'Two-billion-dollar asset': Don't sell digital arm, Grant warns

4/05/2020 2:20:00 AM

'Two-billion-dollar asset': Don't sell digital arm, Grant warns NRL

'Two-billion-dollar asset': Don't sell digital arm, Grant warns NRL

Selling NRL.com to Nine would be a major mistake, according to the man who helped build rugby league's digital arm.

Play video Should ARLC chair Peter V’landys agree to the acquisition, it would represent a short-term gain for the NRL and its greedy clubs but long-term pain for the code.A 20-year-old man involved in a fatal collision which took the lives of two women on Anzac Day has today been arrested and charged with numerous offences, SA's Police Commissioner says.Larger text size Very large text size Wodonga’s mayor has called for an easing of Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions as the rules are set to relax in its twin city, Albury, across the NSW border.The group of eight experts from Australian universities this week released a “Roadmap to Recovery” for the country.

Nine’s strategy would be to relieve V’landys of the costs of the NRL’s digital arm, probably for a zero acquisition fee, while raking in its future revenue.Advertisement Yet one of the key reasons former ARLC chair John Grant and his board invested $150m over six years in the NRL’s digital arm was to create an asset that could potentially stream games direct to subscribers and create competitive tension over broadcast fees with its traditional media partners, Foxtel and Nine.He was also charged with one count of causing harm.The COVID-19 pandemic has weakened all the broadcasters and sporting codes but content is still king.Credit: Simon Dallinger Wodonga mayor Anna Speedie said she was worried that businesses in the north-east Victorian city would lose customers to Albury where social-distancing rules were relaxed from Friday.No free-to-air network in Australia can be No.Witnesses described seeing a Volkswagen ute "flying through the air" from the second-storey window of a nearby home.1 without NRL or AFL.RELATED: A woman wearing a face mask as a preventative measure against coronavirus in Sydney.

The 2020 NRL season launch in March."This is a tragic set of circumstances for everybody involved," Commissioner Stevens said.“It would have been great to have a whole nation approach rather than state by state.Despite the NRL exhausting all its reserves and discounting player salaries for 2020 as a result of COVID-19, it is probably in a stronger position with the networks than at any previous time.In fact, it’s possibly in a more powerful bargaining position than the AFL, whose free-to-air broadcaster, Channel Seven, needs the support of owner Kerry Stokes, just as its pay TV partner, Foxtel, requires the financial backing of News Corporation.Chief Superintendent Shanahan's husband Peter was driving the Holden SUV she was a passenger in at the time, but he escaped with non-life-threatening injuries.Loading Foxtel is also the NRL’s pay TV partner but Nine, owner of this masthead, has a stronger balance sheet.The Health Department has recorded just one case of the virus in Wodonga.The challenge for the networks is that advertising is way down as a result of the pandemic and, with no major sport, subscribers are cancelling Foxtel and Kayo.( ABC News: Claire Campbell ) The driver of the Volkswagen ute, Mr Kitt, was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with life-threatening injuries.Social distancing would remain in place.

In New Zealand, the NRL broadcaster is the listed SKY NZ.It was once the most profitable broadcaster by margin in the world.He has been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on July 8.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has also encouraged stores to open and residents to shop as long as physical distancing is maintained.Today, it has a market cap of $61m, signed a dud deal with NZ rugby and is leaking subscribers.But NRL is not a dud sport in Australia.Mr Kitt's parents said it was "impossible to find the words to describe the depth of our despair".Nine can boast that four of the top five programs nationally and annually are rugby league, yet now complains it costs too much to buy the rights and produce the games.“You want to be careful you don't do more damage with the cure than you do with the cause,” she said.

It anticipates empty stadia will cause a fall in TV audiences."We don't understand what triggered this incident but we had been worried about Harry's mental health in the few days leading up to it.Nine’s attack last month on the NRL’s “bloated” administration cost structure may well have been a ploy to relieve V’landys of the expense of employing 70 staff in the NRL’s digital arm in exchange for acquiring a potentially valuable property.Grant was always confident NRL." Joanne Shanahan's life to be celebrated SA Police Chief Superintendent Joanne Shanahan was killed in a crash at Urrbrae on Saturday..com could be worth $1 billion and hasn’t changed his position.In fact, it’s the only issue that will draw him into making a comment."As with every other family who has lost a loved one during this COVID-19 response, the ability to celebrate Joanne's life … is severely restricted," he said.

He argues that NRL.“How long can they limp along? We need to see some of these businesses be enabled.com is an extension of the strategy that started in 2012 with the removal of Fox Sports and Nine’s first and last rights over broadcast through until 2027."The hearse will be travelling from Joanne's home address along a specified route, so anyone who would like to come outside and pay their respects as the hearse travels that route will be able to do so.This, he says, returned sovereignty to future rights negotiations and, as the Australian viewing audience becomes more wedded to streaming, a global provider may offer the seed capital to fund NRL.com to a point where it streams games, such as the Junior Kangaroos versus France match on its website last year.“Our daily case numbers are still low which is encouraging," Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, said in a statement on Saturday.Former ARLC chair John Grant lost his job over the $150 million funding of NRL Digital, which put clubs offside.

Credit: Lisa Maree Williams Grant calculates that if the NRL converted half its existing 1.6 million digital customers into $25-per-month subscribers, and had a free-to-air broadcaster pay a fair but lesser price than Nine pays now - plus monetises other available revenue streams - it could produce annual revenue of over $360m with advertising offsetting production costs."It is more challenging, of course, for those border communities when there are slightly different approaches across the border,” the minister said.“That’s almost $2b over five years, and any asset capable of generating this sort of cashflow is a very valuable asset,” Grant said.“Also, the NRL is in a good position to start with a restructure of the costs in the game.Right now, the ARL Commission has a very big decision to make.I think people on this side of the border are probably in a better position.

To sell or not to sell NRL.com! I just hope that before the die is cast, the good people on the commission, led by what has, to date, been a very capable and strong Peter V'landys, do the numbers and make the right decision for the game’s future.The opportunity to retain sovereignty over this future and to redefine the game’s cost structure and its relationship with the media is very enticing.They have had three and two cases of the virus respectively.” Loading But Nine clearly want exclusivity of product and acquiring Nrl.com is the cheapest first step.

Nine will also want to release the network from its simulcast arrangement with Foxtel, where Nine’s 7.“I feel terrible for businesses who've been forced to close and I understand as I'm a small business operator myself,” she said.30pm Friday viewership is undermined by Foxtel subscribers staying with the network at the conclusion of the 6pm game.Advertising revenue is split among the multiple platforms on which NRL viewers can watch games: Nine’s two channels, Foxtel’s three and NRL.com in partnership with Telstra.” Loading Ballarat shut down early on in the crisis.The NRL’s Annual Report points out that its digital arm has been developed and run in partnership with Telstra, the NRL’s sponsor.

Telstra own 35 per cent of Foxtel who would also be interested in acquiring NRL.com.“It feels like we've been doing this for a long time, but we still just want to make sure from a community point of view that we are safe,” he said.The Australian-owned telco, which has been ignored in the media coverage of V’landys' battles with broadcasters, would have something to say on Nine owning NRL.com.Sign up for our Coronavirus Update newsletter Get our Coronavirus Update newsletter for the day’s crucial developments at a glance, the numbers you need to know and what our readers are saying.She said she would expect to see restrictions eased but the council would wait for advice from the review before forming a view.

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What - and Channel 9 doesn't own Rugby League to all practical intents and purposes already?

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