who dont pay superannuation. Imagine if a Union stole money even $400, you would be screaming. Can woolworths also stop funding Climate Change Denial Thanks

Melbourne University offers students $7,500 to help circumvent coronavirus travel banOne of Australia's most prestigious universities offers cash grants of $7,500 to help Chinese students get around the coronavirus travel ban and resume their studies. Disgusting breach of their duty of care to the rest of their student body. If any of these people bring a pandemic, it will be Guillotine time for the University administration. Can't wait til they are all charged with death by negligence if any Australian citizens die as a result of their greed

Facebook to ban ads claiming to cure coronavirusFacebook said it will not accept advertisements for products or services that claim to either cure the disease, or can curtail the spread of the virus. In the future? Anti vaxers created this 😜 paleo IT IS NOT A FUCKING EPIDEMIC

How should Australians prepare for a coronavirus pandemic?Australians are being urged to plan ahead for a possible coronavirus pandemic. 23 cases out of 25 million? GregHuntMP would be better off acting on the real smoking pandemic by moving smokers over to vaping. Many thousands of victims in front of his eyes but who gives a shit? What a clown All good - stocked up on gin and tonic I'm following our government's strategy and hoping it will go away.

Could be bad news for Coke loversSupplies of artificial sweeteners - used in Coke No Sugar and diet drinks - have been impacted by the spread of the deadly virus. Is there anything that’s not produced in China?

Coronavirus spreads in Italy, toll rises, leaders resist border closureThe Italian Prime Minister has defended his government's handling of an expanding coronavirus cluster. BevanShields BradHazzard mscott Surely we can’t still be flying in those high school students from China? auspol coronavirus COVID19 BevanShields The Good News, Corona-virus 15 cases identified in Australia All 15 of those cases have now been cleared and discharged from hospital. BevanShields Italy managed over 2.6 million cases of the flu, half a million in one week, why are you helping to incite this frigging hysteria

Those at the ABC 'aren't used to hearing frank, mainstream assessments' | Sky News Australia

Pell to walk free after High Court overturns conviction

George Pell will walk free from prison after High Court quashes child sex abuse conviction

Millennials are driven to a hard generational bargain

Cardinal Pell's convictions 'quashed' in shock appeal | Sky News Australia

‘Less Chinese impact and ownership’ in Australia: Pauline Hanson | Sky News Australia

China reports no new coronavirus deaths for first time since January

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